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  1. I beat it without doing a good bit of jobs and quests, pretty satisfied. Setting it to the side for a lil bit to see what the patches and dlcs add. they do HAVE to add a post quest that would add “something” that would make all 4 endings feel better.
  2. I finally know how fallout 4 fans feel like. I am really enjoying this game. The story and atmosphere keeps me pulled in. The **** u can do is massive! The side gigs and just the **** u see is Witcher 3 quality. The main story and major side gigs I’d say are better than Witcher 3 writing. It’s been a long time since I could connect with the characters or actually caring about them. The random npcs ai and driving first person sucks but doesn’t bother me much at all bc I’m always heading somewhere and the landscape just distracts me instead. Driving 3rd person fixed most of my issues
  3. I agree it has opened us up to gross mismanagement. I do have a question though, do you think that if govt steps in and funds to keep a company afloat should go the way of the banks in “owning” that company? Take the airlines for example. Govt gives them a huge bailout to keep them afloat so that we don’t rely on a foreign nation for our flights, which I can understand to an extent. Since every company I know of that gotten bailed out in the last 20 years wasted the money on not “fixing” the company but instead to line the shareholder and boards pockets instead and still having the same
  4. I agree and likewise agree with the education part.
  5. Shoot, just reloading the many times I do for almost every chat with someone makes me understand people’s problem with the loading and speed of vehicle. i guess I’m a bit biased in that with the amount of fun I’m having with this game after not having this amount of enjoyment since I’m guessing shadow runs game came out. The load times aren’t bothering me as much because my annoyance turns to enjoyment as soon as it’s done loading and I’m able to play lol.
  6. With last election, the DNC did prop up Hillary over Bernie and sabotaged and even forced him out. They installed Hillary as the mouth piece. The emails that were leaked showed that and why I think the dems lost a lot of support last election. Pure speculation but seeing how Bernie was running strong and then stepped down for “united front” to win against trump seems like yet again, the DNC propping up who they want. Seems to fishy to me. Like how no one from the Republican Party is running against Trump.
  7. You are correct it was complex reasons but a good chunk of why the natives mainly chose the south was part the main fed govt who forced the trail of tears and part that the souther states had treaties signed that gave the tribes more land, sovereignty of their own nation and so forth. The south was in a position to give them back a good bit of what they had lost if they won. Look at what the north did to the tribes of those that helped them, it wasn’t to far from what they did to the ones that sided with the south. i agree the south was able to dispicable things to slaves since they were
  8. Can anyone explain with the protesting of the police that Biden/Harris is the Democratic nominees? Harris has the history of keeping the jails full for the slave labor and for trying to expand convictions to parents to fill up prisons for more slave labor? Biden is straight up old school and not even a progressive type? how did the Democratic Party give us **** choices when we coulda had the MATH dude or the old socialist? Still woulda been **** but those are more in the flavor that the public is going for. also didn’t they learn with Hillary that forcing who THEY want inste
  9. Playing wasteland 3 and loving it. The load times are a bit long but so far nothing that annoys me. It’s scratching that fallout/shadow runs itch something fierce
  10. Outta 29000 native Americans that fought in the civil war, less than a thousand fought for the North because of the trail of tears and also because the North were racist against them and turned a lot away, hence also why certain tribes switched sides. The problem of hyping up the south slave is that the federal govt right before the civil war showed that only 3-5% of the whole country owned slaves. You are right that it was the “1%” as we call today that owned them while most did not bc of affordability hence big families for the MOST of the plantation work. BUT the North did the sam
  11. Regarding the native Americans, I doubt a lot of the “pc” culture would be as warming and compassionate towards them if they remembered that MOST of the native Americans fought for the confederacy in the civil war. Living near Cherokee, I saw a lot of old timers with rebel flags. While every where else, the civil war was ALL about slaves, whereas down in the south it was always more of a “libertarian” movement in against big govt/business. “The south is gonna rise again” was not a prophecy but a warning that no matter how big ya got, u **** with us, we will **** u right back. The native A
  12. happy to say my county became a second amendment sanctuary county. First thing in a long time that my politicians did that I agree with in quite a long while.
  13. Instead of abolishing the electoral college, how bout we actually let it go the way it DESIGNED and do away with the winner take all. not only will people’s vote actually count BUT also the best way to get away from a 2 party system by giving them actual choices. Also best way to increase voter turn out as well. instead of abolishing a system and go with one where 4 states decide what the other 46 get, get rid of the “winner take all” instead and watch as rep/dem voting numbers go down and independent/libertarian/socialist/etc voting numbers go up and give an election or 2 and
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