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  1. okay, first off **** EPIC and **** whoever made this deal. The people who are on EPIC's ####### as in steam had a "monopoly" first, they didn't. Heres the difference between epic and steam "monopoly". EPIC pays devs/publishers a sack of fortnite bucks to ONLY sell the game on their ****ty launcher and nowhere else. Steam doesn't pay anyone to ONLY sell on their platform, devs/publishers CHOOSE to ONLY sell on their launcher and can chose to sell on there AND on another right away or whenever they chose to without asking permission from steam. One platform IS paying and forming a monopoly and getting praise to "fighting Steam" while the other just provided A platform while there were many others and devs/pubs CHOOSe to ONLY sell on it and people blamed steam when instead they shoulda blamed the people making/marketing the game instead for not going to the many other platforms. Is this getting into people's heads now? The difference? EPIC isn't doing competition, they are stifling it and bringing back yarr harr and a bottle of rum. Metro which they showed off with bogus numbers of sales compared to last one also (gasps) became the most pirated game recently. Like record amounts. Anyone praising EPIC and bitching at steam for their practices are being hypocritical and coming off as not so bright. Also **** the windows store and just a warning for all who buy it off there, do NOT expect to mod your game. Windows checks the files before launching and if it changes, it won't launch. Also another thing is whatever is in your library, if you expect to continue playing them then you will have to make sure you get windows 11, 12, 13, etc when they come out because the games won't work on older versions of windows. Huge Obsidian fanboy but since i won't be buying off epic or windows store, hopefully i will remember this game a year+ from now. Doubt it though, hopefully Obsidian will raise hell otherwise keep taking ques from bethesda with the anger induced silent treatment and enjoy that money they getting from EPIC and hopefully spend it wisely because that good arma they raised with gamers just went down the ****ter whether its their fault or not. sigh, this was the only game i was excited about and i gotta wait another year because i have no idea when cyberpunk 2077 is being released. If that game is released before Outer Worlds comes to steam, HAHAHAHAHAHA ahh yeah, i don't think anyone will remember it especially if its full price.
  2. I agree but tbh they need to jail Dowless jr as well. I doubt anything will happen to them since if it does, it opens up the door for something to happen to the democrats and past candidates on both sides as well since they used the same tactics as Dowless did as well. Funny thing was that he even complained about the democrats because he was doing "less" ballets because the democrats were doing what he was doing in areas before he could get to them, cutting down the extra money he woulda made. Sadly both parties have quite a bit of history of "open" corruption here in NC
  3. thankfully this got out but sadly this reminded me of the type of propaganda shoveling bull**** we will see from Fox/CNN/MSM/etc coming soon when election time is near. one thing that really bugs the **** outta me is WHY MSM isn't gonna be sued for reporting on a min video when they have the people and resources to fact check the "story". When u **** up the story that damn badly, why isn't there consequences? and before anyone goes on about not touching the right to press, WHEN (if it isnt already) our big news channels become propaganda machines like Russia's, how exactly will we fix it or prevent it from becoming like that if we keep a hand's off approach and WON'T do ****?
  4. been slowly playing red dead redemption 2. great game but taking my time. also trying to reduce my backload by playing adventure time pirates and call of cthulu. supposedly quick games and AT isnt bad and CoC is actually great but not worth the 60 dollars, mayybe 30-40.
  5. I'm going monk/rogue for my latest playthru. A bit squishy because low level but loving the damage i put out so far. Went first level Monk then going 3 lvls of rogue to get a decent sneak attack and Dex to dmg for my unarmed fists, then going back to monk til next dmg die for fists and then go back and forth from rogue. Going lawful good guy route this time. Not save scumming and doing different things to see how the story plays out. also i put kingdom management on auto so hopefully that will take care of alot fo the time with kingdom Also, ya'll have gotten to lvl 20 right? I keep reading online people saying how doing everything without exp mod will only get ya to lvl 18.
  6. Was hoping for more content because I've heard and hopefully wrong, but u can only get to lvl 18 in the base game correct? the rogue dungeon might be fun depending on how well its done.
  7. the patch ive noticed the game booting up REALLY quickly compared to yesterday. i was quite surprised how fast it loaded up. Still loving the game. I did find something i didn't like at all and its the goblin companion quest. As a lawful evil baron, i disliked the fact i couldn't kill either party involved and got really upset that i'm forced to have at least one if not both parties in my capital. Even though the goblin is the best stat companion, i wanted to murder him and use his entrails to strangle the other party. grrrrr. im thinking about making a new character and shelve the undead bloodline sorcerer til the game is fully patched and keep him my "Main". The monk class is looking good even though i wanna do a rogue but the goblin/half elf lady is already filling the role. I would do a bard but thats already filled with Lizzie. Im thinking a dragon disciple using a monk and another class to take advantage any suggestions?
  8. Really loving my LE undead bloodline sorcerer. I'm at the giant plant in the first world. Been a bit buggy but its been fun as hell. for aoe spells, i use them either at the beginning to start off combat or i get my rogue to "tank" a lil bit over so he can resist it while everythign else gets nuked. then again i only use aoes on swarms or massive spawns of those damn spiders that just keep coming.
  9. preordering kingmaker it is then. tyvm
  10. thinking about preordering BUT theres one thing holding me back. Does anyone know if the base game will include all the content from the 6 books of the Kingmaker AP? right now deciding between po2 or preordering this
  11. can someone answer me a question? why is it okay to not service a govt official at a restaurant, for the NBA to deny their services of basketball games to a state, or state to issue travel bans to other states based off political opinions (denying services)? i mean denying services based off skin color/religious beliefs is deemed taboo but its totally fine letting politics be a reason seems to be just as damning a reason as well.
  12. watched infinity wars and then hans solo right after. infinity wars was ****ing awesome! hans solo surprised me and made me fall in love with stars wars again since i havent been in love with them since watching the first 3 on cable in the 80s with my dad when i was a kid. the prequels and all after just meh to me but hans solo i loved it! awesome cast, enough mix of story and action, and love seeing how he got the ship and chewie and so forth. definitely gonna buy hans solo when it comes out on blue ray.
  13. It's the only thing that keeps her relevant now a days. Plus with our "victimhood is empowering" culture we have, I don't blame her for sticking around. Let her keep talking and maybe the ones who were accusing sexism! for not voting for her will finally get in their heads that she was ****.
  14. We see what we see and it's different from everyone else. The reality you see around you is different than the reality of someone sitting beside you. It's amazing we can even get along at times lol.
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