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  1. I've seen some people suggest downgrades but I don't have the eyes or inclination to verify. The game is supposed to run on current gen consoles though.
  2. Definitely. I'm still wishing for a Dark Heresy game, I don't care if it's like XCOM/Shadowrun Returns or has the budget of Mass Effect. Someone just make it already pleeeaaase.
  3. It's in a comic, Legends of Baldur's Gate. I think it's supposed to be a prequel series to BG3?
  4. That Sisters of Battle game reminds me too much of Trespasser.
  5. Sucks to hear that, thanks for saving me 30 euros for now though.
  6. Necromunda should be out, where's our Day 0 review @melkathi?
  7. I imagine it like this: -Cobra it the target! -It's not even scratched! -Stormtroopers didn't land a single hit! -At least we know the weapons are lethal!
  8. https://9gag.com/gag/a1WVEx8
  9. If anyone has a key for Generation Zero they don't need, I'd nab it for a friend or two, thaaaaaaaaaanks. (List update tomorrow) The updatening hath happenedth
  10. I don't want to be a party pooper, but SMS are still a thing and there's a reason nobody uses them.
  11. Thanks, I almost managed to convince myself to try playing it again.
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