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  1. It might be faster, Sony finally realized that selling stuff makes money.
  2. This month's Humble Choice is so bad I'm wondering if not unlocking it allows me to skip a month on my payment plan.
  3. https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11486273-star-trek-online%3A-date-your-starship
  4. A fan movie of the Warhammer 40k novel The Last Church:
  5. Japanese Apex Legends player gets banned for saying bad word.
  6. Went silver mining in Valheim with one of my friends, all was going smoothly until the nightly rescue dog squads started combing the area in search of golem and drake victims. Us. >.>
  7. The 40 sausages I make every time evaporate fast when it's 4-5 people scarfing them down. We never have berries either because the queen's jam doesn't even have time to cool in the chest and I'm not even eating it. >.>
  8. Adding to this, half the food our group uses is wasted on corpse runs instead of actually achieving anything. Granted, we're the idiots for going to the plains in suboptimal gear, but the hunger mechanic stops being cool when you reach the point where eating to go anywhere important becomes mandatory.
  9. If he's a frosty guy, maybe you should've used fire arrows? My dinky level 4 wood club did double the damage to Bonemass compared to my +2 iron axe. Enemies scale with player numbers, though I'm not sure if or how dynamically.
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