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  1. It's nice that they added the option of choosing from a larger pool of games, but most of them still don't interest me. I'm likely going to cancel my subscription when it runs out. Also, sorry for the rare updates.
  2. https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/the-frictional-games-teaser-has-grown-again-oh-no-its-going-to-be-a-monster-isnt-it.15840
  3. Nice tin foil "theory" you've got there.
  4. Hmm, let's see: Resident Evil 2 Remake - Mr X is a bit easy to game with how safe zones messed with his AI, without safe zones he would've been immensely frustrating I think, so he could've been implemented better. The police HQ is the highlight of the game and most of the areas afterwards are "just" good instead of great. These are my biggest complaints, otherwise Capcom did a great job and I'm leaning towards calling this one my personal GOTY. Also RE 3 hype and everything. Devil May Cry V - Switching between characters almost every mission and the simple one button change in the aerial combo throws off my muscle memory completely and I haven't finished it yet, but it was great fun as far as I got. Capcom's been real good this year, I hope they keep it up. Plague Tale: Innocence - It's pretty, it has varied gameplay (at least to my tastes), a mostly good story. Hugo's mental age jumping up and down like a rubber ball is a weak point but it didn't ruin the game, graphics are surprisingly pretty and it's a very atmospheric game. Good job Asobo. Guild Wars 2 - Been playing on and off since beta and while the content is arguable (and argued), it"s still fun to play when the game lets you, while the story is pretty consistently good, though like every open world game it suffers from a disjointed mood between story beats. Dying Light - Base game: amazing. I've had a lot of fun playing it, the story was unoriginal but well told. Then the DLC introduced a fun car you can ride in and a Mass Effect-grade dumpster fire ending that makes me somewhat fearful they'll pull the same crap in the sequel. Remnant: From the Ashes - Decent Dark Souls clone, fun to play but it's shorter than DS and feels emptier too. Warframe - First you enjoy the gameplay, then the grindplay kills any urge to touch it. Halo: Reach remaster - Decent game, but based on this installment I don't know how Halo ever got as popular as it is. Trying to work up the mood to play Life is Strange 2 but I just don't feel like it and the overt politicking/tribalism I've heard of/seen is cringeworthy. Witcher 1-3 - First one holds up surprisingly well despite it's age, second was pretty good too, if a bit too challenging at a few points *cough* Act 1 boss *cough*. I've put the third game on hold, I can see why this one is declared game of the decade by others but for me the open world is holding it back with either filler quests (treasure hunts), formulaic monster hunts and dull combat thanks to everything being below my level and still dying in 3 hits even when they're not. On a brighter note it's refreshing that CDPR actually, visibly had an overarching plot in mind for the three games and they mesh together in this sense really well, unlike other games and series that announce themselves as trilogies or several season long with no idea where they want to take the story. Usually I believe genres aren't better or worse when compared to one another but open world just feels like a design frame that does more harm than good. I already avoid everything roguelike because interesting concepts and fun execution don't mean jack when I can't finish or play the game thanks to difficulty spikes and randomized success. Same with open world, the disjointed narrative, boring gameplay loops and general timewasting just kill it for me.
  5. Hey now don't just announce that without the deatz.
  6. Isn't it supposed to be replayable? I know most good visual novels are, but those usually have several differing paths rather than choice & consequence. Which is what I'd expect from a VtM visual novel. If I knew anything about it because it had a marketing budget. Who'd skip that, amirite?
  7. I've heard the elite ai is really good in the co-op missions, for what that's worth.
  8. I love that it's supposed to be the return of the great single player MechWarrior games and we haven't heard anything about the story since the initial announcement. I've seen there's a demo of sorts available and even that is just co-op vs ai missions. Even if it weren't an Epic exclusive, it's not so much that I'm giving it a pass, it's that I haven't been given a reason to care.
  9. Too bad it looked like a prequel? Anyway, I might watch a let's play I won't bother with Half-Life games even if I had a VR console or they made a proper sequel.
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