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  1. If you look carefully, you can tell it's a chinese man's eye.
  2. A preview stream mentioned stuff like not being reflected by mirrors -personally I glossed over that part and frankly I'm too lazy to rewatch it for just that bit - but it lead to people speculating about Lasombra being playable, but we'll see in a few weeks anyway. In general the previews drop some tidbits about the game already. The clan weakness of the Treme, disciplines being designed around covering at least two of the Fight-Sneak-Talk trinity, etc Also Geek & Sundry has a V5 game running that might tie people over till Bloodlines 2 drops. I'm enjoying it, it's a fun watch/listen.
  3. Related: https://nichegamer.com/2019/04/19/opinion-the-questionable-ethics-of-laura-kate-dale/
  4. Lancer RPG from the creator of Kill Six Billion Demons has a KS running though it also has a free version anyone can download.
  5. One of them is an Age of Sigmar game, the other two are 40k.
  6. IIRC Andromeda made a satisfactory amount of money according to EA, but with their obsession in getting All The Money I don't know how that would be possible.
  7. So it doesn't matter what ending Bioware goes for, they'll just have a color change?
  8. I'd say it's clearly a testubo.
  9. I see. I hope GoG will do well regardless.
  10. I'm not sure what you are trying to say?
  11. Well played Right in the feels, ouch... On that note are there any exclusives by company that tend to publish actual sales numbers? I'd be really interested to see the impact (even though financially their sugar daddy covers them so the publishers/developers won't feel it, at least not in their pockets). Note that the 2.5 times LL "numbers" from Epic are meaningless marketing bs since we don't have actual sales numbers for LL. Do we know if those 2,5 mils might potentially include the Steam pre-orders or is it explicitly Epic only?
  12. You are dead to me! Dead! How was my funeral? I couldn't attend, there was an exclusivity deal attached.
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