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  1. The metroidvania lovers in here will likely be interested in this one.
  2. Oh, Troubleshooter. I was actually eyeing that one. Melkathi the mindreader strikes again.
  3. Deactivating cameras and turrets by hand, breaching doors and chucking grenades are the best way to level Engineering.
  4. I thought the joke is that the snake is 'untouched' and 'wavering'.
  5. Joke's on you, I'm using a new one.
  6. Yup, Cherami Leigh is great. Fun fact, she was A2 in Nier: Automata, among a ton of other roles.
  7. Not for the younglings, probably.
  8. Happy new year! So long 2020 and thanks for all the covid.
  9. As an aside, you can totally use your car's trunk to stash items.
  10. I'm sure he's trolling, but still funny:
  11. I got the same, though it was one of the last missions I finished before rushing off to the endgame, figured I might've gotten a followup a few in-game days later.
  12. You could say the differences are... exponential!
  13. Merry All The Things, everyone!
  14. "Cyberpunk 2077 Sells 13 Million After Refunds, Sales Disappoint Analysts" Jesus Christ.
  15. In case New Vegas hadn't been praised enough yet:
  16. Yeah well, unfortunately for him he isn't the sole arbiter of what others are allowed to write in the genre. Tough luck.
  17. He was fairly salty about Shadowrun too, dunno what his problem is.
  18. I haven't found it at all, just read about it somewhere, then remembered it was in one of the trailers too.
  19. That reminds me, there's a hidden rollercoaster mission in Pacifica.
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