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  1. I was going to voice disappointment but I wouldn't have bought it for 70€ anyway.
  2. I'm trying really hard to watch Record of Ragnarok, despite the show's best efforts.
  3. I think they said they will. Wanted to get through the more complex classes first. Some of the races are missing as well.
  4. Funny thing is I stopped the video to link it and immediately when I started it up again the music started blasting, so I had to edit the warning in. Thank you, thank you. I could not even dream of achieving this award without my trusty clickety-clack keyboard and mouse buddies.
  5. WARNING: Unnecessarily edgy metal trashing
  6. It _means_ cook, but the pronunciation rhymes with epoch.
  7. Too bad that's not the actual mood of the game. It's way too theme park-y compared to the trailers.
  8. I should get back into Star Renegades. >.> Guess I won't be running low on quartz for a while... Diver's best friend under construction.
  9. Considering you can barely understand a 2 year old when they talk to you directly, I'm calling bull**** on him understanding his son from the next room over.
  10. Look on the bright side, they finally got around to adding her face in instead of the placeholder potato. I hate it when this happens.
  11. Sounds edgelord-y, but I'm still curious.
  12. Way of the Househusband is great.
  13. Glad to hear it will have a SP campaign at least.
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