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  1. There's also a lot of people who just don't keep up with news at all.
  2. I just read an article, analysts were predicting 30 million sold copies in the long term (whatever that means), but dropped it to 25 million light of the buggy launch, adding that it might drop even lower if multiplayer gets delayed. The owners did lose a ton of money because of the share drop, so there's that. But yeah, 8 million pre-orders alone plus days 1 sales and how many else they sold since.. I'm sure they got a ton of refunds, but my bet would still be on a net positive profit.
  3. What's your point here exactly? Both The Witcher and Cyberpunk were niche on an international scale before the game adaptations. Or if you're talking about flexing their creative muscles more.. sure I guess? I'm fine with them bringing others's setting to life. There's plenty of "original" worlds out there too.
  4. I picked shots that aren't spoilers, but since they're from the epilogue, I'll put them in tags anyway.
  5. Finished the game as well. I'm not sure what to say, it was an experience. There's a lot of heart and feels. Don't look forward to waiting for the sequel another 8 years. >.>
  6. If you don't want to, then don't do it? You'll miss some a romance focused side mission or two and some extra banter, from what I've seen so far. There's two straight and two gay romance options for each V gender, plus some one night stands, like joytoys and Stout.
  7. Some people may be interested to know you can tame a stray cat near your apartment. It involves regular cat food you can find anywhere and a trash can at the end of the corridor to the left of your apartment. Don't know what other triggers it may or may not have though. So looked it up some more, there's cat food in Arasaka Industrial Park (involved in the Gimme Danger mission, but always available for "visits") in the basement right next to a radio. The cat is around the middle of the corridor not at the end, there's a message shard in the can and a food bowl next to it. Place food, let
  8. I .... actually screwed up hacking that shard. Didn't get zilch out it. xD
  9. Thought this was a cool shot so I took it Too bad that's the Valentino V, but I'm misappropriating it! Uhhh, yeah. Wasn't the only tree either.
  10. If you're a corpo, you can tell from the get-go that her chip is spiked and point this out to Royce, allowing you to pay with her money without starting a small war with the gang. So yeah, it's an alternative option and definitely beneficial to you.
  11. Occasionally you get stat checks or lifepath choices that unlock more (usually ideal) options, but most convo choices are for roleplaying purposes. What I find odd is how superfluous some of the blue/question options are. They don't even elaborate on a given topic, just ask brain dead questions about obvious things. Other times they're bad faith questioning's of people's motives. Oh well.
  12. Honestly I don't know what I want. There's plenty of side missions and the idea of gigs are cool too, but there's so much of the latter not to mention all the filler crime activities... Makes the game feel padded and empty at the same. I'd much prefer more plot and intricately crafted missions. Panam's storyline blew me away (despite a few stumbles) and kind of set me up for disappointment for other side stories until I realized her stuff is pretty entwined with the main story. Also are you saying you want some blackjack with your joytoys?
  13. Didn't keep me from being disappointed in it! Not like I had expectations, considering they barely marketed the game.
  14. Yep, I've sent something to a friend for Xmas, untrackable. Don't know why they even pretend it's there.
  15. 2020 is the year of disappointments, innit.
  16. Man, the way the ending to Judy's side quest was handled ticked me off so much I couldn't even be arsed to load my save and get the good ending.
  17. Le Winter Sale hath beguneth. Verily!
  18. You are the real cyberpunk.
  19. Not only did a pair of cars just pop in randomly while I was driving, both landed off the road on a heap of trashbags, as if the game said "I don't need these".
  20. Placide was right. "Dey always out to f*** us" indeed.
  21. I wrote in the spoiler that I missed it. The cop called me again a bit later, but I haven't met up with him yet, I think a follow-up is starting. I'm pretty sure I saw Judy too involved with the quest in a trailer, and she did mention the original job offer in a call I had with her.
  22. Witcher 3 had item rarity too? Reminds of Skellige King Guy with much ado and ceremony gifting you not one, but three ancestral swords (for three different quests), which were all weaker than what I had and were promptly pawned off to his own blacksmith. Anyone got any input for the I Fought The Law job?
  23. I was really proud of that last one until I noticed the camera had a crotch focus.
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