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  1. I'm casually sneaking my way to a city ruin my enemy somehow lost when my army is suddenly overtaken by this stack: You've gotta be kidding me. (The orange coloring at the bottom indicates they are all max xp, souped up, "named" regiments)
  2. Well LiS 1 had some relatively weak character textures, poor lip syncing and some bad animations, so prettying it up is a good idea. But yeah, making me buy it again is a pretty lame attempt on my wallet. The town is meant to be idyllic, saying they overshot it is fair, but at the same time there's a murder so a feeling of too-good-to-be-true could be intentional on their part. Hopefully they don't take a cue from 2 and make the villains a secret Trump voting KKK cult or whatever.
  3. Wait, there's a vampire faction? Are they playable? Do I have to get this game after all?
  4. My issues with Elex were that at the very beginning you were so piss weak you could only kill the single weakest enemy in the game (baby moles or something?) and even then I started a quest that put two bandits into their hangout spot so that was a pain too. Instead of Gothic's 3 camp start, enemy power levels and the f*ing minefield left you stuck in the wanna viking camp and getting up to baseline competence was a massive chore. Then at some point I got to a high enough level that suddenly everything became killable, the question was how much ammo I needed for it.
  5. But so did Gothic 3? And as much as I enjoyed Elex, PB keep making the same game over and over and after 6 games they still aren't able to fix the jank and in some ways got worse.
  6. If you want the info without having to actually play it.
  7. Got Vessels after @Tale's recommendation, I love the concept and I'm enjoying it. Though I don't look forward to repeating Act 3 for the best ending. >.>
  8. I know but that's still a big investment. Video games are an expensive hobby and this thing costs double of what a crispy fresh AAA does, I'm not comfortable with that kind of expense. And that's before I factor in that I'd almost never get to play it.
  9. Wake the f* up, samurai. You're burning the wrong thread. That said, basic leather armor and a shield are enough to tank everything he can throw at you.
  10. The KS is up, so I don't have to. 110€ for the standard edition, won't even contain the stretch goals, 170€ if you want them included. >.>
  11. You mean I scrolled down for nothing?!
  12. Stopped watching when he started preaching about the oh-so-transphobic vending machine.
  13. And by "some dlc", you mean almost all the major xpacs except for Federations and Distant Stars.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/academygames/stellaris-infinite-legacy?ref=bggforums Will NumberMan finally be able to stop complaining about endgame lag and bad AI? Find out probably about a year after this project succeeds!
  15. Nonsense, I'm just allowing Humble to take my money then shovel off the rest onto you lot. I'm like soil, processing dirt into minerals. Something something deep, something something poetic.
  16. Hey no need to rub it in just because you're ahead of some of us.
  17. Joke's on me, I use ad blockers.
  18. I've played some Dark Ages back when it came out, but we never got far into it before it got interrupted.
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