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  1. From what I've heard about the Creation Engine after the FO76 fiasco(s), I don't think anyone could clear it up at this point, even if they had years instead of months.
  2. All 10 of them. Finally! Did not expect this.
  3. The actual complaint is that the main story is short. For some this means the 12-ish hours it takes to rush through it is a tiny part of the game, for others it means the story running leaps into the finale straight over a potential act 3 that the story is (or would) neatly flow into.
  4. Lightning is obviously the bestest element.
  5. Silly Keyrock, nukes fall from above not from the back.
  6. I think it's simply because a few remakes were successful enough at the right point in time to start a trend. Plus for some reason updated releases for the next console generation became a thing and if you do that, which I imagine paved the way for remasters and remakes in the public perception.
  7. That's one funky looking base. Likewise in Valheim, I encountered my first troll yesterday and it knocked over half the forest trying to hit me.
  8. Got my crap together in Hades and managed 6 escapes in a row. Then I died to the Elysium boss because my Guan-Yu spear couldn't keep up with the damage they dished out. Oops.
  9. Got back into Guild Wars 2 recently, catching up on the story and racking up those sweet, sweet achievement points. Also going through a Hades addiction, though consistently screwing up the fights against the final boss is starting to demoralize me. >.>
  10. I still want a Dark Heresy RPG, something like the Shadowrun games just with more budget. I want Total War: Exalted, or Exalted May Cry. A tactical rpg based on Lancer would be dope as well.
  11. Thief games are 90% off on GoG.
  12. Yep, there's a third party profile warning on the right side. Goes for Ubisoft and other platforms too.
  13. I've read it on the internet, so it must be true.
  14. Spoilers for the first act/the motel trailer:
  15. Total Warhammer 2 released a Wood Elf side campaign, making them playable in 2 outside of the slog that is Mortal Empires, and I made the mistake of reading/getting excited for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, so I've reinstalled the game. Who needs free time anyway?
  16. The metroidvania lovers in here will likely be interested in this one.
  17. Oh, Troubleshooter. I was actually eyeing that one. Melkathi the mindreader strikes again.
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