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  1. So...I finished the game. Took about 140 hours (which might be the longest game I've ever finished...). I feel like the game is really let down by the last 1/3 or so. I know a lot of people complain about the enemies at the end (and they do get a bit repetitive for me, but I didn't find them particularly difficult on normal) but for me it was mostly the fact that so much of the last part of the game is spent staring at the kingdom management screen. I would finish the actual questing/exploring stuff in an in-game month or so, and then spend 8-9 months staring at the kingdom management screen, which might be fine if kingdom management was more interactive. I want to go on these expeditions to clear out spiders, or invasions from another plane, not just read about random adventurers doing them. Still planning on another playthrough at least (I want to see the "true" ending) with a bunch of mods (mainly Eldritch Arcana and Call of the Wild). Overall, glad I kickstarted it, and I'll likely get the next game they're supposedly making, though I don't know that it'll be at full price.
  2. I've been playing with it for all of my last playthrough (partway through Varnhold Vanishing, which is chapter 3 or 4...I never quite followed how people are determining the chapters in the game.) It works fine, the only thing I found weird is that if you choose to take a five foot step and then aren't in range of something, you can't do normal movement. Also, on rare occasions I had my ranged characters automatically fire their bows in the first round without me telling them to if I'd told the party to attack something before combat started. Oh, and it didn't work right at the end of the Season of Bloom chapter (as in, it never became turn-based) but there's some weirdness in how the chapter ends (not like anything broken, it's just something that doesn't occur anywhere previously in the game), and it wasn't really a big deal. It does seem to make the game somewhat easier (it's a lot easier to kill/disable enemies before they get a chance to act using turn-based) but some of the enemies are so ridiculous (seriously, what kind of DM uses enemies with +30 to hit against a 9th level party?), it's kind of nice. Edit: So, I kind of stopped playing for a bit, but that had nothing to do with the mod, the game is just really long and I got a little burnt out...also annoyed at how the quest I was on needed to be advanced.
  3. Just finished a game of XCOM: Enemy Within. Hadn't played it in quite a while, so I didn't max out the difficulty. It was shorter than I remember, and easier than I remember (with the exception of sectopods, which, unlike XCOM 2, are actually scary.) Randomly picked up 5 achievements, all for stuff expansion related (3 modified soldier ones, one for kills with base personnel, and one for kills with a covert op.) Lost 1 country (I suffered from Brexit! ), but did fine other than that. I didn't remember it being this way, but I had 8 empty buildable spots in my base when I beat the game. Didn't build a single lab, and only built a second workshop because I remembered wanting lots of workshops, but I didn't actually need it. Still funny to see the stats at the end, since some people apparently cheated in ridiculous amounts of money and stuff, such that the average income per game was over 6 times what I earned (and I had like an extra 7000 supplies.) According to Steam I'm now at 200 hours in XCOM...so almost a quarter of what I've spent on XCOM 2.
  4. I think I'm around 20 games on my wishlist at the moment, but it's mostly because I'm cheap. I've gotten to the point where I won't buy (most) games unless I can get the whole game (including all DLC, etc.) for under $20 (preferably under $15.) About the only exception that comes to mind at the moment would be XCOM 3, if it ever gets made.
  5. Age of Wonders III free to keep on Steam right now (for the weekend, apparently) if anyone's interested.
  6. Was looking at the Owlcat forums, and it turns out somebody made a turn-based mod for Kingmaker. Looks pretty decent from the video the creator posted. Needs Unity Mod Manager, but so do most Kingmaker mods, as far as I'm aware. Just thought somebody might be interested in it. I definitely plan to give a try at some point (I'd like to finish the game normally first, though. Hopefully the kingdom management is less terrible now in the EE.)
  7. Sigh...I hate 5E almost as much as 2E. It's too simplified and boring. I really wish there had been a good 4E game. Still, with any luck, it will be turn-based, so that would be nice. I'd almost rather have ToEE 2 (I really wanted Against the Giants, which they were supposed to do if ToEE did welll.) Can't really say if I'm optimistic or not before we know more, though.
  8. New Silversun Pickups album June 7th. Only band I actually buy CDs for any more.
  9. This is the problem for me. When I can shut my brain off, I usually get 8-10 hours. But if I get interested in something, I have a terrible time going to sleep, and if I wake up enough to be actually aware, my brain will start running again and I'll never get back to sleep...until I get so sleep deprived I just fall asleep wherever. I used to be fine when I was younger going on little/no sleep (I once stayed up for 72 hours in college...to play Roller Coaster Tycoon), but now that I'm older, if I get less than 7-8 hours I feel like crap.
  10. You'd get 3rd level spells at 1 sorc/7 DD. 4th level spells with 1 sorc/10 DD.
  11. Pretty sure it gets 7/10 casting. Caster level goes up at 2/3/4/6/7/8/10. no idea what does it means but i got lvl 1 sorc and 3 lvls in DD and I still am able to cast only 1st level spells. Kinda bad if you ask me Sorcerers don't get 2nd level spells until 4th level caster, whereas with 1 sorc/3 DD you're only a 3rd level (1 sorc + 2 DD) caster. At 4 DD (or 2 Sorc) you'd get 2nd level spells. For example, my 2 Paladin/1 Sacred Fist/3 Sorc/4 DD/10 EK casts as a 15th level sorcerer (so only 7th level and lower spells.)
  12. Pretty sure it gets 7/10 casting. Caster level goes up at 2/3/4/6/7/8/10.
  13. Huh. The version of that that I recall said that he'd slept with the girl (I don't recall if the name was the same) the night before, so that it must be number 2.
  14. Yeah, I did change the password, but it's still crazy to me that they don't even have that minimum amount of security on the creation of accounts. I also contacted them about the issue, but I doubt they'll care (it's kind of telling that they have a choice in their dropdown for contacting support that lists "Account created without my permission." or something very similar.)
  15. Seriously, what is up with Epic? I just made an account (yeah, yeah, my information will go to the Chinese government or whatever...it's not like I'm ever buying anything from them or giving them my credit card information) and someone had already made an account with my e-mail address. Do they seriously not have some sort of e-mail verification for account creation? What the heck kind of company doesn't have at least that?
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