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  1. The problem is that land claim blocks beyond the first don't actually block spawns (it's bugged.) They only stop sleepers from respawning after you've cleared a POI, anyway. That said, zombies don't spawn on player-placed blocks (you can literally stop the horde night horde from spawning if you cover a large enough area with concrete) so you can build pretty much as big as you want as long as every block is one you've placed, instead of one that was already there. There's also a mod that stops sleepers from respawning in POIs completely, if you're interested in that. Playing offline, t
  2. Torchlight 3 came out on October 13, 2020 (according to Steam) and is by all accounts not particularly good. It's rated mixed on Steam, 65 on Metacritic, 3.1 User Score on Metacritic. I haven't played it personally, but most people I've seen talk about it were unimpressed.
  3. Now if they could just appeal to the people that like RPGs in the DA universe...
  4. I wouldn't mind another (non-5E) D&D game, but they could choose a more interesting setting than the Forgotten Realms. I'd only be really interested in a Forgotten Realms game if it was set in the Moonshaes. But seeing as any new D&D game would almost have to be 5E...meh.
  5. Well, failing a mission gives you a bad performance review...but yeah, it's given me "Perfect" when my entire team got wiped out and I had to finish the mission with the VHPD officers I'd left guarding the exit.
  6. I'd have kind of liked to have seen the Runelord APs done, just because I'm curious about them. I've never played any of the Pathfinder APs (never actually played tabletop Pathfinder, played tons of various versions of D&D and other TTRPGs, however) and I was always curious about the story of those (though, I am admittedly a sucker for high fantasy stuff, and those sound like they fall into that category.)
  7. That definitely makes sense about Joel. When he died he was just some random character, and now, a couple missions into Chapter 4, I really wish he'd lived and we'd gotten to work with him. He seems like he was a really good guy. As to the various gang members, I guess the Spoonists have some decent ideas in terms of making things better for people (though if they intend to enforce that whole "if 10 people give up a spoonful of rice" thing on everyone, that's just theft) but I have a hard time forgiving the violence they all use. So for, the rest of them just seem like violent thugs (w
  8. More Troubleshooter. Honestly, as...rough...as the translation is, the game still seems to have writing better than 90% of the games I've played. They actually make the NPCs (not the party members, I generally am always a fan of party members) people that you care about because you actually interact with them fairly regularly. The game also has some of the best level design I've ever encountered. Slum of Shadow Fog is perhaps the best level I've ever encountered in a tactical game, with tons of verticality and so many different ways to move around the map. Honestly, it's a crime t
  9. I think they're still adding more to the DLC, at least that's the impression I've gotten. Also, it was free, so...can't complain. Failed my first mission in Troubleshooter (actually failed, not had to go back to a checkpoint failed.) It was Angry Tiger, and I got myself into a situation where the checkpoint was at a point I couldn't survive after. I did too much running around and fighting instead of going straight to the objective (seriously, I don't know how you'd destroy the jammers unless you were way overleveled) and just got obliterated. Running straight for the phones worked mu
  10. Does anyone know if they changed trip so that it works with iteratives? Just curious whether I'll be able to play my tripping, shield-bashing warpriest straight off, or if I'll need to wait for mods.
  11. That's impressive. I gotta admit, I'm curious how you managed that. Congrats on finishing. I take it Banished Children is the name of Chapter 2?
  12. I do, to the point of distraction. I actually had to take a break because I was having trouble sleeping (my brain wouldn't shut up about the game) and playing tactical games on short sleep is not a good idea for me.
  13. I'll try to remember. Not sure how much farther that is into the game. I just did the level 16 Violent Case and it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I was expecting (though I was between 3 and 5 levels over leveled) but it took forever. Not sure how much farther Scent of the Past would be.
  14. I actually had Phoenix on Irene in the fight against Ryo...he actually downed her twice, once from a Counter, and then he went after her when I used her flame shot skill on him. She was the only person he managed to hit, though. I've put everything fire I have on Irene, and there's only one mastery set it's giving me a hint to, but I'm sure there are a bunch of others I just don't have the masteries for. It's honestly a bit frustrating, I've had all these Great Swordsman masteries unlocked for Albus, but I can't research any of them because I don't have Breakthrough yet. Still, he's go
  15. Yeah, I've got learning on her too, and she's catching up. I do have the case files unlocked, and I did it this morning to get that unlocked. I didn't realize that was martial artist Irene. I just kind of assumed that Battle Mage was the route to go for fire, whereas Martial Artist was more physical, but looking at it further, it seems like almost all of Irene's attacks (outside of her basic attack) do fire damage. I'm trying her with a fire build now and she's doing pretty good (though she did get KO'ed in my last fight, but that's because she was going toe to toe with Ryo...) On
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