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  1. It's from the same devs who made Tower of Time, and honestly, it looks like it's going to be really interesting. It was on my radar because it was originally supposed to be turn-based (they apparently changed their minds on that early in development) but it still seems to be going in a good direction. Tower of Time was really good gameplay wise, but was a bit threadbare on the story, while this looks like it's more story focused (although there's supposed to be random generated world events or somesuch.) Still, it seems like the company actually cares about the games they're making, not
  2. I know it's at least available for pre-order, because I got a message from GOG wanting me to order it. I've actually got it wishlisted, but there's no way I'm buying it anytime soon.
  3. Monster Train DLC, The Last Divinity. I've unlocked all the cards from the new faction, have over half of them gold. Only tried to fight the new end boss once, got destroyed (to be fair, I had zero idea what the fight was like, and I was playing with the new clan, so I had almost zero game plan in terms of synergy.) The exile champion from the Wurmkin is awesome, not entirely sold on the regular champ. Some really cool new artifacts though, and some of the new units for the other factions seem insanely good.
  4. What always gets me is the area past the gorn castle/city whatever it was (it's been years, I can't recall the name.) There's a T-intersection in the road, and a massive open/forested area there that basically has no distinguishing features, and without a decent in-game map, it's just brutal trying to explore it. There's some really good loot out there, though (including the belt of flowers or something like that, which is one of the best items for a ninja) so I always try to explore it. There are also some incredibly brutal enemies in the area, including (going from very cloudy memory) som
  5. Wizardry 7 and 8 are two of my favorite games (Wizardry 7 being one of the few games I've bought twice because the original version stopped working when we upgraded to a pentium...yes, I'm old) but I've only spent a bit of time playing 6. I've wanted to play through all 3 (I've actually never beaten 7, but it's freaking huge) but those early levels of 6 are indeed so brutal that I just can't do it.
  6. I enjoyed it too, but I also kind of hate it because it was what I was playing when my PC died last year, so I'm kind of biased. Not that it was the game's fault (my power supply fried my video card) but still...
  7. When Diablo II came out, me and some of my roommates in college went to pick up a copy at (iirc) Target. My one roommate actually got carded by the cashier to make sure he was 18, since the game was rated M. Only time I've ever seen that happen.
  8. According to the mastery guide, there's a couple of unique ones (Anne, Ray and Irene) and Sion get you a couple (from what I understand) important masteries earlier than normal. Maybe I'll try unequipping Anne to see if I can win that fight. It seems like a lot of it would rely on luck, though, since Adventurer Dorori has seemingly terrible stats comparatively (I think his hit chance was like 45%.)
  9. So I was playing more Troubleshooter. @melkathiI finally played Scent of the Past, and my initial pick was Irene. Of course, then I went back and played all the other ones (I'm curious if it's possible to beat Anne as Adventurer Dorori) because there are masteries and what not you get from doing so (I didn't expect the different characters paths to be so different, though.) Hadn't been in the mood for something that takes quite so much attention the past couple weeks, which is why I hadn't played more earlier.
  10. Hidden Path also made Defense Grid, one of the best tower defense games I've ever played. Of course, they also made Defense Grid 2, which is kind of...meh. Would I trust them with an open world RPG? No. But they have made at least one decent game in the past.
  11. The problem is that land claim blocks beyond the first don't actually block spawns (it's bugged.) They only stop sleepers from respawning after you've cleared a POI, anyway. That said, zombies don't spawn on player-placed blocks (you can literally stop the horde night horde from spawning if you cover a large enough area with concrete) so you can build pretty much as big as you want as long as every block is one you've placed, instead of one that was already there. There's also a mod that stops sleepers from respawning in POIs completely, if you're interested in that. Playing offline, t
  12. Torchlight 3 came out on October 13, 2020 (according to Steam) and is by all accounts not particularly good. It's rated mixed on Steam, 65 on Metacritic, 3.1 User Score on Metacritic. I haven't played it personally, but most people I've seen talk about it were unimpressed.
  13. Now if they could just appeal to the people that like RPGs in the DA universe...
  14. I wouldn't mind another (non-5E) D&D game, but they could choose a more interesting setting than the Forgotten Realms. I'd only be really interested in a Forgotten Realms game if it was set in the Moonshaes. But seeing as any new D&D game would almost have to be 5E...meh.
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