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  1. So I went to see an orthopedist who specializes in feet and ankles yesterday, and he managed to get my toe back into socket, and have it stay there. So, no surgery for me, thankfully. Have to keep my toes taped and see him in 3 weeks or so. The pain is mostly gone at this point, though I still can't walk properly on that foot. So things are going as well as can be expected, thankfully.
  2. I fell coming down the stairs in the dark around 4 AM yesterday (I thought I was at the bottom of the stairs and I wasn't) and dislocated my second toe on my left foot. So, that was fun. I'm supposed to wear a walking boot, but because of the virus, the medical supply store was closed on Saturdays (it's usually open until 1), so I have to wait until Monday to get the boot, so I'm painfully hobbling around (and given that all my stuff including my computer is on the second floor and the kitchen is on the first floor, I'm climbing up and down stairs at least twice a day.) Fortunately, I had someone to take me to the urgent care (which didn't open until 8), because there's no way I'd have been willing to drive myself (I almost passed out a couple minutes after I fell.) Still, they'd only allow one person in the urgent care at a time, and given that medical professionals/facilities cause me extreme anxiety (to the point where I have a hard time not running away or passing out) that was....difficult.
  3. While I'm not fussed either way in regards to dinosaurs, I would like the Hunter class to make it. I'm a big fan of it (I like most of the 2/3rds casters from Pathfinder, though inquisitor is kind of the exception.) Really happy it funded (and kind of surprised that they're looking at starting alpha testing stuff in April.)
  4. 5E isn't I Go You Go, is it? I read the core books several years ago but I don't remember them well enough to know if they actually did away with individual initiative. Also, did they do away with skill checks? Because I can't see level 1 characters being able to leap about like that if they had to make skill checks (heck, even most level 20 characters wouldn't be willing to leap about like that in the middle of a fight, because there's a decent chance you'd fail and end up prone.)
  5. Pushing the guy off the ledge was cool. Him flying 20 feet through the air instead of falling mostly down was what really bothered me. It was like he got punched by someone with superhuman strength, instead of just a relatively normal person (especially since it was a ranged rogue, who presumably didn't have a super high strength.) I'm down with turn-based, and the combat itself didn't look bad. My concerns were mostly visuals and writing. Honestly, the first couple characters they encountered seemed like something out of a 16 year old emo kids fanfiction.
  6. I don't really like 5E D&D, so I wasn't super hopeful, but that was kind of disappointing. When they started off with a reformed vampire spawn character and the first character they met was named Shadowheart,... The climbing looked kind of neat, but then there was the jumping that just looked silly. And when the main character pushed that guy off the ledge and he went flying 20 feet, I just burst out laughing. Maybe it'll be okay, but barring some sort of rave reviews from lots of people, it looks like something I may pick up in the bargain bin some day.
  7. You can only get turn-based in Kingmaker if you install the mod. I also recommended Call of the Wild because it adds the Warpriest class (among others), which seemed to match the kind of character you were looking for.
  8. You have to install the mod, and if you have it installed, Alt-T (by default) toggles between turn-based and real-time. Also, for the kind of character you mentioned wanting to make, I'd install Call of the Wild and make a Warpriest, but that's just me.
  9. I thought Volo was Canadian...
  10. BG2 is the worst Infinity Engine game. Also, BG2 has a lot (and I mean a lot) of terrible writing. Very few games labelled as RPGs these days are actually RPGs
  11. I actually hope it isn't mounted combat, just because that's something that I've never enjoyed. It always seems so awkward to have part of the party mounted, and the rest on foot, not to mention having to make dungeons that accommodate a mounted character (as otherwise you're screwing over the guy that put all his feats/skills into mounted stuff.) Personally, I really like the Warpriest. The extra feats let me pull off some builds that you can't as a cleric or inquisitor, and the spellcasting is enough. I wanted to make a really silly character that was unarmed + shield bash, but unfortunately the game engine didn't know what to do with it (it was only giving a single attack, with the shield weirdly enough, when I should have had 3 fist and 3 shield.) But I can do weapon + shield bash that I couldn't get away with on cleric, and the blessings and weapon/shield augments are nice too. The class I'd like to see, though, is the occultist. A 6 level caster with the possibility of fighter level base attack bonus makes me happy. Also, I've always liked psionics. I'd also take the skald and the hunter. That said, I'm really happy they're officially adding the shaman and the oracle. Big fan of both of those.
  12. Today I became the answer to life, the universe, and everything. There was cake.
  13. Honestly, were it not for the fact that the media appears to be trying to canonize him, I'd agree with you. But the way they're treating him like he was the second coming has made my feelings shift from sad to annoyed.
  14. What? I think both Trump and any potential Democrat candidate likely hate a good portion of the American populace. And honestly? That attitude is part of the problem. We're all just people, and those you disagree with aren't necessarily bad, evil or stupid, just like those you agree with aren't necessarily good, or brilliant.
  15. It did come out on PC, but I seem to remember reading it was pulled from sale because of music rights. The Steam page still exists, but it is no longer for sale at the request of the publisher, apparently. There are some copies on Amazon, though.
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