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  1. Apparently KOTOR isn't a remake, it's a "reimagining."
  2. It's really not that common. I got slightly annoyed with level drain (which isn't super common, but there are a couple types of enemies that do it that appear occasionally) but mostly because I didn't have access to restoration yet. What did annoy me was a random encounter with a dragon with a 20d6 breath weapon that wiped out half my party on turn 1 (to be fair, the dragon rolled really well with a 105 on 20d6 which is 50% above average.)
  3. At least there's no gameplay microtransactions? Honestly, it looks not very good. Your team members are basically just a load out. You don't get individual turns, your whole team just gets one turn where you get to take x number of actions (and only 1 movement action for the whole team...). Also, being a Marvel product, I'm guessing that it will be as close to impossible to mod as they can make it. So...yeah, I might buy it when I can get it and all the inevitable DLC for $5-$10.
  4. For the loot, it's not about difficulty, it's more about expected pacing of loot progression. I'm level 10 and I've found one +3 weapon (a shortbow), and I must have missed all the +4 stat items before Drezen. Mostly, I'd like to not have to buff as much. I'm doing crusade stuff, and cleared every army I felt capable of beating, but some of them (mostly the difficulty 6+ ones) are too hard for me to beat yet. That said, I'm really loving my character. I went with Gendarme 1/Divine Hound X and riding around on my wolf tripping things with endless judgement is fun. I really wish that dirty fighting was in as a feat so I could get my wolf greater trip, but unfortunately that's not the case. I'm not sure how I'll ever play a character without a mount again, because it's just incredible to have that sort of mobility. In a level or 2 I should have aspect of the wolf, so I can free action trip things.
  5. So I just finished chapter 2, and spent maybe 6-7 hours clearing Drezen. It was cool, but insanely long, and the camera was kind of wonky sometimes. Also, it started getting super laggy (like slideshow laggy) whenever I selected Lann. Hopefully a restart will have fixed it. Only had a couple bugs. Life Link doesn't work, which is disappointing, but..eh. The things that cause me to need healing hit hard enough that life link is kinda pointless anyway (I will say I'm a bit annoyed how enemies seem to be either really easy or insanely hard. I did manage to beat a big old optional demon in Drezen though that netted me >10k xp...and trash loot.) The other bug I had was one where an area transition didn't appear, but exiting and restarting the game fixed it. My one complaint so far would be that they've, as far as I'm concerned, swung way too much the other way with loot. Yeah, Kingmaker was kinda Monty Haul, but so far Wrath feels pretty stingy. I'm level 10 now, and still with only a handful of +stat items to pass around to the party, and none of them better than +2. Having 2 pets (I went Azata) makes it a little rougher, but still, I'm feeling a little let down in the loot department.
  6. Interestingly, the vast majority of my attempts at BG1 ended upon reaching Baldur's Gate. I hate the city. Incidentally, this is probably why I'm not much of a fan of BG2 (besides some of the absolutely awful writing.) Nekataka has killed all my attempts at PoE2 as well. I guess I just don't like big cities in games.
  7. You are a CLERIC! Even in the darkest of times, you know that faith will persevere. Trained in the ways of wisdom and divine arts, you're always taking care of the party's health and wellbeing. Cleric is probably pretty fitting. I'm more of a fan of the spontaneous divine casters (Favored Soul or Oracle) but heavy armored divine caster is my jam. Which is weird because I'm not at all religious in real life.
  8. Yeah, it looks pretty meh. Only 3 units, card mechanics (can you say mtx booster packs?) and some of the animations and such seem straight out of XCOM 2 (like that incredibly stiff walk.)
  9. I've found any number of people talking about Wrath who can't pronounce common genre words that drive me nuts, but it seems fairly ubiquitous. The crusade bugs, from what I've heard, just occur if you kill summoned enemies first (which seems really weird), but they can be avoided fairly easily if you're aware of them. Seen several other reviews that seem to find the game in relatively good condition, so I'm not overly worried. I'm definitely going to be playing day 1 because this is the only game I've looked forward to all year, and there's nothing on the horizon to which I'm really looking forward (god that sounds awkward, but at least I didn't end the sentence with a preposition...). A couple games I'm cautiously optimistic about, but nothing that's got me really excited.
  10. I just remember the head of Take Two (owner of 2k) saying several years ago how they needed to monetize/add more mtx to all of their games. Given how 2k does mtx with their sports games, I just expect anything from them to be awful in terms of mtx. XCOM 2 seemed to escape that, because how on earth would you do mtx in XCOM? I'm expecting many, many DLC characters, and given that in the interview with Jake Solomon I just watched he mentioned something about the characters getting ultimate and legendary powers from their "unlockable outfits" (that apparently you can unlock at least some in game based on your relationship with the characters), I expect a ton of special outfits/powers as mtx.
  11. Yeah, that bit about signing up for a free skin, combined with it being 2k/Take Two makes me think it's going to be a hell of microtransactions.
  12. I liked adventure games a long time ago before point and click. I dislike point and click adventure games because they feel boring to me. It's always a click hunt and puzzles that are solved just by clicking on the thing enough times. Granted, I think the last adventure game I played was King's Quest VII (that was the first point and click one, right?)
  13. That's weird that dogs were mountable with medium characters. I guess in that case I wouldn't have a problem with a dog (though I will admit the image of a halfling riding a velociraptor amuses the heck out of me.) The feats on Urban Hunter would be nice, but you lose the teamwork feats, and I don't mind having a 13 int (if nothing else, I'll appreciate the extra skill points.) And yeah, I know about all the bugs you've complained about, I've read the whole thread. Non-related P.S.: Is there no longer a way to switch to BB code? Breaking up quotes to reply to the individual bits seems like it would be a major pain (if it's even possible) without it.
  14. My only real concern with dogs is that they only get the one attack (though they apparently get iteratives eventually, which I didn't realize) and that a medium character can't use them as a mount. But yes, I'm a big fan of trip, and was actually planning to go that route. Also, dog is only supposed to go small->medium I thought. Wolf goes medium->large, and that might be a decent tradeoff that isn't super cheaty, since wolf is very similar to dog in terms of stats/abilities. It all sort of depends on what's available to a non-Beast Rider Cavalier, since I want the heavy armor proficiency. Also, Divine Hound gets cleric domain spells? From what I've seen, I just thought they traded animal focus for judgement. Are you perhaps thinking of divine hunter? I wanted the piles of teamwork feats from (non-Divine) Hunter cause I was going to go Azata mythic path, and sharing 8 or so teamwork feats with the whole party sounded pretty awesome. Since most of the (what I would consider useful) animal focus abilities are enhancement bonuses, they don't stack with gear/spells, so I didn't think losing animal focus would be a particularly big deal, and the judgements would be nice bonuses, particularly after picking up Everlasting Judgement. Truth be told, I was just looking for something that would mix well with Azata without overlapping too much, and Hunter seemed like a good fit. Bard and Skald both seemed like they had too much overlap with Azata in terms of spellbook, and I'm assuming you can't have an Azata song and a skald/bard song up at the same time. Inquisitor would give me the teamwork feats, but nothing exciting spell-wise, since I'll undoubtedly have a cleric or oracle with me at all times. I've wanted to play a melee Hunter for a while now anyway (i've always played them as ranged previously) so it seemed like the thing to go with. Forgive me for rambling, but I'm really looking forward to the game (which yes, I realize is likely to be pretty buggy at launch) and trying to play around with build ideas is a real pain without having access to the game, since finding complete information anywhere is seemingly near impossible. P.S. Does life oracle really not have life link implemented? The people I've seen playing the game or going over classes and the like don't seem to have access to it, and I can't imagine playing a life oracle without life link.
  15. Ah, thanks. Now to decide whether or not it's too cheaty to do that (Thinking Gendarme or Knight of the Wall 1/19 Divine Hound at the moment.)
  16. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what happens if you have an animal companion (say, from 1 level of cavalier) and then take a level in something with a restricted animal companion choice, particularly Divine Hound? Thinking of doing a Cavalier 1/Divine Hound 19 Azata for my first character, and wondered if I needed to go with a small race because I'd have to change to a dog as an animal companion (though I've heard rumors the Azata dragon companion is rideable?)
  17. Honestly, I thought the Hinterlands was by far the best area in the base game (the DLC was actually pretty decent.) It was the only area that had a reasonable amount of content density. Everywhere else was just a bunch of emptiness with maybe 4-5 things to do in a massive area.
  18. It's from the same devs who made Tower of Time, and honestly, it looks like it's going to be really interesting. It was on my radar because it was originally supposed to be turn-based (they apparently changed their minds on that early in development) but it still seems to be going in a good direction. Tower of Time was really good gameplay wise, but was a bit threadbare on the story, while this looks like it's more story focused (although there's supposed to be random generated world events or somesuch.) Still, it seems like the company actually cares about the games they're making, not just making money, so here's hoping it turns out good.
  19. I know it's at least available for pre-order, because I got a message from GOG wanting me to order it. I've actually got it wishlisted, but there's no way I'm buying it anytime soon.
  20. Monster Train DLC, The Last Divinity. I've unlocked all the cards from the new faction, have over half of them gold. Only tried to fight the new end boss once, got destroyed (to be fair, I had zero idea what the fight was like, and I was playing with the new clan, so I had almost zero game plan in terms of synergy.) The exile champion from the Wurmkin is awesome, not entirely sold on the regular champ. Some really cool new artifacts though, and some of the new units for the other factions seem insanely good.
  21. What always gets me is the area past the gorn castle/city whatever it was (it's been years, I can't recall the name.) There's a T-intersection in the road, and a massive open/forested area there that basically has no distinguishing features, and without a decent in-game map, it's just brutal trying to explore it. There's some really good loot out there, though (including the belt of flowers or something like that, which is one of the best items for a ninja) so I always try to explore it. There are also some incredibly brutal enemies in the area, including (going from very cloudy memory) some sort of giant cat-like things that are really tough to kill and that spam some sort of prismatic spell that inflicts all kinds of debuffs and can instant kill.
  22. Wizardry 7 and 8 are two of my favorite games (Wizardry 7 being one of the few games I've bought twice because the original version stopped working when we upgraded to a pentium...yes, I'm old) but I've only spent a bit of time playing 6. I've wanted to play through all 3 (I've actually never beaten 7, but it's freaking huge) but those early levels of 6 are indeed so brutal that I just can't do it.
  23. I enjoyed it too, but I also kind of hate it because it was what I was playing when my PC died last year, so I'm kind of biased. Not that it was the game's fault (my power supply fried my video card) but still...
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