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  1. It was for me. But mainly because of the quality every moment in the game carries. It's near perfect in that regard. If length/overall amount of content is more important to you I think you should wait for a sale. There's a deal at greenmangaming at the moment where you can get it for 45 btw. (Also I'd love some dlc if its substantial like the new vegas ones ) I guess I missed the sale, I will probably just wait till steam throws it on sale. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I have seen totalbiscuit's review and a little bit of the playthrough and I have not seen anything justifying the $60 price tag. I would have payed at max $35 for it. I love southpark, gaming, and I don't mind 2d scrollers but why should I pay $60 for a game I will play 3 maybe 4 times. Now say if it was as extensive as skyrim yeah I might give it a go, but It doesn't appear to be so. I also have a feeling that ubisoft is going to release paid dlc for it Anyways, those of you who have bought the game, was it worth the price tag? Anyone else like the game but waiting for the price to drop?
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