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  1. yea melee says use f but ranged says use w gonna try f for ranged see what happens
  2. i havnt completed the game just going on what others have said. im getting pissed off that i can't use my w to fart ive farted with melee weapons so maybe it has something to do with not having enough max mana to use it and it bugs out and doesnt say anything. and the game is waaaaaayyy to easy. i have it on hardcore and can still win a battle with 1 move its not fun at all. all my items are maxed out and i havnt bought a single consumable so im just leaving stuff behind all over the place. id be raging if i didnt get my tax return and have so much extra money
  3. so the game creators website isnt a good place to get answers. figures pay 60 dollars for a game i get less fun out of than a 10 dollar purchase on steam and than ill have to buy new dlc to get more than 13 hours of gameplay. learned my lesson triple a dont mean anything
  4. instruction say when using the ranged weapon to right click when it flashes or press w to fart. nothing happens if i press w doesnt say not enough mana or anything just skips my turn. it flashes green too not sure what to do and its pissing me off along with all the other vague instruction in this game.
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