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  1. I believe you're talking about Ground Pound for the ability that strikes everything. Also, if done right, the ball used in Assault and Battery can hit another target.
  2. Every class can equip everything, the only differences being that Fighter already start with armor, Jew deals more damage the closer they are to death and each ability that the classes have.
  3. The Fighter's Assault and Battery and the Thief's Mug, once upgraded to Rank 4, allow you to recover health. The questions I want to ask are in the poll. I would like to know your opinion on the matter.
  4. I plan for this thread to become the place where you can find which class you want to play if you base yourself on it's abilities. Here's a template for how you organize it. Copy+paste it 4 times for the other ones that you gain by leveling normally: AbilityUpgrade #1 Upgrade #2 Upgrade #3 Upgrade #4 Anyone here wants to contribute?
  5. Turns out that if I upgrade Assault and Battery to Level 4, I can recover health with each hit. Yep, I'll go Fighter for sure.
  6. Does the Fighter's Assault and Battery ability allow you to recover health when upgraded? I'm asking this since I have noticed green numbers when you hit an enemy with it in the Giggling Donkey trailer.
  7. With a gameplay video uploaded by someone who got the game early telling me that Butters is an aggro magnet in combat, I think I'll actually take Fighter. Horn of Irritation will allow me to debuff enemies while switching their focus from Butters to me. That, and Assault and Battery reminds me of Hotline Miami for some reason. Now I really hope there's a lifedrain strap-on.
  8. I asked some of my friends who plans on getting the game this question, the most of them answering they'll be using the Jew class. Here, the Thief class is the most popular. Surprising.
  9. To be honest, I'll wait until I get to know what each class got as skills (mostly for Thief and Mage). So far, Fighter leads, but I might check out Thief too.
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