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  1. I've actually broken 2 keyboards on this game so far. Luckly they were old crappy keyboards, and not my main gaming one, but the amount of literal button mashing in this game is stupid. I love the game, but on points where I'm required to smash a key rapidly I just dont bother with because it damages my hardware. That means taking a dump and certain quest requirements.
  2. Pretty sure they have more they are putting in DLC format. I also heard somewhere that they have 3 DLCs planned for this game. Also, for the crab people, I'm pretty sre they will add this to the game, as they already have screens out of battles with the crab people. There are also tons of screen caps of the game that were not in the laucnh. Below are some examples: http://cdn-thumbs.viddler.com/thumbnail_2_bf35f044_v3.jpg http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/gallery/south-park-the-stick-of-truth/7240bewarethegingers.jpg http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/gallery/south-park-the-stick-of-truth/7239archerassault.jpg (May be in game if you chose to side with the other guy) http://www.cheatcc.com/imagesps3/southparkthegame_000.jpg http://downloadgamestorrents.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/South-Park-The-Stick-of-Truth-PS3-600x300.jpg
  3. You may have trouble. My first play through, every time I tried to create a new manual save using a new block, it overwrote my top save. I wanted to save the most disturbing part of the game and the save before the end, but it kept overwritting despite me telling it to create a new save block.
  4. Yeah, thats what I saw as well. You hear a group of them chanting and 1 drumming on those drums. There has to be more involving them.
  5. How do you fight them? I was only able to break down the boulder and have them think I turned on the humans to help them. No place to fight them, though.
  6. Depending on how you play, the only really useful one I found was the samurai chest piece and the gloves that boost bow damage.
  7. Some enemies are strong against it until you break that defence down. Usually if you gross them out, or do a defence down ability on them, you will see the true damage. At end game each slash was doing 2-4k on normal mobs
  8. Southpark ending? I thought it was renewed again through 2016 when it's up for yet another renewal.
  9. This was a huge issue since the beginning. Many cut sceenes with me in it, my character would either flicker, or not be there. At one of teh final cut sceenes where the guy was explaining stuff cartman didn't want to hear, the entire cast of characters minus Jimmy were simply gone. It was just Jimmy sitting there looking derpy. I'm running the following, so I don't see how my graphics could be an issue: AMD Phenom II x6 @ 3ghz 2x AMD Radeon HD 7840 @ 1GB/ea 900 watt @ 94% efficiency Antec Power Supply 16GB DDR3 memory Windows 7 64-bit
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