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  1. Everything I did yesterday didn't save and I saved my game multiple times before getting off Grounded.
  2. From the looks of it you can only place the item when the words Recycle and Supporting are not appearing. When its visible its hard to place cause it thinks you're trying to recycle something so its like the two are conflicting with one another in a way. You have to get in a weird angle which is almost impossible to where those words don't appear for you to place an item on a wall or floor. I manage to place one head mount on a wall but I'm having a hard time doing the other.
  3. I'm going through the same thing when it comes to placing anything. Its impossible to place a bug head mount because you have to be close to do it.
  4. When I'm crafting a decoration to put on a wall or on top of something it doesn't allow me to place it there even though the blueprint is blue. And when it comes to head mounts its the same issue but worse since you have to be close to a wall to put a bug head mount on there.
  5. You can also use the bug head mount if you're doing something similar to what I'm doing. I'm making like a village in the sky and each small house is like a storage/store and what I'm using is the bug head mounts to let players know what type of resource is in there. The only downsize is that there isn't a stinkbug head mount or mosquitoe or firefly but the bee head mount is coming so hopefully the others will come too.
  6. Yeah that's what I been planning to do especially with the leaf symbol and ant symbol.
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have icons for every type of resource and bug in the game. So for example if I were to craft a storage chest and fill it with clay I would choose the clay icon so I will know what chest to go to if I need more clay. And the same thing for sprigs, sap and bug parts. Its just difficult trying to be organize and remembering where stuff is and the icons we do have available don't do a good job at describing whats inside the storage chest.
  8. I think it would be a good idea to have Bombardier beetle armor, Stinkbug armor and firefly armor. The beetle armor will allow us not to take any acid damage from the beetle. The stinkbug armor will make it us so we take no damage from stinkbug gas and yes I know we have the gas mask for that but it would be cool to have a whole armor set. And last a firefly armor that lights up when you equip the entire armor making it easy to see and farm for resources at night. And the stinkbug and beetle armor should be tier 3 armor while the firefly armor tier 2.
  9. We should be able to make arrows that explode on impact. We have splatburst and bratburst we should be able to combine anyone of those with arrows.
  10. We use lures to attract bugs and lure them to our location. Why not make something similar but does the opposite. There should be a item we can craft to keep bugs away from a certain area and for a certain amount of distance. Bugs are spawning just about everywhere now. Areas like where the mysterious machine is located isn't safe anymore. I have came across orb weavers and a wolf spider the past few days lol. I was helping my friend who just started playing Grounded today with quests and we already ran into orb weavers, wolf spider and soldier ants. And didn't have any of the right equipment
  11. Update. Well it looks like the wolf spider can move around in the lab. I was going to the lab to kill it with gas arrows cause I figured it couldn't get to me in the other room. Guess I was wrong the spider came right on through and pounced on me lol. If you aren't going to remove the spiders from the tree then I suggest you move burgl some where there aren't any spiders around. Some where we can go and get missions without any disturbance.
  12. I was going to the lab to get some missions and when I get to the room burgl was in I seen the shadow of something big and turn around and it was a wolf spider. Thing scared the hell out of me. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I really think you need to move burgl some where else. Its just such a risk going to that tree lol. Please move him some where else. Let the man get some fresh air lol.
  13. I think it would be cool to have preset bases for a quicker way to build. We are given 3 option to choose from which are a small base, medium base and large base. The only thing is we have to make sure the chosen base can fit in the area we are trying to put it in. Then after that all we have to do is add the amount of resources it will need to be built. Its like when we are building a workbench or trail marker the blueprint is already setup and only needs the resources. It should be the same for the preset bases. This will be good for beginners and for people who would like to make multiple b
  14. Things were fine a week ago now saves want to mess up again. Every time I hop on Grounded and do a few things nothing saves. It's a good I don't even build anymore.
  15. There should be people to speak to in the yard. It shouldn't just be us back there. We should have people we go to for other quest beside burgl and even help them out with some problems they may have. It definitely need to be other people that gotten shrunk in the yard. Better yet add the other 3 kids to the yard. We should be interacting with the other kids instead of switching to them.
  16. Yeah man I agree. There shouldn't be any issues with saving a game I don't care what early stages it's in I shouldn't have any problems saving my game. Just now when I loaded up my game I notice my 2 small storages were gone and the 2 big ones I was building is gone as well. I don't care what type of bugs are in a game as long as I can save my game and not lose all the time and effort I put into it. I think not only do you all need to work on keeping this from happening but you also need to find a way to restore everything that was lost. People put in hours of work in this game and if you don'
  17. Damn a wolf spider by the anthill. I hope that dont happen in my world cause I stay running through the anthill to get back to my other house quicker. I got orb weavers on stumps too. To me thats easy kills and as for the stinkbug it used to be under my rock but that was from a save file that got corrupted some how a couple weeks ago and this new save file there is no stinkbug over there just the beetle and orb weavers.
  18. Well I installed it back and guess what I lost all of my saves I did in october and only have my september saves. If you dont want to lose your saves do not uninstall the game just wait for an update or something. Now I have to do all that building I did around the rock. I might just be done with this game. This right here just really killed it for me.
  19. So having a stinkbug under the rock where you can die from the gas without even doing anything makes sense?
  20. I'm installing it back hopefully I don't lose any of my saves or at least lose my october 8th save.
  21. Same here and I was on it earlier today with no problems. Man if a hotfix dont restore all my shyt I'm done with this game. I don't care what glitches we have in the game but one thing for sure is we shouldn't have any game save issues. Its no point in even playing the game now cause all the work you put in will either disappear after you save and quit or it wont save at all.
  22. I'm tired of my games saves disappearing or not saving. I put in way to much work on here for the game not to save anything. And then when I click to load up a game save I'm at the loading screen for half an hour. Whats the point in playing if you can't save anything.
  23. I have my house on the big rock and for awhile I have been killing the beetle that is always over there. Now there is a stinkbug under the rock and every time it fart the gas can come through the rock and do damage to you. Please fix the spawns for these bugs cause they are constantly changing. A ll bugs need to be in one area and stay there.
  24. I had a hard time building the scaffold under my bridge it just wouldn't work so I connected to the side of the bridge and the bridge stayed up while I removed part of it. So yeah you definitely need a foundation or just made sure you have weed stem attached to it because weed stems keep things from collapsing. I had some stairs I made floating in mid air because I had weed stems built with it lol.
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