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  1. How excellent does the new content look!! Mushroom bricks for building, achievements, pet aphids, and THE BROOD MOTHER LOOKING TERRIFYING https://grounded.obsidian.net/news/grounded/shroom-and-doom-update-trailer
  2. Glad you're getting some luck. I can't get any at all. As I said, even the places where they used to be common BEFORE the ridiculous drop rate, now gone
  3. Has anyone else noticed we went from rare, to absolutely too many, and now there's none. Not at the mysterious machine, the bird bath or under any of the shrink rays. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. If you're able to get near the oak tree (and are brave enough to dodge spiders) there's tons of husky weeds there
  5. Also noticed we've gone from too many bird feathers to absolutely 0. I've checked all the usual places, including up on top of the bird bath. Not a single feather anywhere
  6. I understand it wouldn't be easy to have the bugs fight ALL the time, and yeh in real life spiders don't always attack things unless they're hungry. But like, stuff in their webs, other big hugs in their territory, I'd like to see some fighting. For example the other day there was a stinkbug IN a Wolf Spider Den WITH the wolf spider. They didn't fight until I shot the stinkbug and it skooshed out a cloud of gas!
  7. Title say it all, anyone know why she was removed?
  8. I don't think there's too many aggressive bugs - but I don't think there's enough interaction between bugs. It's VERY rare you have spiders going for other bugs, and only weevils and aphids tend to get aggression responses. I'd love to see Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders go at it, like in real life they would. Ants swarming an aggressive spider or bombardier etc
  9. Fireflies for me appear in 3 locations before the last update. Now I can't find them in any of those. I've spent hours trying. The Creature reset option has no effect unfortunately. Just logged on to see if the patch has helped
  10. Hey guys, My wee list of bugs I've noticed Fireflies not respawning so can't complete BRGL mission. Bugs are glitching into and through terrain and building again. Wolf spiders in the ground under the oak tree, ants passing through walls without damaging them etc There's issue with using the inventory and mutations in the menu. The game isn't always picking up input and not allowing your to select or move through those two menus, but will work with crafting. Constantly getting the "threat detected" warning
  11. Still got plenty of ladybirds but the fireflies have vanished. Spent several in-game days hunting for them, but none are spawning in
  12. I've been trying because online guides say you can do this. However my game has no prompts, no buttons options etc to do this *Edit* so I discovered the "drop" prompt actually sends them along the zipline - hooray! However there's nothing to stop them plummeting off the end of the zipline. New problem to solve
  13. So I noticed in the hedge, there's a zipline anchor on the branch that leads to the top of the birdbath. So I figured I could create a zipline that links to it However, the only anchor I can build on the branches is the wall-anchor, which won't allow me to start the link to another one, as it's an zipline end. I can't build a starting point frame, as I can't get weed stems to that area as I have to pass across another zipline to get to it and you can't when carrying stuff. Anyone else manage to get one set up here? (I said zipline far too many times in this post )
  14. As the title says, of course including bugs no matter how many legs I get that for game balance we can't have every single critter fighting each other. But when most predatory creatures only attack each other if attacked first leads to a lot of nothing happening with them. Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders would Duke it out in real life. Seeing the spiders hunt other insects would be a nice change of pace. Orb Weavers ignore anything that goes into their webs, when they should chow down imo. I've only seen wolf spiders fighting stink bugs once, and that was because the stink bug sprayed and the spider walked through it. Apart from that it's all peaceful and happy ....until I walk by. So a little more bug-on-bug violence would go down a treat I think!
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