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  1. I am requesting that the "Memorized Recipes" section of the smoothie menu actually list the recipe ingredients. Currently, the "memorized recipes" only lists the recipes discovered, but doesn't tell me what the ingredients for those recipes are. If I don't have the correct ingredients in my inventory, I am naturally unable to make the recipe. Since it does not show me the required ingredients however, I do not know what ingredients to go find and collect. Maybe my in-game Avatar remembers the recipe, but the real me does not. This creates a immersion-disconnect. This is a pretty significan
  2. I think they want us to experiment with the smoothie station. But one thing that needs to be implemented is that the "Memorized Recipes" section of the smoothie menu needs to actually list the recipe ingredients. Currently, the memorized recipes only list recipes discovered, but don't tell you what those things were. If you don't have the correct ingredients in your inventory, you will not be able to select the recipe. However since it does not tell me what the recipe requires, I don't know what ingredients to go find and collect. - I think i'll mention this in a new post.
  3. I feel your pain. Here is the solution I presented a few weeks ago: [SUGGESTION] Turn off HUD markers for spent arrows during combat - Grounded: Feedback and Suggestions - Obsidian Forum Community I haven't tried throwing weapons yet, so I wasn't aware it would create a similar problem.
  4. I would really rather have a compass than a mini-map. But I do feel that a compass would be really helpful.
  5. Hey just a tip for this one. If you open the spinning wheel menu (as if you were going to spin something) you can just drag-and-drop the finished items into your inventory.
  6. A lot of good ideas here. I like the fire ant idea especially. Also, you make a very good point - even if they didn't add them as spawnable creatures, there SHOULD be crickets making noise at night!
  7. ^^^ Actually they could borrow an idea from Subnautica and make sitting useful... Your thirst and hunger stats wouldn't go down while you were sitting... it would be a good opportunity to sit and open your crafting menus and plan your next moves.
  8. I agree that being able to craft a compass would be great. Also, managing thirst is slightly annoying. It's not terrible, but could be tweaked just a bit. Same for the day/night cycle. It's not bad, but it could be tweaked just a bit - make days a little longer and night a little shorter. (just a bit) Oh, one more thing... I've seen people complain about moving through clover.... it is a bug? Because honestly I haven't had any similar issues like that.
  9. I appreciate that you took so much time in crafting your post. I am only a fellow player, like you, so my opinion does not necessarily agree with the development team. I feel like most of the points you are dissatisfied with are there by design, or are simply not polished yet due to the game being in early access. This is a survival/crafting game (although there are also strong elements of RPG). Part of the design of survival/crafting games is to allow the player to discover how to do things. If everything is given in advance as instructional tutorials, then it takes away the process of
  10. I think all of your suggestions here are really good. I imagine that they will eventually either release a 5th (non-customizable) character or enable some customization features like you described. The reality is that there is a LOT of programming work involved just to implement the ideas you suggested. So it may come, but may take a while to get there.
  11. Have you tried playing in 3rd person view, otherwise known as "over the shoulder" view?
  12. I recently tried to duplicate what you are referring to... either your game is bugged or they did a small hotfix, because the water drinking feature still works the same for me. That is to say: You must hold down 'E' to drink from stagnant water.
  13. But... you can retrieve them through the menu. Just open the menu for the spinning wheel, and drag and drop the finished product into your inventory.
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