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  1. Haha shooting healing from afar? It would be like shooting vaccines. It could be fun.
  2. Really? I haven't experienced any of those bugs, you are playing on xbox? I am on PC and so far it has run perfectly
  3. We all know how holding a torch can be annoying if you want to be wielding that two handed weapon, so perhaps as an advanced item we could craft nigh vision goggles from spider eyes or some other bug? It doesn't have to be OP vision like daytime but to have slightly better visibility at the cost of less head protection? (cause it takes up the slot where you can have a piece of armor). Wanna hear your thoughts...
  4. Yes I also thought that armor might not be needed for stealth, but since everything is about crafting and upgrading in this game perhaps a sacrifice you have to make to be stealthy is to have less protection, and that way there is some risk related to that choice. Unrelated to what you said but when you said vision meter you gave me another idea that I am not sure it's in the game already: night vision goggles. But I will add it on a separate suggestion
  5. Why would a slingshot be as slow as a bow? A bow needs you to reach into a quiver, pulling back a longer distance, and you cant keep ammo inside your hand like with a slingshot. Another thing the slingshot could do is consume less stamina because you would need less strength to use it. To me the bow is not that pratical at the begining, too slow to actually take many shots from range, not really powerful enough to kill a big bug before it hurts you. So it sits in a middle point, if you fight a soldier ant or a spider you can get maybe three shots before they are on your face? And then you have to go pick up the arrows you fired cause you dont want to take another trip to the thistle plant... Pebbles are found everywhere you can waste them like crazy, rain rocks on those motherf. XD I also thought the slingshot could be like the larva blade is to the spear, you feel me?
  6. Haha ok then it would be nice to trap and explode insects as a feature instead of as a "bug". Pun intended
  7. We usually run when we can't face a threat head on. But what if we could wear special clothes that allow us to stay still and have the scary spider smell or walk all around trying to find us while we try not to move, not even the head? It would add the component of a stealth mechanic, trying to "pass through" a bunch of spiders or diving into an ant hill in secret, with the risk that the enemy bumps into you and finds you anyways.
  8. Its nice to have traps to defend the base but how about quick traps we can deploy or build in the wild to defend from tougher bugs? To be able to dig a hidden pit with spikes, or something similar to a bear trap, or a big ballista with a trip wire activation. After all humans should win mostly by using craft and intelligence over bigger an tougher opponents. And just like the bomb we already have I also thought it would be cool to build throwable items like acid, gas or frag grenades with spikes that act as shrapnel. What would be more fun than throwing an explosive in the middle of a pack of ants and killing five or six at a time? In the game Generation Zero a really fun thing about combat is that you can strategically place explosive items at a point and lure the enemies there, and then shoot from afar and blow them all to pieces. Could we use cola and mentos to build explosive barrels?
  9. The bow is nice, but you need to get to a thistle plant to craft arrows and it doesn't have the best rate of fire. Perhaps adding a slingshot as a very early game weapon would be nice, we could use pebbles to craft ammo and if it has less damage output but higher rate of fire it would be a very viable option to harass tougher bugs from the distance. It also goes well with the "kids" theme.
  10. Perhaps it is planned already, but when I installed grounded I imagined the ultimate boss would have to be a Praying Mantis. We all know that kung Fu assassin bug is a psycho. Another scary bug would be a giant centipede, or a scorpion. But other ideas I had is to have more "friendly" bugs, that you can ride, pet, "milk" or "shear" to grab some valuable resource. Perhaps get pollen from bees. The ****roach actually produces a sort of "milk" that scientists have even considered it could be food for humans. It may not be a friendly insect, but it would be fun to smash ****roaches between giant piles of thrash and gather some kind of edible (I know, disgusting). How about mounts? The horned beetle seemed interesting to me, if you can have them as a mount and tackle on larger foes with its help. Butterflies for flying mounts? Perhaps that would be dreaming too much...
  11. Sorry if it has been said or posted before, I searched "bots" and nothing came up. How about adding up to 3 bots to help with single player mode, or to complete the party of 4 in coop, especially with how burdensome is to die far from the base and have no one to revive you? Having to walk all that distance every time you die makes you play more conservatively, and that isn't as fun. The limit on how much risk we can take is different when there is someone to help you, or who can attack the spider from the side while you lure it and block... A game that does this very well is Warhammer Vermintide 2, where bots can jump in when a human player leaves, and they are good at reviving you and saving your skin. Having some limited instructions for the bots such as "pick this up" or "mine that resource" could also be useful when our inventory is full.
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