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  1. I'm not a native english speaker but I try my best to explain what I meant there. First of all I'm exclusively refering to Pete's face. Also did you see the concept art for the characters ? I think they need to make him more like his concept art version. (In game model isn't bad or anything its very different from the concept art version) The concept version's face is more cartoony and I think its more memorable in long term Also fits more for this game. And colors are more vibrant too. When I look at the in game Pete I don't see a nerd I see someone pretending to look like a nerd. If its make sense I think the characters needs to be more exaggerated for their features. Also In my opinion all characters needs a little tweaking but If they are satisfied and these are the final models I'm okay with that. I'm only suggesting my opinion and how I feel about these characters and their designs especially Pete cause I like him most.
  2. I think riding a bee can brake the game's whole purpose. Also you don't need to ride any other bug when you can ride bee and fly anywhere you want.
  3. Its bit strange suggestion but I think Pete is not Nerd enough. I saw concept art for the characters and that Pete was very good but I can not say that for the in game Pete. Is it possible to change Pete's appearance ?
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