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  1. I agree. I think ladybugs are a much better option than ants, as far as transportation of items goes. I think that just using ants for transport would waste their potential as the great warmongers that some ant species are irl.
  2. I see what you are saying. However, I feel like that will be a very early game solution that couldn't get expanded upon throughout the different stages of the game (yes you can get more ants, but that's really where it stops). With trains, anything could happen, it's not limited to just the ants that we already have in the game. You might be able to make more efficient rails, bigger cars, and/or faster engines. As a side note, this would still fit with the theme just as much as the chipper, furnace, and spinning wheel (I forget what its called). I think using ants as an army would be better than using them as transport for items. Maybe players could upgrade the ant armor to make ant commando armor. This could allow players to control ants like a mobile unit on a battlefield. Maybe introducing different ant species to go to war with. Players could choose a faction to support. I love the idea of having this huge, all-out war that only takes place within 50 square centimeters of the backyard of some random guy.
  3. It has been a little while since I came up with this idea, and I have some new thoughts. Increasing the spawn rate/quantity of charcoal and using that for fuel for a late game steam engine. Instead of being able to put any kind of furniture on the cars, have different types of cars; pallet car, chest car, and a car players can ride in. The burgle chip for the train items could be found in the "Grill Lab", somewhere near where the grill fell over. I personally really like the idea of a smouldering area. This area could also require the gas mask, as well as the "Fresh Defense" mutation. The smouldering area could be a bit more dangerous than the haze area. Players will be able to smash bigger coals up into smaller pieces and then use a shovel+ to dig up the smaller pieces of charcoal.
  4. I feel like that's risky, because a player could not pay attention to/forget what materials are needed in a recipe, and accidentally use resources that they did not want to.
  5. General Idea: I've been thinking about this for a while now. It's hard to move large amounts of items, and especially resources, long distances quickly. How about trains? I've noticed that techy stuff is not what you guys are going for, so a player powered train could work. Features: You could have a train construction platform, where players can attach chests, pallets, etc. However, everything will have to fit within a certain area on the platform. Personally, I would limit the number of cars to 3 or 4 just to avoid lag. Construction: A track system made of weed stems, crude rope, and grass planks. Each car could have acorn top wheels, and have grass planks for the floor. Fitting it in: Maybe this could be a part of a larger update that includes gears and the like, opening up the possibilities for more machines.
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