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  1. Give us a pet caterpillar or leaf cutter ants feed them. I don't care if I don't get anything a few cute noises and an emote and I am good
  2. And they were good ideas. Obsidian we need butterflies, moths and those creepy moths that fly with skeletal looking wings
  3. Since you holding the javelin like a pike maybe give you passive reflect damage from the front not much but depending on level even 20% dam reflection would be great
  4. Don't agree with most of this but I think your right about the broken gear mechanic. Instead of dropping it should stay equipped maybe cause a loss of speed or similar effect (running in loose fitting shows for example). Also those boop gnats that cause you to drop gear was uncalled for. I mean I am in the haze and fighting a Wolf spider and all of a sudden my mosquito sword of +5 poking is dropped and I am punching the spider......never even saw the gnat and even worse the spider pounced sending it flying eventually found it in a ravine but still
  5. If they increased swimming in the game I would say combine the bug rubber with diving bell spiders to make a glider that doesn't glide but acts as a scuba tank. Or make it a chest piece as they do not have a full swim set
  6. The sprout hurts you because it actually fights back during being eaten. Check the hams logs. If it were a weapon it probably would be a lure like trap that grabs the bug. Kinda like a bear trap. Not saying bear traps can't be used as a weapon. It's just usually attached to a chain and tends to be a exceedingly brutal weapon
  7. I am so happy they are coming to Xbox. With gamepass we will probably get to play them for free just like outer worlds. Now if only the console didn't sound like a weed eater slapping a metal pipe when you see more than two enemies on screen!
  8. It would be nice as that would prevent you from having to toss outclassed tools however they still need include the tier 2 versions as standalone as sometimes you gotta remake them after an unintentional death especially if you looking for raw science and dropped the backpack on the leaf you fell to but now can't find your way back or get ganked by an enemy as your tool broke see infected ladybugs as cause
  9. The game isn't for everyone. It rewards players for non linear play and exploration. They put secrets everywhere. So looking it up on you tube takes away from the exploration. Don't get me wrong it took me 30 minutes to figure it out when I played it and I found it annoying but then again I prefer a game not to hand hold me......kinda like fallout new vegas
  10. Just make a weed killer that when applied to your structures disables grass. Of they prevent grow back completely some mobs would destroy areas. Especially those infected ladybugs and their bombs. Other mobs that destroy grass are larvae, ladybugs, infected weevils, all it takes is an aggressive mite to start a fight to trigger them. I lost a bridge over the pond because a wolf and a lady got into a Kaiju battle
  11. Honestly I don't care about preserving food. What I want to be able to do is to store ant eggs so I can make grenades and not have to worry about stocking the fungal growths in advance
  12. Don't get me wrong they got four so far and they are great but we need more like the truffle, antnailator and mythridism. I think some people would like to become more bug like especially combining certain skills like lil fist, truffle, mantis and grasshopper to feel like they are what wolf spider have nightmares of. Suggestions not really just for theme 1. Mantis based- allows faster attacks 2. Grasshopper based- higher base jumps 3. Bombardier based- ranged attacks leave boil spot 4. Mosquito based- attacks can cause bleed 5. Aphid/weevil- slurry heals waters and feeds at a snack level 6. Larva-melee attacks break grass 7. Ladybug- sprinting into an enemy does damage scaled on armor type 8. Bee(maybe a queen grant)- summons if you are hit to aid you 9. Antlion- hide if you crouch for a set period (infers you dig) 10. Pill bug- crouching with shield raise dramatically boost defense
  13. Mutation: Fly Lord. Kill xx flies 3 ranks. Rotten food restore hunger , rotten food restores more. Rotten food also recovers health
  14. Wendell: I finally found you kids. Get behind me kids I will keep these brutish bugs at bay with my newly invented S.tick.r Pete: It's a toothpick. Wendell: No I carved this in from a mighty oak chunk and .... Pete: It still has the plastic tassels. Burgle: those are hydrodynamic signaling fibers Wendell: Burgle where did you come from. Burgle: I had to steal that toothpick after I broke your stick..r and replace it so you wouldn't........ Wendell: *scowls
  15. Just make a canoe or kayak that you can haul like a stack of stems that way you can uses it in the pond or the flooded area by rash. The other flooded zone has to many mosquitos and would be problematic......
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