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  1. I say lave it be and adjust in custom games
  2. I say a perfect strike. Like when a spider lunges at you. You hit the impact point ending in an impale(spear/sword) or collapsed(hammer/club). These kills would result in more components than normal as the body is more pristine. Maybe allow where an enemy gets a parried debuff and if they have so many (amount of bars of health) the perfect strike is an instakill like you sever the ganglia it could be useful for elite blockers or encourage learning the blocks
  3. To be honest with you I wish that you had stats apart from perks but that would turn this into ark with smaller bugs. I mean if you are doubling down with a sword build or an mace build then you should eventually have perks that occur more for that build like damage increase every 2 levels with perks being rewarded every odd level like swords get a flourish which when a perfect block occurs a heavy attack is also unleashed, sword durability bonus (wise man doesn't dull his blade), reduced repair, perfect attack (attack instead of blocking which staggers the foe), rising strikes (heavy attacks hit higher for aerial foes. If they did this it would make it feel worth the investment rather than attacking the oak beacon at night to max them out on gnats causing you want to stay with a weapon build
  4. Following you on the lily pads while the koi lurks below
  5. Outside it's arena you see soda spilled on the ground spelling out a kid side message. "Get Gud"
  6. Scary music plays and you hear the wolf spider noise. You turn around it lunges at you but is snagged out of the air by a cane toad. You run and now your caught between Manda and Bunta from Naruto. Heck with there sizes you might not even get "attacked" it may be crush damage as they attempt to kill steal some of the larger items like ox beetles and spiders.
  7. Do you mean garter snake? If so that might be frightening if they add frogs too. My wife saw one trying to eat a toad. The toad responding by puffing to big to swallow so it was kinda a stalemate. Separated them after an hour or both would have died
  8. Can we get different morphs. Like orchid mantis around the flowers and standard green lurking in grass and hedge
  9. Remember this game also is supposed to support multiple players. If someone enters the game you may wanna have a build for different playstyles. Like if you are playing with me you may want to play a builder/collector while the others are keeping Wolfie and other nasties off your back. But if someone lags out now your boned as you may not have poison immunity and attack mutations. While yeah there are epic solo players this would be off putting to more than it helps. Maybe place this in a higher difficulty or have them with a setting change in custom that requires a new kid created with respawn/sleep
  10. Many games include swap on the fly builds it's not a bad design but I do think that they should allow you to swap between 1-3 custom builds as you said so you can make a harvester, diving, and fighting build by selecting it
  11. Riding Spiders..... Why do I think Pete would bring up this https://youtu.be/1xUW3vaw0cg
  12. While cute min trees ould be bigger than most grass in the game. I like the idea but alot of people forget the scale of the characters. Maybe grow mushroom types like the chanterelle looking types in underwater caves or ink caps found at the shed. Also there are differing types of moss that could be cultivated for mini trees. Consider you are smaller than a ladybug and look at a small bonsai. Your character would have to climb the tree and make zips to prune it.
  13. Seriously are those mosquitos gonna get toned down or at least confined to the wet zones?
  14. Well if you shave a squirrel (easier said than done and best done by a friend who is not sober) it would get fall damage. It's just your not a mass heavy enough to gain terminal velocity from minute heights
  15. This would need to be PC only. Subnautica has Dev commands for this and it causes issues. It would likely make the game unplayable for console
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