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  1. You can specify type in the hotkey list as well. It's persistent even on Xbox. Like if your a hacker you can toss your ax and it will go back to the same slot even if you had another weapon to replace it if you select to specify weapon in the slot and not just hold weapon or heal for slot
  2. That's on an Xbox one don't know if it's a limit on processing
  3. It has a weird ghost. You gotta go to the very top of the cannisters and go toward the outer edge. With the haze you got to get almost two foundation tiles distance before it appears
  4. I know many want a house included area which I would definitely wanna see take a priority. Especially if the basement included a raccoon city-ish think tank that was being disguised as a suburban home. No zombie just meaning a huge research lab for various projects in a self contain structure. Enemy list would include roaches, silverfish, house centipedes, Roomba, fleas, mice, special attic boss squirrel Another area I would like to see is have a thicket beyond the fence. Alot of suburban areas grow like islands in otherwise formal rural areas. This area would allow for animals that you normally would not see in more manicured lawns. If the area has a ditch/creek you could include frogs, efts/newts, mosquito fish, mussels and crawfish. For the surrounding areas you could include more diverse plant life to include sundews, pitcher plants, Bladderworts, honeysuckle, burrs, and the ivy's someone suggested. If the make a stealth mechanic you could introduce wrens which are a bird that will be looking for bugs and attempt to flush them out or move by moving there wings to startle them. New bugs would include katydids (hostile), stick insects, crickets, cicadas, ground wasp(yellow jacket or guinea wasp), carpenter ants, termites ,velvet worms, garter/earth snake, shrew/vole, and scorpions
  5. I like this but from what you describe wouldn't be bees. Honey is honey they don't store crystalized sugar. Bee grubs don't fight back. Until they go through their final Ishtar they are soft and helpless essentially a booger with a mouth Queen bees would only fight other queens. They raise multiple baby queens and they go high lander. After that they don't sting. While it sounds fun it needs to be reworked as your bees are pretty much not found in nature but then again stinkbugs don't make acid clouds and orb weavers don't live like jumping spiders so it fits in the world
  6. In the south we get alot more kudzu. However I cant see them as is in the game. Not unless there is an expansion where you go to a thicket behind your house. That would allow you to put in more variety and the critters that shun a manicured lawn
  7. Another suggestion for the proboscis is to combine it with bug rubber and two acorn shells to make a pump. You could use this on items to extract liquids. Like use on a flower to gain nectar, dandelions to get latex, maybe even kill a wolf spider and sacrifice the other drops to gain more poison
  8. I can see it and the devs have probably to much fun with flavor text Crow Splatburst: Null Arrow:null Poison arrow:null Stink arrow:null Shovel:what why did you try this Sword:no we are still talking about the shovel Hammer:your the person who counted 216 swings for the spider Ax:aren't you
  9. I was thinking and you probably get atleast 3 types. A dagger for level 1, sai for level 2 and a pata for level 3 equip. Bow as far as materials you definitely want them to be sturdy so nothing pebblet. Maybe a thistle as they would allow for give without snapping. For the sai it's gonna need to be rated for impact but doesn't need to be sharp. So maybe use bone or plastic(candy wrapper+oven). As far as a pata it involves a full gauntlet and a blade so maybe have pillbug fragment+mosquito+bee barb+spider venom. Pata normal block would do damage instead of blocking it while a perfect guard would be nasty crit hit at what your sword skill is
  10. Stink bugs buck you off too. Though not alot of people probably notice due to their toxic area of effect. I like you dodge idea but I see one problem. I don't think the current engine can support it. The problem is that the physics of the game react negatively to collisions. I should post my megaleap video. Basically I tripped on I piece of stem while fighting orb weavers. This happened at the last opening gap in the fence by the hedge/pond and catapulted me sideways through the air past the ponds juice box. I could see someone harvesting material to dodge an attack only to take massive fall damage from this in-game occurrence.
  11. Butterfly wing glider or the moth wing cape. Now you can fall with style.......to infinity and beyond.
  12. Maybe put in ootheca that can busted to release nymphs which would leave the low grade mantid item like thread fiber for hatchlings. The male are fairly big nothing to threatening. Make a zone in the have with fungus were some mantids are set into place by fungus getting close to them has a chance to awaken one similar to a boiler alien from colonial Marines. In the arena zone would have a male guarding it once you reduce it to low health it makes a call and it looks like a grassblade falls on him then lifts it into the air eating the small male now you get to fight a mantid queen. This may or not be a fungal varient made for the haze that releases gas to hide it's retreat
  13. I'm not gonna lie but I tend to get ladybug armour and crow crossbow before ant and insect bow. The grub armor has a use or did before the upcoming update in that it reduced consumption rates which was good for base enhancement days kinda poor for everything else
  14. I was saying the let you mark chest with different icons currently. My problem is you have a spider, ant, gnat and mite for all of the bug materials. For your problem if you mark the chest as a stone or gem you would know it's a stone item but not necessarily the type so similar situation except you looking for a bit of clay in one of your boxes and the rest have pebbles and quartzite. And unfortunately developers tend to protect image. As they don't want super Karen mother of four to walk in and see a kid named there character something cringe and blame the developers for influencing the children. It's stupid I know but it's the world we live in now.
  15. Can you explain this a little more? I'd your grub hunting wouldn't you be right by the place to gather said pieces to the shovel. The game tries to guide you to the oak tree. Are you wanting this tool so you can avoid burgle?
  16. You know to be fair they would have to put in a filter to prevent textual abuse as you know how crude some people get. Also for the item frames wouldn't be necessary if they just gave us better icons. Like ants, stinkbug, ladybug, and the such. I mean not every item needs a icon as many are not needed for structure or otherwise need to be in inventory. So a lady bug deco chest would be enough for storage. However just a singular rock would not be as you got what quartzite, pebble, sap, and clay being in game rocks (sap harvested by hammer bonus) as honestly those items are some of the most heavily used item and color differences often don't stay in the players head as separation methods
  17. Yes. You could put in different species too but I still haven't figured out the region the game is based on so I don't know if they could do the orchid mimics of mantids or crab spiders
  18. If they do a mantis I hope they do different morphs. Find a flower palet one around the crocus and roses. Big greens stalking the flood zone by the Cassette. Brownish sticks hanging still in the hedge.
  19. Include a breakdown of the items from them specifically to the bug I question Example Ant soldier:text description of ant soldier Ant mandible: large mandibles for cleaving prey are latching on to larger threats so they can administer their sting Acid Gland: The ant version of this gland is filled with formic acid. Being related to wasp and bees this is injected to deter larger threats are dispatch smaller ones
  20. Hmm another uses for chalk....... Trail markers. Not like the post but like football field (hand egg for non Americans) that you could leave colored paths to and from locations to easier path making as some people are not as spatially aware as others and run just as much risk going to the hedge as they do the big ant hill
  21. It's good but honestly frog needs to be hostile and dragonfly peaceful. Your just to small and dragonflies stay away from the ground. Maybe have one snag you off a Zipline but otherwise your just not a target their babies with the xenomorph like mask/mandibles would definitely put you on the radar. Frogs just eat what ever fits in their mouth. Weevil eat it. Ant eat it. Wolf spider if it's small enough eat it. A bombburst eat it (possibly stun method). Also the pond is a little small for bull frogs. Might I recommend leopard frogs they are smaller and 100% less likely to eat baby ducks
  22. I don't think you should get 100 resources back from dismantling, real life recycling doesn't work like that either. However I do think that you should have a build window in which you can deconstruct and reconstruct without loosing the resources just to help facilitate with error in construction that would be super apparent in real life but not so much with ghost of tile placements
  23. I don't know how many more ant shoulder smoothies I can drink
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