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  1. Love the ideas man! I support alot of the ideas especially: Snail/Slug, Water scorpion or a Dragonfly nyph would be awesome, silver fish, and ear wigs I think its all awesome
  2. I also think that a Weapon made by destroying the robots would be cool like a Taser Id like to see like Magnets in the game too to make like elctrical damage or poison idk this game is awesome
  3. I agree maybe like a Jumping Spider Harpoon i know the inuits used them. Maybe a new weapon like a tier 3 Spear
  4. I agree that would be super cool like a work up to the Big Bad Boss. Baby, Juvinile and Adult would be dope
  5. Hello I thought of more ideas for grounded i know its at the release point but what the heck right. Ice Box Biome: We could get freezing involved, we could break free frozen bugs. Resources: Snow Ice Shaved Ice Recipes Exploded Cola or Frozen Cola Ice Cream Insects: Daring Jumping Spiders Roaches Weapons/ Armor: Jumping Spider Coat Jumping Spider Pants Jumping Spider Beanie ( Eskimo Theme ) Jumping Spider Club Jumping Spider War Harpoon Roach Helmet Roach Chest plates Roach Chausses ( Medieval Knight Theme ) Roach Lance Roach Halberd Lawn Mower Biome: I think it would be cool to be able to go under a lawn mower. Resources: Gasoline Oil Insects: Centipede ( BOSS ) Grasshopper Weapons/Armor: Grasshopper Mask Grasshopper Quiver Grasshopper Mocasins Grasshopper Saw Blade ( Aztec Warrior Theme) Centipede Helmet Centipede Chest plate Centipede Leg Armor Centipede Shield Centipede Spear ( Roman Centurion Theme ) Shrunken Chainsaw ( That needs gas ) Miscellaneous: Elevators Riding/ Taming Insects Hornets Brautburst Launcher Bear Traps Tiger Traps Cages Draw bridge for the Castle Gliders Pet Armor Gunpowder ( From Gun Under Shed ) Tazernaiter ( Large Robot )
  6. Yea we have grubs but not worms, i thot they would be a cool passive enemy, again Just recently watched dune thot it would be cool. Underground transportation would be interesting. I think this game has massive potential. Cant wait for more to come
  7. Lol sorry about the earthworm info lol i fell for a old wives tale that they divide. We have grubs but no big beetles only the Bombardier. The Earthworm was kinda a long shot ( Just watched DUNE). As far the Boss fights, I think they are all smaller than the koi fish with the exception of the snake. Dragonfly's do eat tadpoles and small minnows so i thot it would be a good sailing down a stream boss fight or a small pond boss fight. All are apex predators, and will hunt for food.The Grasshopper is the only exception to this but i still thot it could be a awesome fight. I think thats what you want in a Boss fight something that is huge and you need to strategize to beat. Idk just suggestions I love this game and ill play what ever they give me lol
  8. Hello I have had grounded for a long time. I think it's all going in the right direction and love every single update thus far. All i wanted was too add to this great game. New Creature/ Weapons: ( I hear that Wood Termites are coming... Maybe... so they won't be added ) 1.) Earthworms: I think these would be great addition, when it rains they rise to the surface and maybe when it's dry out they dig underground. Combat could be every time you hit them the could multiply cause you cut them in half. There benefits could be more food related and fertilizer for crops. 2.) Earwigs: These are very common in most places. Earwigs could work to be getting a level 1 scythe and/or blade cause of their pincers. 3.) Ground Beetles: These could be very strong opponents, you could have to throw a bomb flip them on their backs and attack the soft belly. Could be used to create Beetle ( Crusader/ Persian Immortal ) armor/ Shield and could make Bolas to Trap/Capture insects 4.) Crickets: These could be a cool way to introduce homemade alarms, or instruments. They jump a lot and could introduce a little different fighting dynamic due to the jumping 5.) Flies: These would be great to add to the garbage section, they could also be used to make like goggles using their eyes, some type of flying contraption using their wings. They could also be used to introduce Maggots but idk what to do with those. 6.) Wireworms: I like the idea that theses could work like the Graboids from the movie tremors lol. Would love to have a enemy that burrows underground and tries to grab you and bring you under. 7.) Daddy Long Legs/ Cellar spiders: These would be really cool could build stilts, spears, maybe trebuchet ammo. Combat could work by having to take it out of his legs, his attacks could be like he drops to bite. 8.) DragonFly Nymphs: This could work as the Wolf Spider of the pond. They are vicious bugs and normally are rulers of the pond. They could be used to craft a Nymph Trident, Maybe even a Nymph Harpoon Gun. They have the ability to shoot water out and be able to get away, this could be a interesting dynamic in combat with them and maybe for some special crafting idk. Locations: 1.) Raised/Normal Garden: Could have Tomatoes, Carrots, Sunflowers,Squash and/or Whatever Vegetable/Fruit. This could be where a lot of the creatures I proposed could be and maybe there could be higher chances of combat cause the bugs are trying to get the food, so they will have a higher chance fight each other and you. There would be tons of places to put a boss battle if this came to be. 2.) Fire pit: This could be cool ( or hot lol). We could get ash, sinders, burnt wood. We could use this almost like a citronella to keep bugs away from your base. There would be no bugs ( cause they hate smoke ), But you would have to deal with the smoke and heat from cinders. We could find burnt carcass of bugs, Maybe a Field Station/ Research Facility. We could get fluid from a broken zippo lighter or be able to scavenge things off of matches. We could make molotovs, exploding arrows, flaming arrows and ash bombs or make a smoke gun to scare away insects or put bees to sleep. 3.) Stream: It would be really cool to have a stream come off the pond or be its own thing leading to another pond with like a mini waterfall. There could be a Research station behind the waterfall. This could make it so that we could have like a surfboard, raft, or Tube to float down on. They could sport a high variety of insects and resources. More things in the water would be awesome. 4.) Outdoor Mini Fridge: Could introduce Cold dynamic, would be nice to get ice, and other cold weather things BOSSES: 1.) Praying Mantis: I'm sure everyone and their mother has been asking for it. The potential for this creature are so gosh darn high. A Praying mantis Level 3 scythe, There armor could look live the Grim reaper. The fighting style would be bite jabs and grabs with its claws. Some have the ability to camouflage that would be a awesome fighting dynamic. 2.) DragonFly: This could serve as the Boss of the stream. There wings could be used to make gliders, Body could be used to make Knight and Shining or Dragon Armor because of their vibrant colors. They fly very fast and come in on precision strikes. The weapon i had in mind was like a Dragonfly Halbert, Pitchfork, or Pike. 3.) GrassHopper: These guys are pretty big so that's why i made him a boss. I did some research and these guys can be vicious, there mandibles are like chainsaws. They much very high and bite can be quite painful. They could produce a saw or the Macuahuitl ( Aztec Saw Blade ). There armor could also be inspired by a Aztec or Native American Armor. 4.) Centipedes: This would be terrifyingly great! A super long and terrifying enemy. He could be inside of the Shed, or in a stump. The Armor could be like a Egyptian style. The weapon that it makes could be a Khopesh Sword ( The Curved Sword ) or a double bladed scimitar . 5.) Escaped Pet Scorpion: This would be the only way i think we could get scorpions in the game. It would be the best place to fight it in the sandbox. Weapon could be Scorpion Scythe or Sais 6.) Escaped Pet Tarantula: This would be a cool way to get another big spider fight. Viking Armor would be nice, Weapon could be a two handed axe 7.) Garden Snake: This would be awesome! Like the Koi Fish this would be a scary roaming huge boss. We could make a Snake Whip and Snake Leather and other cool stuff Weapons: 1.) Throwing Stars: Could be made from any mandibles and will add to the strength depending on which mandible is used 2.) Trebuchet: These can be put to defend your base from invaders or be pulled. 3.) Catapult: These can be put to defend your base from invaders or be pulled. 4.) Roman Centurion Style Shield: It could be made from a type of Beetle if added These were just some of the things i thought up thanks!
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