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  1. Thank you for supporting and your input Schadel Diaz! I truly want this game to become something special and I'm glad to see everyone's favorite picks!
  2. As I said with my last list, I truly want this game to expand in crazy ways. The potential is enormous despite being tiny. This is truly one game I would hate to see not be fully up to expectations despite them nailing it thus far. What better way to improve than adding more creatures with weapons and evolving combat in different ways. So here is part 2 of creatures to add to the game. Any feedback is welcomed. Earwig: They have a reputation with how they got their names but even though they aren't the ear infesting creatures we have known to fear, it doesn't mean these guys aren't exotic. Pincers on their rears and a creepy design that would fit Grounded quite well. Armor and Weapon/Tool: Grappler which can help you climb as well! Springtail: Small little pests that could be another passive tame. Don't have too much on these ones but we could use another passive bug. Boots to improve jumping due to their names? Silverfish: These unique looking creatures are sneaky and I feel could be hidden among paper around the world like the trash heap as they do have a knack of hiding in books and such. Neutral but their unique "Silver" armor and new Trident Weapon due to their three appendages would be worth the tussle. Western Seed Bug: Put these guys around a veggie garden that I had mentioned in my areas post and they would be an obvious creature to have around packs of seeds and gnawing through plant life. Potential Armor but Tool: Seed Turret or Auto Seeder for base garden. June Bug: I can safely say I have seen these guys too much and they are above and beyond annoying. Buzzing around every light at night and bumping into you. These guys could be around the lights already in game and around the Bug Zapper area I had mentioned in my area post. Lazily flowing beetles that don't pose too much threat but do have numbers at night. "Bronze" Armor with a "Shine" effect that lights surroundings due to their love of light and Utility: New lights and Weapon: Gladius. Lace Bug: Another passive creature. I don't have too much on these guys but ideas are appreciated. Emerald Ash Borer: Honestly the look of these creatures are unique and elegant. I know there is not an Ash tree in game but I feel having a few around the tree would give a beautiful look. They can be an "Upgraded" version of the scarab but instead of fleeing they are more formidable in combat. If you want loot then fight for it. Elegant armor that increases drop rates of certain items and Weapon: Emerald Scepter. Powderpost Beetle: Another tough looking Beetle found near wooded areas of the game. Possibly adding in a "Firewood" area along with the termite area might not be a terrible idea around the BBQ spill to add these guys in. Armor is a maybe but they could introduce a "Powder keg" as an upgraded explosive due to their names and Wood shavings could be a new item. Thrip: Found near flowers and could be new lower tier enemies like the mites and gnats. They guard tops of flowers and only become provoked when near flowers. Not hard to kill but adds another lesser foe. Their parts could make an "Attention Pheromone" dart to shoot onto creatures to send other creatures to fight them briefly. Slug/Snail: Slimy, Sticky and Sluggish ( Pun intended ). These would be passive creatures unless someone found a way to make them combative. Giving you access to "Sludge" and "Shell Fragments", these would need a higher tier hammer to Crack. Found near moistened areas. Sturdy "Shell" armor and "Sludge bombs" that slow down a wide area of creatures. Water Scorpion/Giant Water Bug: These ones are nasty but I still feel the pond needs more dangers. They're Big, Freakish looking, Aggressive, and love Water. Minimal spawn points around the pond ( 1-2 ). They don't have to be fought in water as they're more difficult and can be fought on land for a slight ease in pain. High tier Armor and a formidable Naginata Weapon that inflicts Bleed damage. Salamander: If Weather becomes a thing then imagine it starts to rain and you could come across this fella. Smaller species of Salamander could be a great addition to the yard during rainy weather and soggy terrain. Fantastic Armor with the "Moist" effect. Full set enables "Thirst Quencher" to stop drinking all together. Scorpion: Boss fight found inside the Sandbox. I have seen this one requested and admittedly I'm unsure if this could be a Boss fight or another Unkillable Enemy however, this chasing you down in certain areas in the Sandbox would be terrifying and the stinger venom and Armor could be amazing. CHOMP.R: Let's give the robots some love and give them a faithful companion. These robots could be a four legged "Guard Dog" to the robots and serve as a decent little melee fighter. Drops the normal Raw Science but gives the robots a bit more. Venus Fly Trap: Okay, I may be getting too far out for this one but a Boss fight that has one of these bad boys that have been "Infected" with the fungus growth would be very different. Dodging snapping "Jaws", Whiplashes, Seed bombs, and Head bashes would make this fight immensely memorable. King of the Plants armor and unlock "Snare Traps" would be well worth the fight. So there is part two of creatures that could be added to the game. Again, I hope some attention is seen by every suggestion this community gives and I hope this games becomes even greater. Thank you for reading!
  3. First and foremost I want to say that this game is fantastic and I've enjoyed playing it immensely. There is so much potential this game could yield it's crazy. Feel free to comment on my suggestions and ideas. Also I will try to put areas to match some of these creatures in another post. Creatures: Centipede: Hear me out on this. In North America the average length of Centipedes are anywhere from .4-4 inches. They have a Wolf Spider that averages .75-2 Inches. Meet in the middle in terms of size and they wouldn't be an end all be all Creature, but they would definitely be a tougher fight. Of course an armor set and weapon ( Maybe a whip due to Centipedes coiling or Khopesh ) would be obtainable. Praying Mantis: I've seen this one suggested a plethora of times and again, hear me out. Average size of Mantids are 2-4 Inches. You could add in a boss Mantis for the big size BUT add in Nymphs to actually fight. Breaking the legs of a lumbering Mantis would be a fantastic boss fight. Armor set and weapon: Scthye or Sickle. Cricket or Grasshopper: Imagine a TRUE leaper in the yard. The fights would add in the element of an extreme agile creature that uses jump attacks with audio cues to know when to move. Armor that enhances jump height or distance and a weapon: Warpick. Tick: We need another bloodthirsty creature and this one would suffice. The grass is quite tall so having ticks in certain areas that wait on grass blades and jump down to attack would be a good jump scare and advise people to be aware of higher up. Maybe armor and weapon: Katars Fly: Unsure why these aren't a thing already but having food and trash in areas makes sense for flies to be present. Swarm enemy that pester you just as normal life. Armor to improve carrying capacity for food items and weapon: Cudgel Water Striders: Imagine the pond all still until you see Striders on the surface. It would make use of the lily pads as combat areas and make the pond more formidable. Armor to "Skate" across water and weapon: Unsure ****roach: A durable enemy that could be sparce throughout the yard and make some elite armor with a "Undying" status to survive a fatal blow once. Weapon: Scimitar Black Widow: Honestly if you want another Spider then go with a true horror. Formidable venom, Sleek black and red design, Patient but deadly. Armor to alleviate poison all together and Weapon: Sais or Kamas. Ironclad Beetle: This one is boss territory and could make use of the Oak tree a bit more. These beetles enjoy Oak trees in real life so having a boss battle inside of the tree would be memorable. Extreme endurance fight that test all skills. Acorns and "Stashed Goodies" could be found in the area. Armor that doubles damage threshold OR last twice as long and Weapon: Glaive. Midge: These are another bloodthirsty creature but what could make them unique is that these creatures can survive colder temperatures making them a perfect fit for a Cooler/Mini Fridge area. No armor but Weapon: Frozen "Icicle". Wasp/Hornet/Yellow Jacket: Now I personally despise these creatures in general but having these guys under the Shed in an underground nest would be horrifying. Multi stinging, relentless, and ever so painful. Armor and Weapon: Throwing Knives. I made a post about areas in the game to be added and these bugs could fit most of those areas or fill in the areas in game even more. Feel free to comment your likes and dislikes and thank you for reading.
  4. As with my last post with my creature suggestions, I will try to give certain areas for said creatures or make a new area to be in the game in general. Any input is appreciated. Locations: Mini Fridge/ Cooler: Ice would of course be common here and slippery fights would be unique. Certain frozen foods could be obtained and "Cold" would be a status effect. Midges would fit this area in my creature list as they can survive the cold quite well and would make a slippery menace. Dung Pile: I know how this sounds at first glance but if you really wanted a spot to pour on the flies from my list then this would be perfect. Bring a gas mask and be prepared to tackle these pests. Fertilizer and "Rotted" Gear could be obtained here. Oak Tree Hole: Take the upper route to the heights of the tree to a hole and find an Ironclad Beetle boss fight that'll put all your skills to the test. Boss Weapons and Armor could be obtained along with superb access to Acorns and "Stored Goodies". Tall Grass: This area is dependent on if the normal grass already in game is "tall enough" or not for Ticks. You could have high patches of grass that have Ticks waiting above to jump down on you. This could be sporadic placements or a confined area but would give use to Ticks.. On the other hand if you feel the grass is already tall enough then make certain areas for these nasty blood drainers. Small Garden: Veggies would of course be common here. New food and plenty to work with in terms of design. Sprawling tomato plants, dug in potatoes, massive cucumbers, etc. Plenty of creatures new and old could be seen here. Great place for a new lab area. Garden hoe could be knocked down. Seeds could be obtained. Under The Shed: I forgot to put these creatures because my personal fear of them but a Wasp/Yellow Jacket nest dug in under the Shed would be horrifying. Brave the nest and obtain plenty of loot. Folded Doormat: ****roaches from the list could reside here and you could aquire rubber and Roach items for high tier armor and weapons. Boots could be toppled over as well to add in the scene and a special key "From the old key under the doormat" to unlock a chest found in a different spot. Birds Nest: Either a nest in the hedge or one that had fallen out of the tree would make a nice spot for "Egg" armor ( maybe lower tier) and feathers a plenty. Mind a bird and insects looking for snacks. Bug Zapper: One I personally love is the idea of certain creatures lulling themselves to their demise. You could obtain free loot from creatures however certain ones are always there to fight. Also could add unsettling instant death areas within the zapper and around with "Faulty cords" and potentially ( if applicable) add in certain tech items like wire. Mouse Traps: Find Cheese and Mice Fur for new items. Simple locations that could be tacked on near the shed and house. Hopefully you found some of these noteworthy but if not then let me know what to change and thank you for your interest. I may add more here soon too!
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