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Potential areas to be added

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As with my last post with my creature suggestions, I will try to give certain areas for said creatures or make a new area to be in the game in general. Any input is appreciated. 


Mini Fridge/ Cooler: Ice would of course be common here and slippery fights would be unique. Certain frozen foods could be obtained and "Cold" would be a status effect. Midges would fit this area in my creature list as they can survive the cold quite well and would make a slippery menace.

Dung Pile: I know how this sounds at first glance but if you really wanted a spot to pour on the flies from my list then this would be perfect. Bring a gas mask and be prepared to tackle these pests. Fertilizer and "Rotted" Gear could be obtained here.

Oak Tree Hole: Take the upper route to the heights of the tree to a hole and find an Ironclad Beetle boss fight that'll put all your skills to the test. Boss Weapons and Armor could be obtained along with superb access to Acorns and "Stored Goodies".

Tall Grass: This area is dependent on if the normal grass already in game is "tall enough" or not for Ticks. You could have high patches of grass that have Ticks waiting above to jump down on you. This could be sporadic placements or a confined area but would give use to Ticks.. On the other hand if you feel the grass is already tall enough then make certain areas for these nasty blood drainers.

Small Garden: Veggies would of course be common here. New food and plenty to work with in terms of design. Sprawling tomato plants, dug in potatoes, massive cucumbers, etc. Plenty of creatures new and old could be seen here. Great place for a new lab area. Garden hoe could be knocked down. Seeds could be obtained.

Under The Shed: I forgot to put these creatures because my personal fear of them but a Wasp/Yellow Jacket nest dug in under the Shed would be horrifying. Brave the nest and obtain plenty of loot.

Folded Doormat: ****roaches from the list could reside here and you could aquire rubber and Roach items for high tier armor and weapons. Boots could be toppled over as well to add in the scene and a special key "From the old key under the doormat" to unlock a chest found in a different spot. 

Birds Nest: Either a nest in the hedge or one that had fallen out of the tree would make a nice spot for "Egg" armor ( maybe lower tier) and feathers a plenty. Mind a bird and insects looking for snacks.

Bug Zapper: One I personally love is the idea of certain creatures lulling themselves to their demise. You could obtain free loot from creatures however certain ones are always there to fight. Also could add unsettling instant death areas within the zapper and around with "Faulty cords" and potentially ( if applicable) add in certain tech items like wire.

Mouse Traps: Find Cheese and Mice Fur for new items. Simple locations that could be tacked on near the shed and house.

Hopefully you found some of these noteworthy but if not then let me know what to change and thank you for your interest. I may add more here soon too!


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