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  1. using thistle needles as nails, you could hold structures together with more force using a hammer, this would make structures a lot stronger.
  2. this is already a thing for me, it happens every time i attack a ladybug while on it's back.
  3. drawbridges, levers, cranks and pulley's could be useful for new things like: a crane, or flood gates.
  4. add some kusarigama in the game, and they might work as climbing picks and weapons.
  5. fire arrows ant part crossbow ant daggers dual wielding of one handed weapons: daggers, axes, blades. bug part sword lady bug shield
  6. that makes sense. it would be a very deadly factor.
  7. it would also be cool to be able to dig ditches for a base to sit in. and also tunnels for building small cashes.
  8. they only snap opposite of each other, so one will curve in the opposite direction than the other.
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