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Pulley Lifts, Repair Kit and others.

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First of all, I would like to thank you for the fantastic game you created. I really enjoyed every minute played. However, there are three things I would like to suggest (although there are already similar requests here):


Universal Weapon and Armor Kit
Considering that the character's inventory has a low amount of slots, a stackable repair kit would be of great use. It is possible that you want to keep the mechanics of specific insect parts for repair, in which case maybe the kit could only repair a percentage of the item, requiring the parts from the original recipe for the complete repair. Anyway, I see this feature as a boost as you explore a lab or are several inches from your base.

Note: Maybe this is on purpose, but I really felt that item wear needs a slight adjustment. Even with high items in metallurgy, I still have the feeling that repair is something very constant in everyday life.


Vertical lifts with pulley system
When playing multiplayer, you clearly notice game crashes, depending on several factors, such as the internet connection, distance and the computing power of the host machine (server). However, crashes are even more frequent when you are close to buildings, especially those that used a lot of structural items. Although the zipline is a great option to walk around the garden, a high support point is necessary, generating in many cases the need to create high towers to serve as a starting point. These towers generate an even greater computational effort, and consequently more crashes in multiplayer.

My suggestion is based on elevators, totally possible in the atmosphere of the game, since they would use the pulley system. They could obey the game's Tiers (I, II and III), requiring equivalent materials in the making, and on the other hand, they would offer the benefit of traveling greater distances depending on their Tier (for example).

This would eliminate the need to build tall towers, removing the number of building blocks in the garden and consequently the crashes in multiplayer.


System: Detach Character
My character getting stuck while I'm exploring the garden is commonplace for me. I always end up stuck in a crack. I think creating a "Detach Character" option in my game debug mine would be fantastic. It could follow the same patterns as the other options, applying a cooldown for a new use.

Anyway, your game is wonderful! Thank you! 🖖

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