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  1. I'm missing the four bonus artwork for the sign frames for those that have been playing the game since before the full-release. I've been playing on Xbox and PC, but still nothing! (ver Rel)
  2. I was finally able to pick it up, after hurling some weed stems at it to dislodge it! Had other people online mention that they built clover roof pieces to form a ramp to allow them to glitch closer, but I had no luck and just chucked a piece of weed stem at it in frustration, and after realizing it barely moved, kept doing it again and again, until finally the hand icon popped up momentarily. Afterwards it was just a matter of timing and button-mashing!
  3. I was unable to pick up the Roly Poly Helmet in the garbage pile. Kept hitting an invisible wall! Here's a video! Playing on a generation one Xbox One console.
  4. Can we have it so we can place the slanted clover roof pieces, or even an acorn stairway, blueprint down from a higher level? Trying to build higher floors/stories, but then when I try to place a stairwell or ramp down, I'm unable to, because it's unsupported. Sure you can build from the ground up, but sometimes you get ahead and start working on the next floor earlier than anticipated. Would like to at least be able to place down the blueprint as a visual guide to make sure everything can connect properly before wasting resources... When I try to do it on uneven ground though, sometimes I can't get them to connect due to miscalculations and no way to judge if they are properly aligned until after building, and thus, wasted resources, since stairs and even floor pieces have some give on where they can be placed on the ground, not always snapping into place, like in some other areas of the game.
  5. I wish the larvae and mosquitos could be weakened, same with dust mites. All of them usually attack in groups, and experienced players can handle them fine with their tier II and III weapons, but for casual players/beginners they are way too frustrating with tier I weapons! I even have mosquitos aggro'ed on me near my base, despite them unable to see me, and they start attacking the walls.
  6. Still getting constant larvae spawns, regardless if the rumble is low or loud, hope the Bug Strikes Back update will fix the grub spawn rate for those of us with issues
  7. Yep, I have at least one by my base that will be aggro'ed, despite not even seeing me! They just sense you through the constructed walls
  8. Why is this Mega Milk Molar still so impossible to get? It's been a known issue now, and I've tried to get it already 6-7 times after cutting away the roots, and trying to swim into where it is, but can't! Always end up drowning! At least give us a button option/command to grab it, instead of trying to pass through it!! EDIT - FINALLY got it! I ended up having to swim at it full-speed to fit myself into the space, and even then it took a few seconds of hitting the invisible barrier!
  9. Yeah, still encountered larva on the light and deep rumbling
  10. I'll have to test that out then (and raise my volume). Thanks!
  11. Sorry to hear that man! I had a similar issue, lost 2/3 of the Rotten Bee Armor on my end, plus the Rotten Larva Blade! I'm hoping when the full game is released, those items can at least be restored, but I doubt it. Hopefully you just lost regular items that can be replaced and nothing unique?!
  12. Yeah I just accidentally deleted one of my saves, luckily it was just me testing out the Custom Game, but still...
  13. Can we get the RNG adjusted when attempting to dig up grubs vs. larva? It's been like a week and every time I try to dig up a grub I've gotten larva constantly! I only got grubs twice, every other freaking time it was a larva back-to-back! I get if you run, the larva digs back under, but even killing them and digging again on a new dirt trail, it just spawns another larva! They're annoying enough encountering them above-ground.
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