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  1. Yeah I can't see them in my game either, and have done the above work-around, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I have no problems seeing them in my friend's game, but not mine
  2. Yeah, that's a downside, plus in my friend's game I don't even load up at my last save point, always back to game beginning, and lose all equipped items.
  3. I'm on Xbox and have had multiple crashes, losing tons of gear, including the Rotten Bee items, also I can't even see the Raw Science points floating around in my games, but I can in my friend's. Hopefully they can do some sort of reset for items for people who've lost unique items so we can get them again. At least craftable material can be rebuilt and ingredients reharvested.
  4. 1 larvae is bad enough, let alone 20. I'm on my Xbox, and the game becomes so choppy, it's literally unplayable! It crashed my game and I lost everything on me including the Rotten Bee Armor and Mask
  5. Can we get the swimming POV changed? I either can't see the screen above water or I start drowning, when swimming, and it's been quite annoying.
  6. You can quit Single Player and load your game as Multiplayer to allow your friends to join.
  7. I have two set up outside my fence and they managed to hurt the insects that collided into it, an ant, and a ladybug, which then became aggrowed!
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