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  1. Go to burgl and abandon the quest. He should give you the quest again in a few days. Maybe this will fix your problem. Just to be safe I would make sure you don't have a marker down there untill he gives you the quest again.
  2. It wasnt in the display. I went ahead and recycled it just to see if it showed back up but unfortunately it did not.
  3. So I just had at least 40 larva and an orb weaver attack my original base. I dont even use it anymore but for some reason thats the only base that ever seams to be attacked. Thank God I took everything out of the chests I had in there because if I didn't I am positive the game would have froze from everything exploding out of them. I have had that happen several times before which is why I made a new base so they couldn't get to the storage. So yea I was thinking maybe you should tone down the amount of bugs that can attack a base at one time because there is absolutely no way I could ha
  4. So I like the light they give off around my base but they all seam to stop working after a day or two. Im not sure if thats how they are supossed to work or not. It seams like a waste of materials if thats the case.
  5. So I just noticed the the rotten larva blade I had on a weapon display disappeared. I ran back to where I found it hoping it respawned there but nope its just gone. So I do beleave the weapon displays are buged. I also have the rotten ant club on one but its still there right now. So maybe it hase something to do with the blad itself im not sure. Has anyone else noticed things disappearing from the weapon displays.
  6. I have noticed some clay respawning but not all of them. Some of the clay thats in the cave under the lazer that had the mites on the cable respawned for me after a few days. Thats the only place I have noticed it respawning but even then it wasnt all of them just one or two.
  7. Well thats disappointing. I was planing on building a lure and surrounding it with them for a possible meat and bug part farm. But if they don't damage bugs then this is pointless. I really hope this is just a bug.
  8. I did not know the smoothies gave stat buffs. I havent tried it out yet. Thanks for the tip I'm going to have to check that out now.
  9. I have been playing for a few days now and I have found that there really isn't much benefit to eating anything other than the mushrooms. Cooked meat spoils too fast to try and store any of it for later and jerky makes you thirsty. So I was thinking it would be kind of cool if diferent foods gave you diferent kinds of stat buffs similar to how the armor dose. So for example cooked gnat could give a stamina boost, aphid a speed boost, and so on. Also you should be able to roast mushrooms and acorns.
  10. You can cancel quests. If I remember right you have to do it at Burgl. And yea i have yet to find any ant eggs or the raw science points that are supposed to be hidden around the map.
  11. I'm on Xbox and I have seen on YouTube that there are supposed to be raw science points hidden around the map but they aren't showing up in my game. For example I saw in a video on YouTube there was one in the labs in the battery room and another one on the lamp near the oak tree but when I went to these places they where not showing up. Is this a bug or do the spawn in random locations?
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