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Raw science points not spawning

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I'm on Xbox and I have seen on YouTube that there are supposed to be raw science points hidden around the map but they aren't showing up in my game. For example I saw in a video on YouTube there was one in the labs in the battery room and another one on the lamp near the oak tree but when I went to these places they where not showing up. Is this a bug or do the spawn in random locations? 

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15 hours ago, Qistnix said:

I saw someone on this forum, alas I cannot remember his name, post a possible work around to this.

Start/host a multiplayer game.

After this load you single player game.

Haven't tried it myself but I hope it helps you out.

I’ve went between hosting multiplayer to single player several times and have yet to have any spawn. However, one day ago I was hosting online with 2 other friends and a few minutes after they joined my server it said that we gained 13,800 science points... no idea why or how but they showed up. Shared between us 3 ofcourse for online which was plenty to buy atleast 8 things from the robot upgrades. 

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I just discovered that I have this bug too! No Science point cloud since I have started playind. I am on day 29, so I don't want to started again xD I have 2900 points now, and I have spend 1000, So I got a total of 3900 points. I suppose this is the hard mode 😛

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I play on Xbox and I've never seen any raw science in vids either! I'm on day 38.

Also my quartzite doesn't respawn, ants don't make any eggs, and sometimes the anthill caves get pitch black dark instead of dark with a fog where you can kinda see. Only with a torch can I see, then after 5 feet, pitch black void.

Also I have to hard reset to get ladybugs and honeydew to spawn.

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