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  1. I answer my own question buying the game on Steam too. Without doing any manual manipulation, the savegame on the windows store version of the game will not appear in your Steam game. I have been able to transfer my savegame. The windows store savegame are stored here : C:\Users\{USER}\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10 The Steam savegame are stored here : C:\Users\{USER}\Saved Games\Grounded The structure of the folder and the naming of the folder are different. How it is how I have succeed to go from windows store savegame to Steam one: Open the steam version start a game,
  2. I just discovered that I have this bug too! No Science point cloud since I have started playind. I am on day 29, so I don't want to started again xD I have 2900 points now, and I have spend 1000, So I got a total of 3900 points. I suppose this is the hard mode
  3. Hi, I play the game with using Gamepass, because I wasn't sure to like the game, since I am not a big fan of survival game. So far, Grounded make me lie, I am not addicted, I already played a lot, and I know I will play the game a lot more in the future! So there is my question: I will buy the game on Steam, does I will keep my current savegame (gamepass one) when I will buy and play on Steam version. I think so but I want to be sure. I know the savegames are stored locally on Windows (C:\Users\{user}\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10), but I don't know if the savegame are also stored wi
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