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Savegame between Gamepass and Stream version

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I play the game with using Gamepass, because I wasn't sure to like the game, since I am not a big fan of survival game. So far, Grounded make me lie, I am not addicted, I already played a lot, and I know I will play the game a lot more in the future!

So there is my question: I will buy the game on Steam, does I will keep my current savegame (gamepass one) when I will buy and play on Steam version. I think so but I want to be sure. I know the savegames are stored locally on Windows (C:\Users\{user}\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10), but I don't know if the savegame are also stored with our Microsoft  Account.

I am not sure if uninstalling the Gamepas version will clear them, or if they will be compatible with the Steam version.

So, I don't know if others players have done the move to pass from Gamepass to Steam and can  testify of their experience, of if there is an Onsidian staff that have the answer?

Thank you very much and thanks to the DEV, this game is awesome !


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I answer my own question buying the game on Steam too.

Without doing any manual manipulation, the savegame on the windows store version of the game will not appear in your Steam game.

I have been able to transfer my savegame.

The windows store savegame are stored here : C:\Users\{USER}\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10

The Steam savegame are stored here : C:\Users\{USER}\Saved Games\Grounded

The structure of the folder and the naming of the folder are different. How it is how I have succeed to go from windows store savegame to Steam one: 

  1. Open the steam version start a game, then save it. Then leave the game.
  2. In the Windows store savegame folder, I look for the most recent folder (last save made). There normally one folder, so go in the first folder, then go to the most recent server ( or the savegame you want if you know which one you want. Open that folder
  3. In the windows store folder, you should see many files, some of them filename ending with ".sav". Copy all the files.
  4. Then, go in the Steam savegame folder, if there is multiple folder, delete all folder except the most recent one ( that will deletre all savegame except the last one on Steam)
  5. Open the folder in steam savegame, and delete the content of the folder, and paste the files that you copied at the step #3.
  6. Open the game in steam. When you start a game and choose Continue, you should be able to load your savegame that you had in the windows store version and that you copied in Steam.

Some advice :

  • Keep backup of both folder (Grounded Windows 10 & Grounded), like this is any mistake are made, you can revert the change
  • Assure that both your game are on the save version / both up-to-date. using savegame coming from a different game version may cause some issue.

I hope my personal experience can help the one who would want to do the same thing :)

Have a good day in your backyard !


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