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  1. Make sure you remove the little stump after cutting the plant otherwise they do not respawn.
  2. You can learn the floor and stairs from Burg.L, the robot in the science lab under the oak tree. It will cost you 1000 raw science. Happy building.
  3. That is an annoying problem that I have ran into a few times aswell. Saving the game after you destroy the web and reloading may fix your problem.
  4. I saw someone on this forum, alas I cannot remember his name, post a possible work around to this. Start/host a multiplayer game. After this load you single player game. Haven't tried it myself but I hope it helps you out.
  5. I don't think food should give stat boosts. Atleast not the simple cooked foods. For stat boosts you have the smoothies with their weird recipes. I do agree on the roasting of the mushrooms though. Should make them taste less like brussels sprouts.
  6. Great post and excellent posts. I 2nd, 3rd or 4th it. The blurry distance is on pc aswell. Although nice for a min or 2 it gets old fast. Not to mention tiring to my eyes. Please give us an option to switch that off. That said I like the game alot and I can see it's potential. Devs, please listen to your community as we have a passion for this game and would like to see it succeed aswell. Keep up the great job. Kind regards, Q
  7. Yes these larvae are nasty. Luckily I had a few soldier ants run into my base to kill them for me. Unfortunately the ants decided to snack on me after they were finished with the larvaes . I hope the game has/gets base defenses. A few ballistae on my roof would sort these buggers out.
  8. Hello, I have noticed that I didn't get any raw science collectibles either. I have played the story up to the message that there is no story anymore...For the moment. The multiplayer game I am hosting does have raw science collectibles. Hope this helps.
  9. That's a shame you can't build underground. But then again you can always build your base in a soda can.
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