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Larvae spawns are a joke

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hey guys,

I've been base building for the last 8 hours solid and I've left most creatures alone, except larvae, they appeared in small numbers around my camp to start with so I cleared them, and now there are 20+ and they've destroyed 80% of my base, any ideas? I cant kill that many with getting killed and they just chew through everything, even my spike traps, I'm loving the game but this is ruining it for me, 8 hours work for nothing

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Same for me. Even played on mild and built in the starting area. Never saw a larva alone. After a bunch of ingame days: 5 larvas at once. Ok. I reached higher ground, grabbed a bow and shot them. Thought this would work quite well. Then the game crashed because of too many arrows I guess¬†ūüôą But 20+ larvas are reaaally nasty

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I've found this can be worked around by reloading the save right before they spawn,  gets rid of them for a few more in game days. But I see it only occurs if you stay at your base for extended period of time,  not if you adventure around and come back. 

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Yes these larvae are nasty.

Luckily I had a few soldier ants run into my base to kill them for me.

Unfortunately the ants decided to snack on me after they were finished with the larvaes .

I hope the game has/gets base defenses. 

A few ballistae on my roof would sort these buggers out. :) 

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I built my base high above the ground. At the top part of lamp at oak tree. Did not have any issues with any raids seeing as nothing could reach my base. However I did start to notice a very very large amount of larvae running around. Game would lag and almost freeze up getting anywhere near them. I decided to take on the horde with a couple mint mallets and slowly reclaimed the game. After killing what seemed to be 200 of them my game no longer is laggy or crash. I go to their den after a few days in game to keep their numbers in check. 



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