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  1. I've found 2 more labs, one in the wall next to the hedge (ground level not the high up lab one) And another in the weed kier zone near what I think is a big red bench? Both locked, although the radar shows a analyser in the weed killer lab but seems no way to get in there, hope someone figures the story out as if the labs are locked till a future date it would be nice to know, spent the whole day yesterday roaming thr map looking for clues or ways to unlock the labs but nothing.
  2. I've not been able to place them on any tree on xbox, spent hours trying to do it, i don't mind too much as dap is easy to find but it could do with fixing
  3. Not sure about mints but I've noticed weeds won't respawn unless you destroy the little root bit left over when you chop it down
  4. I can't get them to spawn either, ive cleared out the whole ant hill 3 times and killed literally every ant in the area, i go back the next day and there are loads of ants but no eggs. They should allow us to cancel a quest so we don't have to be stuck with it, also stops us crafting bombs
  5. Hey guys I placed my house in a tree because I'm fed up of ants stealing through walls (lost a lot of rare materials whilst out gathering) I can't upload a picture due to the size but the only way to reach my base is Web jump pads, and i can still see my chests rattling and things going missing. It's not game breaking but it is getting irritating. Also the fact that bugs can just walk throigh your walls and foundations and start wrecking your base (hence why I built in a tree which has fixed that issue) Just thought I'd bring these things to your attention. Other than
  6. When you meet the robot next to him on the floor is a little disk drive thing you have to give to him, then pay 1000 science points to buy the floor plans
  7. hey guys, I've been base building for the last 8 hours solid and I've left most creatures alone, except larvae, they appeared in small numbers around my camp to start with so I cleared them, and now there are 20+ and they've destroyed 80% of my base, any ideas? I cant kill that many with getting killed and they just chew through everything, even my spike traps, I'm loving the game but this is ruining it for me, 8 hours work for nothing
  8. I'm glad its not just me, I can place walls but no floors, so ants keep getting under my walls somehow and stealing my stuff xD
  9. hey guys been playing grounded since it released earlier, I can't build floors at all? I've analysed everything I've come across (including grass and weed stems) and I cant really continue building till I've found a solution, I've tried making another character but no joy, what am I missing? It won't let me upload photos but when I go to what can be crafted with grass it shows everything except floors and I know its only 3 or 4 grass per floor
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