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  1. OKAY, After seeing the leaks, THANK YOU! You added EVERYTHING on this list! Water Striders! Water Beetles! (Water Boatman) Rebreather AND a whole diving set! You even added the DIVING BELL SPIDER!! ...and Koifish?? I didn't even think to ask for them. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. YouTuber TBCkoma found another way into Haze Lab via Lean-To, you place it inside a nearby wall and menu select "Give Up" to respawn on the other side. So proud of this merciless glitch-exploiting community. XD
  3. There's two ways to safe-crack into any location in the game. One from above, using a Dandelion Tuff, from a long fall--activate it just before you crash into the ground, will cancel fall damage and sometimes clip you through the ground. The other method breaks the base-building magnets. You will need another player. You want to build a Grass Door in front of the Lab door, the game won't let you, so you'll have to build your way to it from valid placement locations. You can use the snap of the magnets to place walls/floors in places you otherwise couldn't. Have player 2 open/close the door
  4. I LOVE the pond and all of the aquatic plantlife present. But it's mostly unused space. WATER STRIDERS This one is an easy Bug add! Long-legged bugs that walk across the surface of the water. WATER BEETLE Black beetles that swim beneath the water. DIVING BELL SPIDER Ok now I'm just being evil... REBREATHER Saw a suggestion for Mint Chunks being used in an aquatic rebreather/mask, I LOVE IT! Or a whole diving armor-set would be nice too. Underwater base building?? Underwater Lab?? Please!? Anything? (Thank you so much for the game!)
  5. SOLO GLITCHES • Waiting until the last minute to activate your Dandelion Tuff from a long fall will sometimes clip you through the ground. • Sometimes chopping grass or clover will result in 1-3 Grass Planks or Clover Leaves falling through the ground. • Bugs/Mobs cannot swim. • Anything that lands in water deep enough to swim in is inaccessible. (AE: Berries, Grass Planks, Weed Stems, Quartzite Deposits.) • Spiders and Larva get stuck on Grass Stairs, Grass Roof, or any other sloped structure. • Larva spawning can sometimes break, causing a lot of Larva to be present. • If Da
  6. My Rotten Larva Blade also disappeared from the Weapon Mount, not storing anything else on it until stable patch.
  7. Ant Eggs are a glitch on the scale of the disappearing Raw Science. Your save file is glitched, and you will need to restart to get Ant Eggs to spawn. I can confirm Ant Eggs in the Western Ant Hill
  8. I think this one is the actual entrance to the Hedge Lab, the "entrance" found accessible from the hedge branches is actually an exit, the red room at the top of the Hedges is a dead-end that was supposed to be only accessible by going through all of the Hedge Lab. I found the door, but couldn't confirm the lab. Gunna see what janky physics bugs I can use to clip through walls. Any discoveries in the Pond? I really hope they add some kinda Rebreather/Diving Set soon.
  9. 2-Player Co-op Playthrough [PC] Player GTs: • Nuclear_ClimaXx • Aukshean314 [[ HEAVY SPOILERS ]] - Only read to compare playthroughs! We begun by stuffing everything immediately visible into our inventories. My friend discovered a Ladybug, and hopped right onto it's back, after a few seconds it's eyes turned red and my friend jumped off. We built our first base right around the first Research Station. We Built 3 Storage Baskets a Cooking Split, Sleeping Tents (whatever they're called), and place to store Grass Planks and Weed Stems. The ants started gathering
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