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  1. YouTuber TBCkoma found another way into Haze Lab via Lean-To, you place it inside a nearby wall and menu select "Give Up" to respawn on the other side. So proud of this merciless glitch-exploiting community. XD
  2. There's two ways to safe-crack into any location in the game. One from above, using a Dandelion Tuff, from a long fall--activate it just before you crash into the ground, will cancel fall damage and sometimes clip you through the ground. The other method breaks the base-building magnets. You will need another player. You want to build a Grass Door in front of the Lab door, the game won't let you, so you'll have to build your way to it from valid placement locations. You can use the snap of the magnets to place walls/floors in places you otherwise couldn't. Have player 2 open/close the door towards you so that it sends you through the door.
  3. I LOVE the pond and all of the aquatic plantlife present. But it's mostly unused space. WATER STRIDERS This one is an easy Bug add! Long-legged bugs that walk across the surface of the water. WATER BEETLE Black beetles that swim beneath the water. DIVING BELL SPIDER Ok now I'm just being evil... REBREATHER Saw a suggestion for Mint Chunks being used in an aquatic rebreather/mask, I LOVE IT! Or a whole diving armor-set would be nice too. Underwater base building?? Underwater Lab?? Please!? Anything? (Thank you so much for the game!)
  4. SOLO GLITCHES • Waiting until the last minute to activate your Dandelion Tuff from a long fall will sometimes clip you through the ground. • Sometimes chopping grass or clover will result in 1-3 Grass Planks or Clover Leaves falling through the ground. • Bugs/Mobs cannot swim. • Anything that lands in water deep enough to swim in is inaccessible. (AE: Berries, Grass Planks, Weed Stems, Quartzite Deposits.) • Spiders and Larva get stuck on Grass Stairs, Grass Roof, or any other sloped structure. • Larva spawning can sometimes break, causing a lot of Larva to be present. • If Dandelion Tuff breaks while in use, player will be stuck in 3rd-Person. (Can be toggled out of though.) • Sometimes Trail Markers disappear. (Can be toggled out of though.) • Burg-L Disappears after loading healthbar and leaving. (Typically through damage) • Mobs can spawn under rocks. (Mostly in Pond area, Stepping Stone Summit, and The Haze.) • Mobs can clip through Grass Walls, other structures, and sometimes environmental models such as rocks, Lab entrances, and tree roots. • Mobs can see through Grass Walls, and sometimes environmental models such as rocks, Lab walls, and tree roots. • Standing on a berry and breaking it will cause you to float until you move. • Dandelion Tuff objects will sometimes never land on ground, causing physics and audio glitches. • Ants can attack Baskets of food that they can't actually reach. • Ants can glitch and sometimes wont stop attacking a food Basket, even if it is empty. • Spiders can get stuck on each other trying to get pass one another. • Juice droplets for Juice Boxes will sometimes glitch with combining or max entities. • Burg-L Missions for killing Mosquitoes and Honey Bees are given despite neither mob being in the game yet. • Crouching while on terrain that forces the character to crouch will make the character's legs go up through their chest. CO-OP GLITCHES • Clients (Players 2-4) cannot use Stations while crouched. • Clients cannot see dropped Berries. • Clients will sometimes get stuck in Lean-To, or fall through the ground. • Sometimes revive gets cancelled. • Clients will sometimes dupe items when joining/leaving, and then later be reverted to empty inventory. • Sometimes when a Client joins, you dupe/gain Raw Science. (Went from 2k RS to 25k! Bought all 8 upgrades.) POSSIBLE FEATURES MISTAKEN AS BUGS? • Players who die in the Haze won't be able to get to their backpack. (Maybe a safe point to drop player Backpack? So its not deep in an Ant Hill or in pesticides?) • Mint Chunks do not respawn. • Slime Mold Sconces float even after their backwall is destroyed. • Spider Fang Dagger is terrible despite its cost. (Less-costly Larva Blade surpasses it?) • You can build on the Picnic Table. • Equipped Items use inventory space. • No icon or indication of Smoothie Buffs. May update as more is discovered. Pls hire me for a Game Tester position! michaeldavis.designer@gmail.com
  5. My Rotten Larva Blade also disappeared from the Weapon Mount, not storing anything else on it until stable patch.
  6. Ant Eggs are a glitch on the scale of the disappearing Raw Science. Your save file is glitched, and you will need to restart to get Ant Eggs to spawn. I can confirm Ant Eggs in the Western Ant Hill
  7. I think this one is the actual entrance to the Hedge Lab, the "entrance" found accessible from the hedge branches is actually an exit, the red room at the top of the Hedges is a dead-end that was supposed to be only accessible by going through all of the Hedge Lab. I found the door, but couldn't confirm the lab. Gunna see what janky physics bugs I can use to clip through walls. Any discoveries in the Pond? I really hope they add some kinda Rebreather/Diving Set soon.
  8. 2-Player Co-op Playthrough [PC] Player GTs: • Nuclear_ClimaXx • Aukshean314 [[ HEAVY SPOILERS ]] - Only read to compare playthroughs! We begun by stuffing everything immediately visible into our inventories. My friend discovered a Ladybug, and hopped right onto it's back, after a few seconds it's eyes turned red and my friend jumped off. We built our first base right around the first Research Station. We Built 3 Storage Baskets a Cooking Split, Sleeping Tents (whatever they're called), and place to store Grass Planks and Weed Stems. The ants started gathering and attacking a basket. We found out it was the food causing it. We moved the food basket on top of a rock. That didn't work, they still telepathically knocked food out of the basket. ...only this time they couldn't destroy it too. Now there's 15 ants with yellow triangle and sunglasses icons, swarming an empty basket. Now 4 Weevils have joined in. And 5 Larvae. And 1 very angry Wolf Spider. Right at first Research Station. We both are atop of it, stabbing the Wolf Spider in it's stupid cute face while it's legs ravage our grass walls. Great first night. The base is destroyed. We move along with the storyline. I bring my friend to the wire-hungry Mites and we press the button at the Mysterious Machine. Stupid grass. ChopChopHAUGHHH! Oak Tree 'sploded. We go inside the Oak Lab and skip all of BURG-L's dialog. We took the first quest to make a Marker at Lamp. EZ. We go back and skip BURG-L's dialog again and take the upgrade that gives us Base Floors. We explore tentatively for wherever we can place a Sap Collector, we build a new base on top of a root, next to the Northern Abandoned Ant Hill. This new base has stairs going up to it, and three stories, with a rough basement of Sap Collectors and mass storage of Plant and Stone Materials. We accidentally draw aggro of a nearby Wolf Spider to the new base. We were prepared to rebuild but something amazing happened! The Spider froze on the stairs! Spooder.EXE has stopped working... We finished it off without protest with Pebblet Spears. The Spiders had NO-CLIP X-RAY WALLHACKZ. But we had stairs! I went in solo to place the Marker at the Western Ant Hill. I also went in to explore, telling my friend "I'm going in to punch the queen in the face! If I don't make it back, tell your wife I love her!" I found a Bee Mask and Bee Shoulders, but no queen. We went back to the Oak Lab and BURG-L was gone. No more quests... That was awfully short. :c 4 Quests? No... Surely there's more. Maybe BURG-L moved? Time to re-explore the Western Ant Hill... The Hazy Western Lawn... The Garden(Orb Weaver Hell)... The Pond... The wall behind the Pond... The Deck/Porch... The Sandbox... The Picnic Table... The Shed... The Bushes... (Ooh! Berries! Ladybug Armor! No wait THIS is ACTUALLY Orb Weaver Hell) Then I saw a Research Station on the berry bush. I ran past the Orb Weaver and up a stick and made it to the (tiny) Granola Bars. Near the bushes was a Locked Door to another lab. I proceeded up the berry bush until I encounter two Orb Weavers, and continued until I reached the Bird Bath. From the Bird Bath I made my way onto another set of bushes. These bushes had another lab...! Inside the lab were smaller Orb Weavers patrolling. I made my way inside via a broken corner of the lab, and there was another Locked Door. I went on top of the lab and looked down on the spiders from the blue glass. Still no way in. I continued up on top of the Bush base until finally a door opened! It was another 9V battery generator room with heavy red lighting. There was another rainbow cassette tape. "We're not alone" Finally! A new quest! "It seems like Wendell had someone watching him." "Check other labs for evidence of the Watcher." Other labs? I definitely feel like I sequence broke a bit there. (Nothing new) Who's Wendell? Who's the Watcher?? Apparently the BURG-L disappearing thing is a bug. Maybe there is a way not to bug out the game and find out where the other Labs are? EDIT: The Burg-L disappearance was definitely a glitch that occurs if you load Burg-L's Healthbar (usually by damaging Burg-L.) My guess is that triggers a despawn once you go far enough away.
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