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  1. Agreed, trying to grab your stuff, equipped and get back in the fight to help your friend os a pain in the butt.
  2. You have to use the grass floors on the scaffolding.
  3. Also clay is all over the ponds, you can swim in them too to find them as well.
  4. I have my server wipe as well. I was removing my old files to not have so much cluster and my saved file never saved I guess. But now before I log off for the day, I make sure its night time, and I sleep because it auto saves for you, then I log off. (Haven't had a problem since.)
  5. So far the problems I have ran into are, Bugs being underground Ant eggs never spawning Permanently stuck to webs Saved files disappearing Thrown items falling throw floors and trees Server crashes from large lag spikes while putting up spike strips. Static in the game volume, (this goes for title menu, game audio, music, speaking etc.) Floating bases, (removed a floor connecting our base to a branch and then whole base stayed together and was floating in mid air, had to jump to removed each thing separately.) Blue berries not showing up in the rig
  6. The depth of field blur can really put a toll on your eyes. Maybe an option to change or remove the depth of field blur?
  7. Anyone else having problems finding them? I've went to northern ant Hill, Explored the whole thing, and found nothing. Killed all the ant soilders, Waiting a day, and still nothing. Waited two days and still nothing (Except ants respawning.) Btw thats game days not real life days.
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