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  1. About infected mites they spit you, thats why they hit you even when they aren't close to you. About the scab near the grill, there is a like a filter duct that can't be easely spotted under water, I don't know if you already entere There, I have been constructin near that place and I havn't recieved any notification. About the insects, yeah, I agree with you, insect seems to spawn from nowhere. I have noticed that infected weevels seem to respawn under the big trail rocks and got stuck there. About the fireflies the only safe place to find them is near the house, passing the sandb
  2. Hello, taking the video for the info you requested for my last post od Bouyant foundations I found that buildings that are supported with steams also are threated as one single object, no matter which part you remove all the building collapses. Before update 0.8 they were supported properly indicating zero, but now each part support the same weight. But the info I sent with last post applies for this too.
  3. After patch 0.8 the buoyant foundation stop providing support for buildings. If you put a bluprint and then remove it the whole buildings with fall. Thw foundation just provide support when attached to something on sokid ground, but just the closest ones.
  4. Same in Xbox console, more than 100 larvas and even un the surface there is lag becouse of the swarm of larva, also under the oak there are now two wolf spiders
  5. Some of the grass that I cut near the bird bath dosn't respawn, also some of the dandalayon like the ones near the house, there are three of them and only two respawn, also quarsite haven't respawned yet
  6. This happen also with the ant armor, but un the antes case of you recyclde the dummy the armor appear in the floor with the recycled materials
  7. The trophy you can craft of the wolf spider should be bigger, it's a big spider comparing whit the other one, and it is hard to kill, you should make his trophy larger like the ladybug and the other scarab
  8. When you craft an armor of tool when your inventiry is full the item is crafted but the item disappear a it is not droped
  9. The controls are friendly but there are some things that can be improved, I suggest making the D-pad forma moving in the ítem menu like un Don't Starve games, that will make more easy and friendly to handle de inventory, using the pad for emojis por actions is of no use, you can put that menus pushing one of the sticks. Other thing is the crafting menu is a little slow having tu use back button, maybe a quick acces to the craft men will make more friendly the carfting parte of the game, for example sometimes you most craft an item un a hurry like a torch por a weapon, so making the menu
  10. Hi, I downloaded the game for xbox, there are some bugs like in other new game but I'm sure thise will be fixed whit the updates. As a biologist I enjoyed a lot the gane, it's really fun, I may suggest some other insects that can make the game a little more challenging: - Centepides and Millipides - Woodlouse - Mantis - Other scarabs like the rhino type - Grasshoppers -Scorpions - Some flying insects like bees and wasps. - And I mayor suggest the velvet worms, they will be awsomw squirting their adhesive slime. Some of theme for awsome armors por
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