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  1. You obviously never played a server based survival game...like ever. What I outlined is today’s basic survival games that have been out for some time. Some for a decade. So, what I provided feedback for is not ‘5 different games’, it’s one game genre. Survival games. Adding a hardcore mode is fine for me, if thats what it would take to make this game more challenging. There will be zero longevity to this game for actual survival game players, it just isn’t challenging survival. And don’t throw ‘game preview’ excuses around, like I stated in my OP, core game design usually won’t chang
  2. On the subject of a survival game that has manual AND auto-saves. This just isn’t a good mechanic for a survival experience. Again, as I outlined in my OP above, you completely bypass any consequences of your decisions with a manual save system. Going in that cave to potentially fight the wolf spider? Oh...let me hit ‘save’ here before I go in, and if I die I can just ‘load’ my last save and I’m good as new. That’s not survival. It’s kinda...well...casual carebear. The auto-save system in other survival games implements the survival experience correctly. Auto-saves are not trigg
  3. You want to take away the ability for players to build anywhere they want, including on safe, high ground? I never made the request to restrict where a player can build, I said the game has no threat to your base if you build in a smart location like higher ground. All insects should be able to target your base regardless of it’s location.
  4. Confirmed this with Bee armor. If you deconstruct the dummy, the Bee armor will be on floor for you to pickup.
  5. Platform: Xbox One X Issue: Game freezes momentarily, 2-3 seconds, when Auto-Saving Frequency pf the Issue: Every Auto- Save I assume this is a known issue?
  6. Well, I guess devs will be updating the game at the end of the month, August 27th. Had to find this information elsewhere... https://www.pcgamer.com/over-a-million-players-have-tried-grounded-and-the-first-update-is-coming/
  7. Pallets even work? I have no interaction option to do anything on the Grass Plank pallet.
  8. Hmmm...does Obsidian even read these forums? I mean with Discord and Twitter being the norm now for communication...
  9. I was thinking this one over tonight while playing and thought of a game mechanic from another game that might solve this for the player and keep devs happy with dealing with draw distance(blurry). Let our character craft a spyglass, like a pirates ‘telescope’. Looking through it gives you a small, round magnified view of the distance you are looking at. Much like The one used in Sea of Thieves(another MS 1st party dev), you would pull this ‘tool’ out to get a better look at the objects in the distance. I still think the blurry has to be toned down a bunch, but for a compromise, a sp
  10. Any smart survival game player builds off the ground or in caves. Using the environment to your advantage against pve AI or in pvp is always the best way to insure against item loss, progression loss, and least waste of time invested. It’s up to the game designer to counter smart builds. As stated, my build is hardly high up. Im on a soda can thats on the ground. Please... I assume bees, wasps (anti-elevated builds) and goldfish, frogs (anti-water builds)will be a thing in Grounded’s backyard. That then will challenge the players smart survival builds.
  11. I have a solution for you that I figured out remapping most of my binds in Options on console. There is a Unmapped bind there that is ‘swap to previous tool’ or something to that effect. I mapped It to Y since Y was mapped to a rather pointless ‘show hide icons’. Now if you equip say a axe first then using the wheel, then select your spear and equip it. Now hit Y and you toggle between axe and spear. Replace any two ‘tools’ you want and you have your swap between the two. Just fyi, it doesn’t remember the swap tools after a load or certain other events, so you may have to reselect the two
  12. Ok, I’ll make this a straightforward feedback and opinion post... Played now for 40+ hours between the demo and this pre-release. I’m a veteran of larger survival games, so my views are based on that experience. This game has so much potential, but it seems even in it’s early state, there are core design decisions that lend itself to a entry level (easy) survival game and that’s all. - There isn’t much here. The story literally takes you 15 minutes to complete if you follow the queues. Then you do dailies to waste your time on building components that shouldn’t require this much
  13. The hotbar is useless on the intended platform, which is console. No idea how this was overlooked.
  14. On console House is blurred until you get up close. Poles, object, anything distance is blurred. Is this a technical workaround to draw distance or a game feature?
  15. Based on the demo playthrough... For such a beautiful looking game, there would be one request... Allow us to turn off parts of HUD and prompt-UI 1) Once I’m use to the resources in the world’s environment, I don’t need a giant hand and button prompt telling me how to pick something up. Really immersion breaking seeing all the popup UI elements anytime I camera pan over things. Solution: Allow settings to turn off environment UI prompts 2) The SCAB is supposed to be ‘90s sifi watch, yet the HUD in the lower left corner looks like a Crayon art project. I get the ar
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