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Found 11 results

  1. I just started to play grounded today and I decided to try creative mode out and I realized that there are no insects in creative mode. I eventually built my base and after that I got incredibly bored because I had no insects to interact with it's really depressing.
  2. How awesome would it be if Obsidian tool a page from Zelda BOTW? Hear me out. In BOTW, you are able to use Sheikah Slate to take photos of weapon's, ingredients etc. It's then put into your codex. So let's say you need more of a specific ingredient for a recipe, well you can set your Sheikah Slate to ping anytime those items are nearby. So, I'm having a hard time finding gnat fuzz in grounded so I can craft a specific item. I've spent a lot of wasted time looking for this object. So it'd be cool to see Obsidian let us set our SCA.B to find this specific item. The thing is the item has had to have been analyzed and entered into your database in order for you to set this specific item at one time or another.
  3. For at least three days the game when trying to be accessed takes a long time to load. when the character is selected a few seconds later the game closes. I've tried to load three different sabes, and the same occurs playing solo or even trying to play Multiplayer. playing on Xbox I already tried to clear the cache, it would be very disappointing if I have to start all over again.
  4. So I thought perhaps a great way to bring taming to grounded is to make a cricket fiddle you acquire cricket legs and form some sort of instrument to tame other insects.
  5. So from playing the game on release on the Xbox, I feel these things need to be added: 1. When you place a 3 beam Weed Stem Scaffold attached to stairs, the Triangle floor plate actually stops you from walking smoothly off the stairs onto it. You have to jump. Frustrating! 2. The mint Tub is not accessible at all, yet you can break the odd mint but not claim any of what breaks off if its too far in. 3. Could it be possible to craft lights that can attach to the walls of an Ants Nest. You can add them to a certain point but i'm guessing you cant build below a certain point of the ground level. Love using torches but think it would be a really nice feature. This game is however fantastic and I am seriously enjoying the hours i'm putting into it. These are just some minor things that I feel need addressing but would benefit the game.
  6. I've been playing in co-op recently I made lvl 2 / insect hammer and started banging mint but I went on and on until the hammer broke but mint didn't break....are you guys fixing the game or bugging it more ???
  7. Having a blast playing this since it became available. Have a few suggestions: 1) Make pallets, chests, baskets movable without having to recycle and rebuild. 2) It's WAY too hard to find clean water. When I played multiplayer with my friend (she was host), I had markers showing me dew locations, but she did not. In single player mode I do not have them.. I could deal with the scarcity if I at least had some markers. 3) I am crashing a lot. 4) Reading tips on obtaining spider silk, the vloggers are saying you get it by hitting a web with an axe. Nothing happens when I do that (other getting murdered by a spider soon after). The silk I do have came from killing baby spiders.
  8. I play the Xbox Game pass Edition on PC and don't know if any of these bugs exist in other versions. B.U.R.G.L does not work. Namely I’ve found him at the end of my first game session and I saved and exited the game after returning to my base. When I started the game the next day he was gone, even in the old save games except the few first. But when I found him in these files I could interact with him. I started a new world to see if that would fix it, but I saw that he also wasn't there and probably is about 300cm far straight while looking at the lab entrance away (in the ground maybe even under the map). There're weird falling physics in the game. If you're standing on a plant and it gets destroyed or moved you won't fall. You will get one move before you fall. This is helpful if you're fighting, but if you land in a spider web you won't be able to get out, because you can't move and it won't update you position. The game has broken spawn mechanics. While playing I noticed that the game often duplicates animals like for example a whole ant army. Duplications are easy to spot because of two things: The sheer amount of those groups. The route of some animals is set so you can see them often crossing their paths unnatural by walking into each other or right behind each other. The Raids need to be improved. I secured my base when a group of 8 Larvae attacked me and my base (that's what I will refer to as a "Raid" because I think the game spawns every now and then a group of enemies to attack/raid you) but I killed them so I thought, because they were spawned again and again in my near surroundings and in my base so they could destroy my lean-to without breaking my base while I defend myself against the Larvae outside. Once even a Wolf spider spawned right on my wall while I killed the intruders. Different weapons are dealing all the same Damage. I used throughout the game different weapons (Axt, Speer, Dagger, every club) to kill mites and every weapon dealed about 1/5 - 1/4 of their HP. The spiders have a zone where they are raising their front legs and wait while it's possible to shoot them without doing something PS.: I really like the game and I'm playing it though the first listed bug and just hope that I can continue this world after it get fixed. PPS.: This will be posted two times: Once in the "General Discussion (No Spoilers)" channel, so people who don't want to get spoiled can see it, as well as in the "Feedback and Suggestions" channel because it's technically feedback.
  9. 1. The ability to upgrade existing structures (for example a grass wall to a stem wall) instead of having to deconstruct the structure. 2. More animals and bugs. 3. The ability to tame things. For example you could tame ants and tell them to collect pebbles or wax. 4. The ability to ride animals such as ants and bees etc. 5. Something to change the terrain. For example if you want to build your base in your own deep custom cave or something. 6. Different material tools, (like wood stone and diamond etc in Minecraft) although there might be I'm not too far into the game. 7. Maybe add RC vehicles or buildable sailboats etc. 8. Everytime I build my base a Wolf Spider eventually comes along and doesn't go away, and keeps hitting my base until it's gone. Please fix this. 8. More areas, we want to see the inside of the house, we want the neighbour's garden we want alot. Maybe a sandpit biome or something. 9. Bigger backpacks. That you craft. 10. Maybe this is pushing it but a skill tree. I think this would really make the game boom. For example a skill to see which direction the nearest spider is in for example. 11. A compass at the top of the screen. 12. Saddles and stuff to ride bugs and spiders. Cant think of anything else, this game has been absolutely brilliant and these are my ideas for it. I'm gonna be playing this for a really long time yet.
  10. As I’ve played the game I’ve run into a few things that would slow down my game a tad, or relatively would make me say “well this is taking longer than it should.” And I figured I’d post a few things here that I think would really improve the game on a seamed level. Granted, some of these features might be in the game and I have simply missed them. If that’s the case please inform me of my ignorance! 1. the containers need both a quick stack feature for moving things quickly into containers, and a quick take to remove them from said storage containers. I can only seem to add one item at a time, or have to drag and drop a stack into containers rather than a simple button click to take and leave items. 2. Dropping stacked items would be nice. When choosing to drop things I can only seem to drop a single item at a time. There is a feature for destroying stacked items, so why not for dropping them? 3. Using the smoothie maker can be a tad encumbering, having to drag a stack into a slot to drop an item into it then the stack resets to its original position in The inventory. I would enjoy an ability to quick process items into the smoothie menu. thanks for taking the time to read this!
  11. I'm playing Grounded with my friends on Xbox One and we are having so much fun with the game! We found a little problem that "froze" our game! We found that you can send feedback using directional arrows but we also found that sending the feedback will "freeze" the game.. the game is not actually frozen (the time keeps going and the insect also move) but there's a window telling you to "press A" that you cant exit! Only closing the game helped us... Hopefully the save system let us not loose too much progress! Hope our feedback is usefull! The game is awesome and we will continue playing it as soon as possible! Sorry for my bad english but i'm italian and its hard for me to writa a full article in english! Love from Italy! Ciao
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