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  1. If there were classes it would detract from picking from the four characters. We all want everything from this game because we the gamers have been lied to and disappointed by game devs for years. I think keeping it simple, to clarify I mean gear bonuses to allow you to play a certain role would be perfect. All that's needed is to constantly expand the already robust features of the game. Since there aren't level ups or skill choices gear bonuses that coincide with weapons would give us some choice instead of being copies of eachother. And let's hope there are raid bosses and such like a taran
  2. What I meant wasn't class choices, just gear that worked well together. Like lady armor and a shield with block strength. Or marksman hat for archer players. This game is meant to be multiplayer and they're working on it. I would prefer people being able to use different gear and have a different function instead of 4 people smashing things with a mint mallet. Hopefully enemies becomes more difficult with player count also to ensure the survival and danger remain?
  3. This is a great game with a superb template for growth into a goat. I hope others add viable info to this as I'll add my own. We need shields, there are too many usable resources to not make a shield. Relying solely on the perfect block system is bad, this isnt for honor or dark souls. What sane person wouldn't make a shield especially if they were tiny. Shields block most damage but no perfect block capability tho work with 1 handed weps. Class breakdowns, shield and spear/swords, Two handers (mint mallet), and ofc bow boys n girls (hopefully bow becomes useful on whoa besides cheese). Teasin
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