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  1. I've been enjoying using the Clay and Pebble along with Stem building components to build a castle style home base. Wanted to put some ideas down for more unlockable objects to build. Would like to see a 1/4 Clay and Pebble block (1/4 of the normal space. Fully stem made stair case 1/2 stem floor. (I use the 1/2 grass floor as shelving) Single stem that can be stacked to make a column 1/4 size clay and pebble round for making columns Keep up the great work!
  2. The link on the announcement page to the patch notes for 3.3 is broken. But after going into version 3.3 of the game it doesn't look like much of anything was patched anyway. Cloud saves still either don't load (Crash Game), load to day 0, or sit there indefinitely. I also checked a few other known issue and they still seem there. Was patch 3.3 just to keep people quiet?
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