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  1. You are incorrect. while it's entirely possible that it was just a bug that was allowing them to spawn, she's only ever played the game in creative with the ability to build whatever you want without gathering anything and there were bugs when she first started playing, I saw them first hand. They went away after the last big update. We only play on Xbox so there are no mods you can use. So even if it's unintentional, they need to enable them in creative. Some people just like to build and having NOTHING alive in the work just makes the game boring. This game is in preview and they want feedback which i'm providing. I'm asking them to put bugs into creative mode to make the world feel alive for those that like to free build.
  2. Yup that's how it happens, it seems they aren't well versed in early access or just want to complain. Heck, every time 7 days to Die has a major revision update you have to start completely over on PC.
  3. If you aren't prepared for what happens when you play and early access game then why didn't you wait to buy it until release? Bugs happen in early access, saves being wiped happen, glitches happen.
  4. Every other game I have played that has any kind of creative mode still has the enemies in it. They are just passive. It makes no sense not having creatures in creative mode. Not to mention they were there in the beginning. Playing creative after the game launched there were bugs everywhere and then one day they just disappeared and people are saying this is intentional however you still see streamers playing in creative and they have bugs.. The world is just empty with no creatures and TBH it makes it boring. My wife had bugs when she first started creative, everything you see in normal mode was there and then one day they just went poof. If they were intentionally removed I ask that this is reconsidered as it makes no sense and makes the world so empty and boring in creative.
  5. I was excited to get started with this new patch since my save was broken before as I wasn't getting science to spawn but now i'm waiting again to play.
  6. Since it also broke Acorns which you kinda need for crafting and also no dew seems to be spawning naturally in game on grass for some, this could be a priority patch. Well I hope it is.
  7. It seems that if you build new dew collectors they will work just a bit slower however new Mushroom gardens only work once. IMO the bigger issue that needs to be addressed is that no dew is forming on the grass. So in early game if you don't have any spider webs, you have no clean water. Can't even complete the quest for drinking clean water. Juice doesn't count and I read that this is also not respawning.
  8. Exactly!!! In my game I was able to determine right when it happened. I made my very first woven fiber which unlocked the Grub Hide information in resources as a new item. I cleared the exclamation on the Grub Hide but it stayed on resources. On a side note, why does everything I post whether it's a topic or comment have to be approved by a moderator? Makes it very hard to engage in conversation.
  9. As soon as you make your very first woven fiber you get an exclamation point on the Resources tab indicating there is something new. You do discover Grub Hide for some reason once you make the woven fiber but clearing the exclamation on Grub Hide does not clear the exclamation under Resources. Playing on Xbox One X with newest patch installed. Was having this issue before the patch and this is a brand new save started after the patch.
  10. So I cannot find any information on this. I've see a few people say that insects aren't supposed to spawn however I've seen several streamers playing in creative and they have insects. My wife has been playing many hours of the game so far all in creative mode and she had insects spawning and then all of a sudden a couple days ago they were just gone. The patch didn't change anything, she deleted all her saves and the reserve space on the console. The only thing she hasn't done yet is uninstall. I'm not sure how that would change anything but that can definitely be tried. So I guess I'm just wondering, is no insects intentional and all the streamers you see and her prior experience with insects in creative mode the bug and the no insects she is getting now the way it should be?
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