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Found 14 results

  1. whenever I try to go into the graphics settings in grounded on my Xbox Series S there is a grey bar on the gamma section & it won't let me change or adjust it at all. I play on pc sometimes as well not sure if it is an issue there or not. Does anyone know how to fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. So I built a base by the pond next to the juice box and I finally expanded to 2 dew collectors but now neither collector works at all. Normally they spawn dew every morning. I also noticed the dew that spawns inside of soda cans no longer spawns? I've also noticed acorns not respawning the next day again.
  3. I’m playing the game on Xbox One and have been playing with no issues for the last few days. Just now I had noticed the autosave wheel spinning but never stopping. I went into my menu, I tried activating a terminal, went into an undiscovered area, heck I even killed some outlaws but still the save wheel kept spinning. I then tried going to the menu, maybe to try manually saving but that was grayed out. Trying to bring up my old saves in the “load” screen failed to populate any of my old saves. So finally I tried fast traveling to pop me into a loading screen hoping maybe that would fix things. And it did! Or so I thought. The autosave wheel was gone, so I decided to exit the game and restart just in case. Upon restarting, the music is playing, and the title screen appears, but if if I “press A to continue” the screen stops moving and I’m stuck here while it is (I’m guessing) trying to access my save files and can’t. I’m REALLY hoping this isn’t permanent because I’ve been absolutely enjoying the game and would hate to restart if I even can. I’ve trued restarting the console and the game twice now to no avail. Have any other players or devs experienced this issue? Thanks for taking the time to read my long post.
  4. Hello, As I playing Deadfire on Turn based mode, I noticed that every single area randomly reset. As part of a quest, I had to return to where you find Tekehu and he is now sitting there unable to re-recruit and no longer in my party. I didn't save before this glitch so I am unable to continue playing my game I put upwards of 30+ hours in. Very frustrated by this experience. I've attached my save file where this happened.
  5. Description: When starting a naval battle, the player character is always at the front. This is utterly game-breaking for some builds on PotD, and inconsequential on others. I've had to start a new play-through. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Play a character, rearrange the party formation, then start a naval battle. How you set it up has no impact on how you load into the battle. Savegame: Can't attach, on a completely unrelated note, my save games just corrupted. Maybe because I have two characters with the same name? Not sure, gave up on that play-through anyways. Sytem Specs: Not related to the party formation issue. Screenshots: Can't load into it any more. But it's simple, MainChar, is in the front, should be in the back. Every time, no matter how I move them around.
  6. A great tactic has been found. If you use cracking bolt and rolling flame from a long distance, the enemy will not notice the party, which in turn means endless spells. This method allows you to destroy almost any encounter or lure enemies one by one increasing or decreasing the distance. Also, since the spells are power level 2-3, This strategy can be effectively used by any wiz-multiclasses, making the strategy a great way to complete solo PoTD. If you a smart wizard, you should practice sniping. Also, if an enemy encounter contains healers trying to kill someone is pretty useless unless you can kill mob with one blow, but in this case, such exploits are simply not needed. Still great for luring.
  7. Description: I am stuck in combat after defeating spiders in middle of map. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Kill all the spiders and get stuck in combat. Important Files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19071615/BugStuckCombatOdNuaLvl12.zip
  8. There is a gamebreaking bug in Pillars of Eternity from the first version of the game and still it is in the last version of the game in the 2017. There are many bugreports about this bug on the forums, but it has never been repaired. All credits for the solution goes to zjazd! Thanks a lot, man!!! I have just made this tutorial for others. Pictures are clickable. Spoiler alert! To reproduce this bug, you need to do the following: First, go to Caed Nua to the Maerwald; You will have a conversation with him; Then after the conversation he will attack you; You can quicksave before fight after conversation begins; Quicksave caused this gamebreaking bug. After quicksave and quickload you will not receive Maerwald's soul and you can't proceed in the main quest after that. You can't finish "The Old Watcher" quest and "Never Far from the Queen" quest won't automatically start. Solution is to load normal save before dialog with him and replay the dialogue and fight scene. But if you don't have that save and have 15 hours gameplay after that, you're stuck. There is one alternative solution here on forums from Lagbird http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73273-maerwald-dialogue-bug-in-caed-nua/?p=1623655 I tested this solution, reproduced all the steps, everething's fine except one thing - "The Old Watcher" quest will be undone anyway. I also tried to force advance this quest with different console commands with no luck. ForceAdvanceQuest and others are useless. And also I'm not sure that SetGlobalValue b_watcher_chamber 1 works properly... So, I decided to start over my 20 hours game... But suddenly I discovered that post from zjazd https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81717-main-quest-is-stuck-and-journal-is-not-updated/?p=1730344 Solution The following are the steps to repair the broken "The Old Watcher" quest, I believe, in any state of the game and proceed to the next quest without console and IE mod, also you will obtain Mearwald soul in accordance with game logic. It's a little tricky 1) Download Eternity Keeper Save Game Editor by Fyorl 2) unzip it in any desired location 3) locate your Pillars of Eternity save directory usually it's here: %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity %USERPROFILE% is something like C:\Users\your-name-here 4) start the game 5) load any save, go to Caed Nua, go to the lovely keeper in the main hall 6) save the game with something like "quest recovery" in title 7) Alt+Tab the game, launch eternity.exe from the step 2 8 ) paste or browse your save location in Save game editor mine is like that: 9) locate your "quest recovery" save file in Save game editor, but don't open it, usually it's the last save 10) go to the temp directory of the Save Editor %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\EK-unpacked-saves %USERPROFILE% is something like C:\Users\your-name-here 11) locate your "quest recovery" save directory with last numbers in name of the directory and go the the directory 12) open your "quest recovery" save file in Save game editor 13) go back to the directory from step 11 and delete there two files AR_1001_Od_Nua_Old_Watcher.fog AR_1001_Od_Nua_Old_Watcher.lvl 14) go back to the Save game editor and save the save file, press "Save modifications" even it's greyed out 15) Alt+Tab the game, quit completely, start the game and load your modified save, something like: "quest recovery (edited)" 16) Ta-daaam, go to kill artful as a barrel of monkeys Maerwald, so tricky to save his own soul that even Obsidian developers for over 3 years couldn't surpass him! Kill that ****ty bastard!!! As I said before all credits goes to zjazd! Thanks a lot, man!!! I just made this tutorial for others. P. S. My apologies for bad English, it's not my native language, so forgive me P. S. S. Also beware of jpeg desease, these pictures have that poison a lot, could attach only 500 KB at all :D
  9. So, I'm about 2-3 hours into the game just exploring and doing whatnot. I did a quicksave and then went to eat, came back, reloaded and my entire party was invisible except for their weapons. Whatever, just a visual bug I thought, I could live without character animations. But, when I got into battle, I was unable to attack, cast spells or use skills. I was still able to be attacked. I tried reloading a previous save, and they're all the same. This entire playthrough is hosed.
  10. Hey! I think I encountered a gamebreaking Bug that prevents me from progressing further in the game. After graciously avoiding 20 other gamebreaking bugs (I don't know how I did it pure luck I suppose) this one finally got me. So when I entered level 13 in Od Nua there are those spirits you need to get the password from to open the door, so I am clearing the area and after killing the last pack (Pack in the adra shell room) suddenly all spirits aggro me. Ok the problem here now is 1st I cannot get the password 2nd the Spirits are invicible and untargetable but they wreck my party. So then i thought maybe I load my auto save and reload the area by going up and down. Unfortunately the game won't let me because surprise, the raedrics castle bug reappeared and after the load to level 12 the game crashes. So bad luck for me have to start anew after 40 hours, to be honest this game feels more like a beta than a release. In general I like the game it but the combat-gameplay (I only say pathfinding) and the gamebreaking bugs make it more a hurdle race than an enjoyable expierience. Just to add another thing that happened just minutes before, the Spider Guy who gives the quest to collect the stuff in lvl 13 (Adra items) he talks to me and gives me the quest but immediately goes aggro and starts attacking me so I had to kill him and of course the quest failed. This is just one of many "annoyance" bugs I encountered until there so please fix all the stuff so I won't get stuck on the next playthrough which I have to start after the "Day 1 Patch" finally comes out. Here is the Link to the requested files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzigyw1tkptftjd/PoE_Saves.7z?dl=0
  11. There's a potentially gamebreaking bug in Visions and Whispers. If the player does not sleep in the inn and obtains the dream to find the dwarf hanging from the tree (Caldara De Berranzi), and then completes the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest, the bodies in the tree will disappear, and the main questline can no longer be completed, and will prevent the player from ever reaching Caed Nua. Additional Notes: I went with Kolsc, and killed Raedric. Possible solution: Move the corpse to the graveyard, and have an NPC point out where the corpses were moved to, allowing the player to continue. The trigger allowing the dream must of course also be re-enabled if this is the case. This is just a suggestion though.
  12. This is a copy from : http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398968788430/ As it just happened to me, and I was able to reproduce and confirm, I'm copying the report here (credits goes to Minera)
  13. Hi, so i'm at the point in the game where i need to or go and hand in a quest in Ondra's Gift but whenever i try and go into either zone my game crashes really hard on the loading screen and i need to go and shut it down in task manager. This is making it impossible to progress, despite me being able to go into other zones just fine. Wondering if this is a known bug? I've tried verifying the game cache over steam.
  14. Just watched the latest gameplay footage from the Trailer and im shocked nobody seem to notice this: Attack Spells direct targeting an npc look like they go through characters without any noticeable "impact" animation, it looks like the "projectile" just vanishes inside or even under the target. End. Horrible. Really horrible... Please fix that. In the moment the "projectile" hits the target there needs to be an impact animation. BG2 at least had it. Same concern about physical hits, not every taken hit needs to have a shaking impact reaction on the character, but sometimes there should be, like in BG2, at the very least i would wish you add some "bloodspill" when a character gets hit by a physical attack like...something happened. Thanks for reading, suggesting or planning.
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