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  1. I have made a little mod many people have requested. The title should say it already. https://github.com/Fhav6X/Stronghold-turns-to-days-Mod-Sttd-/releases/tag/1.2 also now on nexus mods https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/194 Stronghold turns to days is now on v 1.2 (final version). for version of Pillars of Eternity What does it do? - This mod switches the turn based taxing, adventure spawn and ingredients spawn to day based. - I kept "visitor killed" events turn based for logical reason. - Anything else (Attacks, Visitors) have been day based from the start. Taxing is now every 5 days and ingredients spawn every 24 hour. Adventures spawn roughly every 8 to 16 days. Determination of Adventure type is set about 10 days before adventure spawns. Now all adventures take ONE turn to complete, despite of negative numbers shown in the description. (Reason is in post below) To install it, follow the readme in the archive Modification was done with dnSpy. I also have to point out this assembly-csharp.dll is not written by me. I just modified it. The code is property of obsidian. Here are the links to sttd + my new mod "level and ability cap increaser (LACI)" https://github.com/Fhav6X/Stronghold-turns-to-days-Mod-Sttd-/releases/tag/1Sttd%2BLACI and https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/194
  2. Hey, Every time I enter a new area I am alerted that 'The Steward of Caed Nua has received a letter for you.' I can press 'Continue' or close the window with the 'X' in the corner but it will pop up again and again every time I enter a new area. I have gone to the the Stronghold many times in order to receive this letter but nothing's happening. I backed up my save files and reinstalled. The problem persisted. I reloaded previous save files before I was receiving the recurrent windows, they began again. How do I get rid of this window? Link to Save files and logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l2y2fko6svszim6/AABQOCK1J2lqPpGdwcq1_Rv1a?dl=0 I'm playing on: MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012 Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB Software OS X 10.9.5 (13F1911) Thanks.
  3. Hi folks. I got a notification that the Weaver's Song quest was available to me at my Stronghold. I waited too long, and the quest expired. Is there any way to activate it again? That Cloak of Comfort looks totally sick. Thanks! pony
  4. Caed Nua Stronghold Turns You can think of each Stronghold Turn as being an extra reward for any full completion of a Quest (Main Quest, Side Quest, or Task), whenever a Quest is marked off as finished in the Quest Journal. How to Have a Good Stronghold Experience Since Stronghold events only occur on Stronghold Turns, it makes sense to try to avoid turning in Quests before acquiring your Stronghold. However, there are some Quests that are required in order to get the Stronghold itself. Once you get the Stronghold, rationing Quest turn-in's allows you to save up Stronghold Turns for when your Stronghold has higher Prestige and Security ratings (meaning you get more favorable events per Stronghold Turn). This means focusing on Upgrades before turning in most Quests. When you start an Upgrade, simply leave for a different map and come back until the upgrade is complete, then select another upgrade. A simple method is traveling back and forth from, say, the Caed Nua map to Gilded Vale after choosing each upgrade, until the upgrade is finished, and then selecting the next upgrade and repeating. However, upgrades require money. The best source of money is in the Endless Paths below Caed Nua -- containers hold an enormous amount of coins. Ideally, you would loot every container without fighting any monsters. Unfortunately, the enemies get progressively tougher the deeper you go. At some point, you will be forced to do some Quest turn-in's just to level up your party -- when that happens, I recommend completing as many Prestige- and Security-boosting upgrades as possible first, before turning in any Quests. The boosted Prestige & Security scores makes it more likely to get a favorable Stronghold event with each Quest turn-in. You must complete the main quest in Heritage Hill before you can completely conquer the Endless Paths. Once you have conquered Caed Nua, speak with the Steward for a Quest turn-in and a significant boost to both Prestige & Security (+8 each). Here is my recommended order of doing upgrades: Eastern Barbican (required) - the only upgrade you can do at first; costs no money and is finished instantly At this point, decide whether you want to invest any time and energy into the Stronghold: maintaining the Stronghold changes the way you play the game significantly, in that you have to treat Quest turn-in's as Stronghold Turns and ration them accordingly. This can significantly detract from an RP experience, as you must meta-game. You will also need enormous amounts of money, which would otherwise go into enchanting your weapons and armor, or learning new spells for your wizards. If you decide to continue with the Stronghold, then here is the rest of my recommendations on the order of upgrades: Brighthollow Manor - the only upgrade you can do after Eastern Barbican; allows you to rest for free anywhere on the Caed Nua map except in the Endless Paths (simply click the Bed icon at the bottom of the screen) Main Keep - unlocks other upgrades; gives a nice boost to both Prestige & Security (allowing you to collect more taxes) Western Barbican - unlocks more upgrades; also a cheap way to boost Security Curio Shop - gives you free Creature Parts every Stronghold Turn Bailey - unlocks more upgrades; also a cheap way to boost Prestige Botanical Garden - gives you free Herbs every Stronghold Turn Warden's Lodge - allows you to get bounties for lots of money; note that each time you kill a bounty target, you trigger a Stronghold Turn, and then you trigger another Stronghold Turn when you turn in the bounty to the Warden. Afterwards, try to keep Prestige & Security at about the same levels as you choose upgrades. Focusing just on Security makes favorable events almost never happen, which can quickly make you resent your Stronghold. Keeping the two at about the same level gives you a good mix between favorable and unfavorable events. ---------- Here are upgrades I recommend getting last: Barracks - You generally won't need hirelings as long as you keep your character level low. Otherwise, they can be very helpful during Attacks at higher character levels, when the attackers are much more powerful. Note that hirelings are a constant drain on your income per *game day* rather than Stronghold Turn, and are generally not worth it if your income is limited and you still have Stronghold upgrades left. Best advice is to keep character level low rather than sink money into hirelings. The Prestige & Security bonuses you gain from hirelings do not affect the amount of taxes that you collect or that get stolen by bandits; in fact, Prestige & Security do not affect your taxes, period. Dungeons - if you are rationing Quest turn-in's, then it's unlikely you will ever get a chance to use the Dungeons until you start doing Quest turn-in's frequently again. Merchant Stall - you can already sell things at your Curio Shop. Towers - cheap way to boost Prestige & Security. However, once I built Towers, Stronghold Attacks started happening! (??) If Security is low, then best to keep within 3 days' travel distance from Stronghold (so far, minimum warning time for Attacks has been 3 days). Is it that building Towers triggers Stronghold attacks, or once Prestige has reached a certain threshold (10?) the attacks come? In that case, upgrades that raise Security without raising Prestige are best in the beginning? I think I tried this, and that doesn't work either -- attacks just come no matter what. Prestige & Security Higher Security allows visiting Hirelings to safely arrive at your Stronghold. However, I've found Security has a seemingly random relationship with what percentage of taxes get stolen by bandits. It does not seem to consistently affect the percentage stolen. With 3 Prestige & 2 Security: 48 cp lost to bandits, 626 cp arrived safely. Loss = 7.12% With 20 Prestige & 22 Security: 28 cp lost to bandits, 828 cp arrived safely. Loss = 3.27% With 28 Prestige & 27 Security: 115 cp lost, 506 arrived. Loss = 18.5% With 31 Prestige & 30 Security: 435 cp lost, 880 arrived. Loss = 33.1% With 34 Prestige & 30 Security: 273 cp lost, 440 arrived. Loss = 38.3% With 48 Prestige & 46 Security: 678 cp lost, 247 arrived. Loss = 73.3% (Reloads:) With 48 Prestige & 46 Security: 674 cp lost, 181 arrived. Loss = 78.8% With 48 Prestige & 46 Security: 685 cp lost, 253 arrived. Loss = 73.0% With 48 Prestige & 46 Security: 623 cp lost, 229 arrived. Loss = 73.1% (Changing Prestige & Security scores via Hirelings:) With 44 Prestige & 38 Security: 696 cp lost, 165 arrived. Loss = 80.8% With 44 Prestige & 46 Security: 655 cp lost, 246 arrived. Loss = 72.6% Summary: the amount of taxes collected does not scale with the main character's level, nor with the Prestige score. Prestige seems to not have any connection with how much money is collected in taxes every 5 Stronghold Turns: 856 cp taxes in total with just 20 Prestige, while only 713 cp taxes in total with 34 Prestige. Security also seems to not have any connection with how much money is stolen by bandits. For instance, just 7.12% of taxes was stolen with Security score 2, while 78.8% was stolen with Security level 46. (Note: Test if it's the ratio of Prestige to Security that counts instead?) Attacks on the Stronghold I've found that the level of the creatures attacking the Stronghold scales exponentially with the main character's level. If you stay at a low level when you're just starting to upgrade your Stronghold, you can keep the Attacks weak enough that your party alone can handle them. Again, this means withholding any Quest turn-in's until you've upgraded your Stronghold as much as you can between each Quest turn-in. Stronghold Attacks are rolled for each game day. Bad Visitors If you get a Bad Visitor to the Stronghold upon entering a new map, you can re-load the game to the Autosave (if it's been turned on) of the old map where you came from -- if you don't have an Autosave, then you can try hoping you have a Save that is not too far from when you left the previous map. Once you have that Autosave loaded, save it in a new Save slot (or you can skip this step and hope the game doesn't overwrite the Autosave you want). Then completely exit the game, restart Pillars, and load that Save. Now travel to the new map again. You should now get a different Visitor. (Pillars keeps giving you the exact same visitor each time you reload unless you clear its buffer by exiting the game completely.) Final Notes: I am completely sick of the Pillars of Eternity Stronghold and refuse to do any more work on it. If you have any comments or suggestions about this post, please post directly here. Unfortunately, there's no way to upvote / downvote useful comments on the Obsidian forums like there is on Reddit. Suggestions to the Obsidian Team on the Stronghold: Please allow people to accumulate Stronghold Turns whenever they turn in a quest, and then allow them to choose *when* they want to spend those turns. Why does anyone want to play a game that takes control out of the hands of the players? That's the definition of an unenjoyable game. E.g. Imagine Tetris where you hit the Left Arrow to make a piece move left, and instead it just moves it in a random direction 90% of the time. That is what the Stronghold mini-game feels like right now. Please fix the Prestige / Security not affecting the taxes collected, nor the percentage of taxes stolen. Please give the Steward the ability to be an advisor to advise what upgrade to build next, or what the player should do given their character level (e.g. avoid working on any other quests until they finish Level x in Endless Paths).
  5. Early in the PoE2 crowdfunding campaign, I made some suggestions to Feargus that he really liked. I decided to put those on here so the devs would be able to find them easily if they wanted to use them. I also ported over a few stronghold suggestions that I made for PoE that Aarik and a few other Obsidian types liked, but couldn't implement because it was too late in the life cycle of the game. Feel free to comment and add suggestions of your own. If I like them, I'll be sure to add them into this post (with due credit to you). Stronghold: Personally, I'm hoping for something two-fold - a Tortuga-like island that is your actual base and of course your ship, both of which can be upgraded. You could use the ship upgrades to gate off areas of the map you don't want players to get to (ie stronger design upgrades to negotiate stormier areas or some such thing). The island would be where you conduct the vast majority of your traditional stronghold business. Plotlines: If you do a couple of plots akin to "The Master of Caed Nua" (and I hope you are), the only real suggestion I have is this: it was way too easy for players to finish that plotline without having mustered the cool alliances that made the final battle easier and more epic. Now that you'll be crafting out stronghold plotlines right from the start, work on building them out so players most likely will have encountered and acquired such resources so they can bring them to bear. Oh, and just to throw in a shout-out to the Black Isle fundraising effort: provided we secure the funding, have the Black Isle Bastards be one of those battle resources to call upon! Player characters: Holding court was one of the most fun, "epic"-feeling elements of PoE. It was great how your party could contribute, either in dialogue or participation, to the resolution of those interludes. If you are looking to take those encounters to the next level, consider having a couple of the party characters have parts of their quests intersect with stronghold activities like this. Sidekicks: While I get that sidekicks are not full companions nor do they need the full companion treatment, I have seen some players (and admittedly I feel likewise) clamor for something beyond how they have been initially pitched. The stronghold offers a great opportunity to meet players halfway on this. There should be at least one quest/event for each companion out there in the game world, and some of those could easily be stronghold-related, be they interested visitors, quests given by the sidekicks while at the stronghold, some kind of relationship between one of your captured prisoners and a sidekick, etc., etc. Hirelings: I was always a little disappointed that I could build an ampitheater, hire a scald, and then...nothing come of it. Think of a few ways to make the stronghold interactive, particularly with a combination of hirelings and locations within. Likewise, everyone I know who has played the game enjoyed the way you could recruit folks like Korgrak or ambassadors of allies to join the hireling crew. Keep that up. For unique characters like Korgrak, think about how they could have follow-up quests in the form of stronghold events. If you do make alliances in the game, have those ambassadors weigh in on your decisions, just as a way to keep the players on their toes. It doesn't have to impact the game at all, but it'would be very cool to see other nations or groups' representatives react to your play style. Forumite Blotter hopes we'll be able to recruit our unique Caed Nua visitors, and I do, too, but I have the sneaky suspicion that Obsidian will say that Eothas soul ate everyone. In defense of my pal Korgrak, though, I'm going to say that he missed all that because he was out on the trail with the Warden of the Wilds, so he's ready to go for PoE2. ;-) Pets: Whether just in your house or around the whole base, make it so that your excess pets can be seen wandering around. And since this is a sequel, don't be afraid to consider something unexpected and cool like "sequels" to some of these pets. What if another wizard comes looking for Concelhaut's skull? What if your baby lagufaeth has grown up a bit and can now be a hireling or plays some key role if there's a lagufaeth-related questline? And just to cement his legacy as your world's Boo, there should absolutely be some kind of wild quest or stronghold event around the Miniature Giant Space Piglet. Upgrades: Build some reactivity in the world to the upgrades, where random NPCs might remark upon new base or ship features. To reinforce what I wrote in the hirelings section, have some of these upgrades make the stronghold come alive. To use the ampitheater example, Suikoden III had a stronghold feature where you build a theater and stage plays. Two of those plays were based on events from the first two games. In the case of a game like this, you could easily port over player choices (or settings) from PoE that tell a PoE story that reflects the player's experiences. Stuff like that. Forum user DigitalCrack reminded me of an idea that others want: a class-specific add-on. My suggestion there is to choose one area of the stronghold and have any class specific design slotted in there. Also have it accompanied by a hireling (who doesn't count against the # you can hire) and have at least one quest, even if it's just a "choose your own adventure" type, associated with it. Forum user Algroth suggested the idea that some upgrades have variants that allow you to really customize the stronghold. Items: This was the part that Feargus most liked. Over the course of PoE, I acquired some legendary weapons, armors, and grimoires. However, they sat in boxes and on shelves, meaningless. Have it so that certain items add to your prestige and/or security. Make it so that possessing unique items or books might trigger quest lines (a family wants a heirloom sword you found) and stronghold events (a scholar wants to study that orb you discovered). There can be a museum where you display certain items. The library can highlight certain books that you possess. Events: While I envision the island as having 90% of stronghold-related events, you can still surprise with some ship-based ones. Perhaps a treasonous crewman can be made to walk the plank! Plus, I would be remiss if I didn't suggest that one of the events be a ghost ship encounter. Would also suggest one of the sidekicks come from it. ) One pie in the sky idea I had: if it isn't too huge an issue, you could implement a "multiplayer lite" option. Namely, have players be able to send a messenger to another player. This will trigger a unique one-off quest, again even something as simple as the Choose Your Own Adventure style, that the player receiving the messenger could resolve and send back. Nothing more than that, but a fun way to share in the journey with friends without having to build a full MP architecture. Another benefit of doing this is that it builds out the community: people would come here to look for folks to connect with the get the mission and hopefully stick around and participate. One thing referenced by others below and that I've definitely heard feedback on: people want more out of the prisoners, be they interactions in the dungeons, trials, or events. That was a popular feature especially in the early PoE build that showed how deep the stronghold might go, so it's definitely a place where you should look to expand. Forumite Kirk raises a good point that for events like attacks on the stronghold and the Battle of Yenwood, the PCs not in your party were nowhere to be found. Something to consider addressing for similar sequences in Part 2. Economics: Forumite Tanos and others have mentioned that the economics of Caed Nua were a bit wonky and that the new stronghold should have a better system, ideally with player choice and opportunity to drive economic success. Forumite Fardragon suggested that if ships are involved in the stronghold calculus, that they could be used in goods trading.
  6. Hi 2 Talents: The Merciless Hand (+ crit dmg mult) Dungeon Delver (+ crit dmg mult) 2 Items: Rabbit Fur Gloves (+ crit dmg mult) Shattenstar or any other weapon with crit dmg mult. Does this stuff works together? Talents not beeing supressed? If dual wielding is there any reason to take two one-handed melee weapons (let's say axes) with crit dmg mult on each? Or they're supressed? Second question is about Caed Nua hirelings: I've got all the "guest" hirelings (War Criminal, Brutish Warrior, Noble Lady etc) + IG hirelings: Korgrak, Orico, Skaen Cleric, Fampyr and one fraction guy (Crucible Knight or Doemenel Thief). Is there anyone else in the game whom I can hire in my Stronghold? Have I missed someone? Thanks )
  7. beta v1.0.4.0534 -steam The button should read "Recall" instead of "Assign", since a companion is already assigned to the adventure. This was seen immediately after loading the save immediately after launching the game, shortly after booting the computer. Clicking the "Assign" button did in fact recall Hiravias from the adventure. I exited to the menu and reloaded the save, and the button then displayed correctly as "Recall". Last night I had a kidnapping (of Lord Sidroc). When I assigned Grieving Mother to rescue him, the action window did not display the text "Grieving Mother is assigned". The action button (which I think also said "Assign" instead of "Recall") was higher up, where one would expect to see that text (ie up where it says "Hiravias is assigned" in the image above). Unfortunately I neglected to get a screenshot of that problem. Also, at a certain point the upgrades list stopped reflecting new upgrade orders correctly. I would click on "Purchase" to begin a new upgrade, but that button would not disappear to be replaced by a countdown to completion of the construction project. Clicking on the same "Purchase" button again would result in the message "_____ is already in progress.", where the blank was the name of the project (as expected, since the project had started). Leaving and returning to the screen resulted in the countdown to completion being displayed correctly. Saved Game Output Log System Information I'm not sure how much use those files will be, since reproducing the problems is unreliable (I can't really trigger a kidnapping on demand).
  8. Hello.In stronghold screen when i click hirelings menu it says under every hireling "currently unpaid" despite having plenty of coin .after i fire them then rehire them text dissapears.But if i quit the game and then load the same save,it says "currently unpaid" again.Also guest hirelings dissapears for good if i fire them but their bonuses stays.Not sure about the last part when i fire a regular hireling stronghold's prestige and security drops but when i fire a guest hireling there is no change.So either their bonuses doesnt apply or stack even after i dissmis them.Secondly after my companions return from off screen adventures text in the stronghold screen suggest there are some rewards in the treasury but it is always empty.Sorry for english it is not my first language.
  9. Supposedly there are items to be gained from prisoners but I have not heard of anyone getting anything but a couple hundred coppers. Has anyone collected all the available prisoners and held them for a while in a high-reputation stronghold? Also, can we make a list of the loot lost by taking each prisoner? Gramrfel - Dead Man Standing Kestorik - 3 emeralds, vithrack brain Aefre - nothing important Nyrid - grimoire Eorn - ? Naelde - ? Captain Esmer - ?
  10. Request: Throughout the stronghold are containers of various kinds - bookcases, vases, boxes, chests, etc., the majority of which we are unable to select/interact with. This greatly detracts from my ability to roleplay the stronghold as my home. Given that I can pick up such a great variety of goods throughout the world, it only makes sense that I would be able to store them appropriately in my home. Please, make it so that a great majority of containers are usable in the stronghold. It would increase my enjoyment soooo much! Also, while you're at it, please make sorting the containers enjoyable as well. Sorting scrolls by name or level, books alphabetically or by series, e.g., part I, II, III, IV... Please, the more containers, the greater variety, and added sorting/viewing mechanisms would go such a long way! Thanks!
  11. So, after playing Pillars of Eternity and the first expansion to completion, I've come to realize that the stronghold system, well, falls short. Drastically. And the reason isn't what most of you would think. Yes, I'd love a massive 3d highres sandbox that I could turn into a Gothic dungeon or mage's tower or Arabian palace or whatever, or at least the ability to customize my stronghold so that it isn't exactly the same as every other maxed out stronghold, but that's not the real problem. The real problem is that it's useless. I played through the entire game twice now and only go back to the stronghold for attacks or to take advantage of the rest options. Oh, and the bounties. That's it. The shops are insignificant, the adventure rewards aren't anything significant, and the main keep doesn't really house anything. More to the point, though, it doesn't feature in the story at all, except for occasional mentions that you've taken it over. Now, Pillars of Eternity is hardly the only game to do this. Notably, Baldur's Gate II did similarly, though there I seem to recall there were at least a few unique events that required your personal attention, and a few unique items you could get for doing well. I'd love to see a game much like Pillars of Eternity, except that the plot is somehow centrally tied to the stronghold. There's a world to explore, cities and towns to visit, side quests to do, and maybe even significant parts of the main quest out there, but the main quest brings you back to the stronghold again and again, and not for a gimmick, but for good reason. On top of that, at least some of the best equipment in the game can be gotten only through the stronghold blacksmith. The best potions can be brewed by the stronghold alchemist. The most devastating traps can be constructed in the stronghold tinker. The stronghold isn't just a minor add-on, an 'oh, and also'. It's part and parcel to the game on both a plot and mechanics level. And yes, at that point you probably do want to give the player a slightly more developed stronghold system, but honestly, I don't think it needs too much more to be serviceable. I just, first and foremost, need a reason to care about it. As an idea of how this could work, and yes this is heavily reminiscent of PoE; it's been in my mind a lot lately: The kingdom is suffering from something (the Legacy serves well enough). This something isn't easily explained as natural events or obviously tied to magical experiments. People are desperate. People are suffering. Throughout the kingdom there are various ancient ruins of a long-lost civilization which have never been thoroughly explored because reasons (unfriendly natives, superstition, dangerous monsters/traps, or just not much obvious financial reward). Now, though, because of the something, the king is looking for anything that can fix it, or at least shed some light on it. He's trying a bunch of things at once: the priests are making record offerings to all of the gods, even the minor ones, the mages are studying it all out with almost no restrictions, whatever level of 'science' there may be is given lots of resources, and the king has decided to commission adventurer groups to dare these ruins, in hopes that something in them may shed some light. I.e., most people don't really think you'll achieve anything. Even the king isn't putting much hope in you. But people are desperate. You, as leader of your adventurer group, are given a sizable plot of land that's never been developed because of the ancient ruins on it (maybe you have to compete for them as the intro/tutorial). You're given a sizable sum of money to develop the land with, to build housing, facilities, a library, magical research laboratories, a forge, a public bath, statues to yourself or others, whatever. You're tasked to explore the ruins and bring up anything that may shed any light at all on the situation. Of course, archaeology, translation, magical decryption, and physical repair of ancient artifacts aren't exactly adventurer bread and butter. So, you have to go out into the world and find the foremost experts, or at least whoever's willing to work for you, to do that for you. They need facilities to work in. The better the person is, the better the facility they demand. And the better the housing, and food, and local tavern, and local court, and.... Yeah, you need to spruce the place up to get started. But, as you delve into the ruins and bring back artifacts, these experts figure out what they are, how they work, and what happened to the culture that made them. This is the primary story. So you don't get it directly from exploring the ruins, you get it from bringing the pieces back to your stronghold to be examined by your experts that you hired by having a nice enough stronghold and keeping them happy and being friends with them and maybe getting revenge on their ex-spouse for them and... Ok, so obvious side-quest potential there. In the end, at the bottom of your ruins, you find something. Something that's entirely out of place and makes no sense but there it is. My original idea was a spaceship. Perfectly fitted right into the solid bedrock. With no path in or out even a fraction big enough for it. So it's a little corny, but it'd work. Or maybe it's the Great Library of the Ancients. Or the Council of the Gods, the Well of Souls, whatever. Somehow, someway, what you find at least sheds light on what the problem is and what the solution is, maybe it even presents the solution itself. In the end, you can have a vibrant living world with a driving reason to explore it (to find and convince experts to help you), but also a stronghold that's deeply integral to the plot, with some of the best facilities around (by the end, at least, thanks to all the experts you're bringing in). You go there to stock up, you go there to upgrade your gear, you go there to advance the plot (and with good reason), and maybe you even go there to get to know your people (the experts in this case instead of party members).
  12. Two separate issues: 1. Zahua seems to be missing a line of dialogue during his introduction as seen here. 2. "The Wax Maker" Stronghold adventure seems to display the text for a different adventure and "No events currently pending" probably shouldn't display while an event is currently pending.
  13. I'm a firm believer that everything (systemic-wise) that makes player directly calculate the odds dramatically improves overall experience, since it completely eliminates the "let's click this & that, guess something is probably improved, moving on" way of thinking. Specifically, it would be nice if we finally saw a detailed breakdown on Security & Prestige ratings. Right now, both numbers are vague to the extreme - you see them rise, sure, but you don't actually know what they exactly do except "uh, the more the better, I guess". When you upgrade both ratings, can you actually say with confidence you know exactly what will change? Now, the whole system is built on probabilities (I think so, at least). Merchants may or may not arrive at the castle, bandits may or may not attack, so showing the percentage (there s a 56% probability Very Fearsome Enemy will attack, JUST SO YOU KNOW!!!) would be silly, of course. But I think instead of that, they could change the outcome display. If you increase Prestige, for example, the game will show you the exact number of taxes and money collected (bandits will take some of it, but increasing the security rating, conversely, will decrease this to a certain threshold, within reason). With Security, however, it's noticeably harder, since again, all is based on a probabilities and there's not much you can do to correctly display this without looking too gamey and unnatural. Theory (it's hard to do so yeah, not that it's possible, but still): I guess you can attach two statuses to keep. One displays potential threat level. Safe--Dangerous and something in-between. Another displays keep "protection" status. Secured--Dilapidated and something in-between. This way the player directly sees the effect of Security rating instead of "uh, now that I raised it to 40, am I finally safe?". Maybe even simpler. When number crosses the certain threshold, the icon changes its background, from red to yellow to green or something. Although this color solution carries some inherent drawbacks, I suppose - for one, red color implies some urgency and/or emergency when there isn't one, since stronghold maintenance in PoE is fairly subdued and calm affair. So this will probably irritate some players. The palette could be different - from gray to green to golden, for example. Your thoughts/suggestions? If you were to increase mechanic transparency of these statuses, how would you do it? Sorry for some choppy English.
  14. During the quest "At the Mercy of the Tribes" you come across a conflict between the Fangs and a group of Dyrwoodan scouts commanded by Mercenary Captain Esmar. Captain Esmar is one of the guys you can take prisoner to your Stronghold. This happen only if you convice the Fang tribe to let the scouts go. They will only agree to let them go free if you punish Captain Esmar. What did I do? - I talked with both of them. Captain Esmar wanted me to clear a route for them to scape. The Fangs wanted me to get rid of the other guys. - I didn't have enough Twin Elms reputation to convice the fangs. So, I just continued to explore the zone. - Accidentally, I came accross a pack of wolf-like beasts which I killed. - Quest update came up saying I've cleared the way. Now I can talk to Captain Esmar and tell him the way is clear. - Well, I didn't. I've completed "Hunter, Brother". - Now with enough Twin Elms reputations, conviced the Fangs to let the scouts free. They want their captain to pay for his deeds. What happened? - I go and talk to Captain Esmar - There's no speech line to tell him about this. Is either "I've cleared the northen woods" or "[Attack] I've decided to help the Glanfathans". - If I choose to attack him, Captain Esmar does not beg for his life letting me hold him prisoner (he just dies) and I get a "Quest Failed" log. Any help would be much appreciated! Edit: You can download the saved game from here.
  15. So I'm trying to understand how to best use the stronghold. There are some issues that have come up though: 1. Bandits take nearly as much as I earn through taxes even though I have much higher security than prestige. How are the bandits so effective if I have sky-high security? This means that I'll earn something like 50 copper. Camping just once is more expensive than this, and what's worse is that when I subtract the cost of hirelings, I'm losing quite a bit of money. 2. It seems that hirelings are paid per day, but taxes are earned per turn. This means that you can never generate infinite wealth, but you can LOSE infinite wealth. Is that really true? I do like the stronghold, don't get me wrong, but so far all it does is cost me money. A lot of money. I understand that you can get resting bonuses, sure, but for the thousands I spend upgrading the stronghold, I'm sure I could have gotten a full game's worth of resting bonuses from inns. What am I missing here? PS: If it had generated taxes per day, it would have made sense. Sure some nutty people could have gained infinite wealth, but does that really matter?
  16. First off, just to make it clear: I love P:E. It's a fantastic game. It's the cRPG I've had the most fun with since the Golden Age, no question, and stands proudly among the games that inspired it. 10/10 GOTY and all that commotion. There are three mechanical systems in it however that I thought were weak enough to detract from the experience, and I hope Obsidian addresses these in the expansion and sequels: crafting, the stronghold, and stealth. Stealth needs a complete overhaul in my opinion. It is way overpowered. Being able to sneak with even 0 points in it means you always get the drop on your enemies. With detection circles rather than sight cones there's no real gameplay involved in it, beyond switching it on and off, and with the possibility of double-speed, there's no disincentive to exploring maps stealthed. I believe it would be a lot more fun if: It is individual, not party. Characters with 0 ranks in stealth cannot sneak. (Or, rather, they can try, but there's no advantage to it.) Higher ranks do not change the detection radius, but only the time at which detection trips. Detection is based on a cone + circle rather than a circle. Different types of enemies could have different size cones and circles; oozes for exmaple could have circles only. Rogues get a per-encounter special ability that lets them re-stealth in combat, to replace Shadowing Beyond. Casters get Invisibility spells with the same effect. My problem with the crafting mechanics is that it's too easy. It takes much of the interest out of itemization, and it feels wrong to be able to apply enchantments while dungeon-delving. I've just started Witcher 3, and it has a much more interesting crafting system, and it's more interesting because it's more restrictive. I believe the following changes would make crafting more enjoyable: Require a recipe and an NPC specialist to craft. These specialists could be stronghold hirelings also. Remove the "Fine/Exceptional/Superb" property from "enchantments." Instead, make it a base property of the item, and make it determine the number of enchantment slots the item has. However, also make it possible to craft fine/exceptional/superb items from scratch. Have different NPC specialists have different skill levels (maybe only one legendary swordsmith can craft Superb swords?) know different crafting recipes, and also let us discover recipes as we adventure. As to the stronghold... as it currently stands, it just feels tacked-on and superficial. Sending Kana on a Major Adventure to get 10% XP and a Medium Magic Item just feels dumb. A bit of writing would've gone a long way to fix that -- a descriptive title and a short paragraph. There aren't an unlimited number of these adventures available anyway as the Turn clock is based on quests which are a finite resource. The same applies to most everything else in it: the mechanics themselves are serviceable-enough, but there's just no flesh around those bones. Ideally, all those stronghold events -- the Major Adventures and visiting dignitaries -- need to be grounded in the main narrative. So: Flesh out stronghold events with better descriptions. No more Minor Adventures! Ground them in the narrative. Stage events relevant to the narrative in the stronghold maps. As it is, there really was no motivation to visit at all; even the Brighthollow bonuses were anaemic compared to inn bonuses. I realize that this -- more so than the others even -- is very much a resource issue. However, as it is, the game would IMO have been better off without the stronghold altogether.
  17. So I had hired a Glanfathan Soul Hunter for my stronghold. And then he started not getting paid. For some reason. So I figured "hey, I don't need this guy anyway", so I fired him. And now he won't leave. So two bugs on this report. Two Palleginas with one stone, as it were.
  18. Haven't hacked, cheated, exploited in any way, shape, or form (intentionally, at least; I wouldn't know if I inadvertantly triggered a bug somehow). Cleared Endless Paths. Team's Eder, Aloth, Sagani, Durance, Kana, and my toon. All level 9. Came back to keep, to find Main Hall in tatters. Thought "maybe it's a scenario? Bandits came and looted it?" Checked keep; Main Hall was reverted to unbuilt. Everything else already built was active. Couldn't build new things because "Requires Main Hall." Logged out, hoping a restart would solve it, went to bed. Logged on today. Now, (at the least) West Curtain Wall has reverted to unbuilt. I can Purchase the West Curtain Wall, but things I haven't built yet "Requires Main Hall." What the hell's going on? Why is my keep degrading??? Is this a feature of the stronghold? Having to perpetually "rebuild" it? I hope to God that it's not an unfixable bug; I'm NOT going to load an earlier save game from before clearing the Endless Paths and do it all over again! -Disgruntled Lym Last login, was approx 24-25-ish hours ago, in case that matters. PS. Saw guideline posts; sorry. T.T 1. Added Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/64b9y9obqsd6j3z/Pillars%20of%20Eternity.rar?dl=0 2. Output Log attached, tho not sure if it helps in this case 3. DxDiag attached, but again, not sure if it's necessary in this case 4. Screenshots initially attached, still there 5. Steps to reproduce... no idea whatsoever, since I don't know how/why it happened! (and it got worse since last night) output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  19. First I'd like to thank all devs and backers for bringing this wonderful game to us, It's great! But so far, the only thing that keeps me from enjoying it fully is the stronghold turn-based tax system. I understand that it was implemented to restrict money farming by resting, but I really hope it gets reverted to fixed timescale someday. If someone wants to rest 21 times to collect ~1000 gold, for the love of Berath LET HIM. I want to be able to calculate if I can afford hirelings instead of hoping that the tax comes before payday... Adventures are also the same proble, I'd like to know for how long a party member will stay locked in an adventure instead of guessing.
  20. By Tim Cain, Senior Code Wizard and Systems Designer Hello! I have spent much of my time for the last few weeks devoted to making the game’s stronghold system, which was one of our Kickstarter project’s biggest stretch goals, into one of the best systems in the game. Josh has created an amazing and detailed stronghold design, with lots of upgrades and activities and random events that really make owning a stronghold fun and exciting. I want to spend this update explaining what we have made in the game, but first, let’s talk about the stronghold itself. First, a caveat: I am going to describe the stronghold as it is currently designed. This design is mostly programmed already too, but as with all development, it might change as we finish the art and audio, fix any bugs, and tune the game play. So please view this as a snapshot of the stronghold development as it exists today. You will be offered the stronghold early in the game, before you finish Act 1. But the stronghold itself is old and dilapidated, and you will want to upgrade it as soon as you can. These upgrades will, in turn, open up new activities and events that can happen, which will make the stronghold a dynamic and fun place to own. So let’s go through the many reasons why you will want to have a stronghold. Bonuses There are five bonuses you will receive for getting and upgrading your stronghold. Resting bonuses. Some of the upgrades to your stronghold will grant temporary bonuses to your attributes or non-combat skills when you rest there. As examples, you can build Training Grounds to improve your Strength or a Library to improve your Lore skill. Some of these upgrades are expensive, but you’re worth it. Adventures for idle companions. You will eventually have more companions than will fit in your party, so you will have leave some of them behind. While they are idling away at the stronghold, they can take part in their own adventures, earning additional experience for themselves and extra money, items and reputation bonuses for you! Ingredients. Many of the stronghold upgrades will generate ingredients used by non-combat skills. For example, Botanical Gardens create Survival ingredients over time, and a Curio Shop produces ingredients for use by both Lore and Mechanics. Special offers. Sometimes visitors to your stronghold will have rare items for sale, or perhaps they will offer you items in return for something else. Pay attention to these visitors. Some of these items may be nearly impossible to find any other way! Wealth. Don’t forget that by owning a stronghold, you also own all of the surrounding lands and impose a tax on all of the inhabitants. It will feel nice for a change to have someone recognize your high standing and give you the money that you so richly deserve. These bonuses all sound great, right? Well, they are great, but they are just the passive benefits from owning and upgrading a stronghold. There are a lot of activities you can do too, once you take possession of your stronghold. Tim in his typical Stronghold creation attire. Activities First and foremost, when you get your stronghold, you are going to want to upgrade it. Upgrades are improvements to various parts of the castle, usually to add to the security or prestige of the place. Security affects how much taxes you collect as well as helps reduce the number of “bad” random events, while prestige increases the number of “good” random events as well as increasing tax collections, too. Upgrades can also serve as prerequisites for other upgrades. For example, you cannot build your Training Grounds (and get your Strength bonus after resting at the stronghold) until you have repaired the inner bailey of the stronghold. Every upgrade costs money and takes time to build, but as long as you have the prerequisites completed, you can have as many upgrades building simultaneously as you can afford. And you don’t have to wait at the stronghold while they are built, either. You can continue adventuring, and you will be notified when they are built. You can begin collecting taxes from your populace as soon as you gain the stronghold. The amount of taxes you collect increases with your prestige (because people know of you and like you), but the amount also increases with higher security, since some taxes are lost to banditry. You will want to keep both of those values high. You can also employ hirelings to stay at your stronghold. These people will provide bonuses to your prestige and security, but they cost money to employ. Some will leave your castle if you stop paying them, but others will wait around to get paid again (but not provide any bonuses until they are). If you have cleared the dungeon and built a prison under your stronghold, then when you are fighting some of the named NPC’s in the game, you will be given an option to take them prisoner instead of killing them. Prisoners are kept in a cell in your prison, where you can visit them and talk to them, and occasionally use them as leverage later in the game. But you will need to keep your security level high, or you might suffer from a prison break! Finally, several upgrades will produce ingredients used by non-combat skills. This feature, along with upgrades that can improve your skills, makes your stronghold a great place to craft and store items. You can stop by your castle occasionally and make food, potions, scrolls, armors and weapons, and any that you don’t need immediately can be stored in chests and other containers in a variety of places around the stronghold. You know, in case of an emergency. Which brings us to random stronghold events. Random Events As you play the game after getting the stronghold, whether or not you are physically there, you will be told if a random event happens at the stronghold. Sometimes, you will need to deal with the event immediately, but usually you are given some time to decide what to do. The most common event at your stronghold is having a visitor arrive. There are all kinds of visitors, but they all share one thing. They can adjust your prestige and/or security just by being at your stronghold. Some visitors are wonderful and give good bonuses, and you will want them to stay as long as possible. Some of these visitors can even be employed as hirelings and will stay on as long as you pay them. Others are not so great, and you will want to offer them one of your companions to act as an escort to their next location, or perhaps simply pay them to leave. Some visitors will offer rare items for sale, and some might even offer a very rare item in exchange for one of the prisoners in your dungeon. As you can see, visitors require some decision making on your part. As mentioned above, your idle companions can take part in adventures as those events arise. You will be informed of what adventures are available, how long they will last, and what the rewards will be (in general terms). If you send a companion on an adventure, he or she is unavailable until they complete it and return with the rewards. You can recall any companions early, but then they earn nothing. Why would you ever want to recall them then? Because your stronghold can get attacked! Attacks are the most potentially dangerous of all stronghold events. Occasionally troublemakers (of various sorts) will decide to attack your castle. You will be warned ahead of time of any such attack, so you can return to the stronghold and take part in it directly, if you want. Otherwise, the attack is simulated and you are told the results. A well-defended stronghold can repel any but the most concerted attacks, but there is always a chance of damage which can destroy upgrades, kill hirelings, and cost money. The threat of attacks is the most important reason to keep your security level as high as you can afford. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into the world of Project Eternity and the role your stronghold will play in the game. No matter how you play the game, your stronghold is certain to provide many benefits and also be a lot fun too!
  21. Description: I can't dismiss hirelings from my stronghold. They don't have any status (e.g. "unpaid") and the hirelings menu only shows "hire" as an option. I also already recruited 8 in total, so I can't get new hirelings anymore. I tried to work around this by killing those I don't need, but that doesn't work. It would still pop up as 8/8 recruited and the hirelings I killed would simpy respawn when the area is reloaded. They do cost me money though and hirelings which were supposed to only stay for a limited time frame are now there permanently. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: I have no idea how to reproduce this bug. I hired 8 people pretty early in the game and didn't pay much attention for a long time. When a checked back much later into the game to dismiss some of them, the UI was stuck this way. Important Files: screenshot In my case, I hired the last three fighters.
  22. both of my built curtain walls have been "unbuilt" after auto resolving an attack on my stronghold
  23. Hi all, Even with my stronghold fully guarded (8/8) and most of those guarding it giving more bonus to security than prestige I still lose money to bandits. How does this reward/theft relationship works? Note that my stronghold is not fully upgraded (Almost). How can you optimize this? Thanks
  24. I have a bug within my game. When I enter my Stronghold Keep, all of the NPCs inside (Hirelings, guests, merchant) are immediately hostile against my hero & party and will attack on sight, forcing me to kill them all. I suspect this is because one of them died in my last stronghold defense manual resolve. I cannot directly confirm that because after I completed that resolve I did not enter the keep again until many hours (and a full game chapter) later. This is incredibly annoying, prevents access to the merchant, and results in a loss of Stronghold prestige when I am forced to murder the guests. I am posting a link to my save file and output log (in zip file) that can be used to reproduce this behavior. I wanted to attach this file directly to this post, but it tells me the file is too big (500KB limit). https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=71FCD6481273473!4632&authkey=!AKkhismE_mPzW60&ithint=file%2czip The patch level of my game is v1.0.3.0526 (steam). I have used the forum search feature and found a couple other posts describing this behavior, but without any save files uploaded. Also, nobody has responded to those posts since 3/31. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72987-stronghold-hirelings-bug/?hl=stronghold https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73709-guards-at-stronghold-turned-traitor/?hl=stronghold I found a similar but slightly different post at: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/74067-my-companions-auto-attacks-friendly-hirelings-in-the-stronghold/?hl=stronghold
  25. I'm a fairly lowish level, but I don't see how this could possibly matter for a mechanic like this. Anyway, when selecting "manual defend", the party is thrown up to a fight against two Treants (or however they're named here) and four Shades (which all summon shadows). This party is way too low level to possibly stand a chance, straight up characters getting OHKO'ed. The fight's difficulty is cursory, however. Because when you select "manual defend" you are instantly transported to the battle, AND THE GAME AUTOSAVES. So, unless you have a closer manual save, you're stuck in this fight. Please please please get rid of autosaving right before manual defending, or atleast before you're put into the actual battle.
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