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  1. it doesn't change days passed number just journal dates.
  2. mainliy it effects stronghold time-releated things.
  3. same issue is there fix for this.it affects late game heavily.
  4. Hey can you guys check your game journal for in-game time.Mine is all wrong there are crazy years in quest-log.Like some quest starts in 5234 and ends in 16872.Altough in game UI it shows corret year 2823.
  5. Hi.I have cipher aoe(int) bug and also stronghold hirelings currently unpaid bug.I noticed in game journal there are dates on the side in every addendum and update.But dates are imposibble.There are like 15.someting.16678 or 27.someting.1584.Game shows corret date in UI but not in the journal.I am asking people having smiliar issues to me look in-game date in the journal.It might be connected if people have these bugs also have crazy years in-game journal.
  6. Hello.In stronghold screen when i click hirelings menu it says under every hireling "currently unpaid" despite having plenty of coin .after i fire them then rehire them text dissapears.But if i quit the game and then load the same save,it says "currently unpaid" again.Also guest hirelings dissapears for good if i fire them but their bonuses stays.Not sure about the last part when i fire a regular hireling stronghold's prestige and security drops but when i fire a guest hireling there is no change.So either their bonuses doesnt apply or stack even after i dissmis them.Secondly after my companions return from off screen adventures text in the stronghold screen suggest there are some rewards in the treasury but it is always empty.Sorry for english it is not my first language.
  7. also having the same issue.after i fire them then rehire them text dissapers.But if i quit the game and then load the same save,it says "currently unpaid" again.Also guest hirelings dissapers for good if i fire them.
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