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  1. So that's how I occasionally get it working! Good catch @celethang. Thanks for the workaround!
  2. My main character, a Cipher, for some reason does not get any AoE bonuses from Intellect, while other characters do. The character screen claims I'm getting bonuses, but the area highlight never shows the yellow zone, regardless of my Intellect. I verified that it's not only a visual glitch - the area is indeed not affected by bonuses. I tried disabling/re-enabling the area highlight to no avail. I also tried manipulating the attribute score through cheats in attempts to "unstuck" the calculation, and it actually worked (I got the yellow zone) until I reloaded from a save. I can no longer reproduce this... The version is, GOG. This kind of ruins my game... Any ideas? All relevant files (saves, logs, screenshots, dxdiag info) are here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqto22xb8lfftzi/aoe_bug.zip?dl=0
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