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  1. Right now I'm playing POtD with an Pale Elf Kind Wayfarer 1. I would raise DEX a bit instead of MIG. (actually INT 12-14 is OK for a paladin, if not for the dialogue options, you can raise it via good helmets early in the game). I wouldn't recommend dump CON. Since you can't (as a Good Paladin) benefit +1 MIG and 5% Endurance from the machine and +1 MIG from the Blood Pool (Maneha or Eder), you need to pick Untroubled Faith in that case... 2. I would pick Zealous Endurance. If you're not soloing you can pick the Modal Focus talent with your priest for example. Or simple pick up Pallegina for the second aura on your party. 3. Inspiring Thriumph + Strange Mercy is a life safer and works very good (since you're the DD with a 2-h Great Sword). The Sword and the Shepherd talent isn't really that powerfull but sometimes comes in handy in tough group battles. If you don't mind using a lot of healing scrolls, don't take this talent. 4. I wouldn't recommend Bloody Slaughter. It only triggers when 10 or 20% HP is left... Not really usefull, IMO. Superior Deflection... well, in your case with a RES score 10 it might be a good idea to pick that talent. 5. For DD reasons I would go House Doemenels for the Crit talent. 6. I would recommend to pick Liberating Exhortation. Quite usefull buff and works as cleanse too. Still it depends on your party. You can pick Deprive the Unworthy if you're playing without a mage (like me). 7. I'm not sure, but seems that Scion of Flame is not really working for me or not as much usefull as it could be according to the description. 8. I would pick baby Sneak Attack (is it just me?) so you can co-op with your melee Rogue (custom companion in my group). In that case Coordinated Attacks (in my case Pallegina has it) might be usefull. 9. If you're not soloing It's a nice idea to pick up Pallegina (on POtD) as a defensive unit and play with 2 paladins. Give her the Green Paladin Shield (+5 defences). Take all Exhortations on her so she could buff it on you, raise her Lore to 10 so she can use all the scrolls (Moonwell, offensive spells).
  2. A good Paladin build depends more on your stats (tank or DD), IMO. But: Inspiring Triumph + Strange Mercy are really usefull with a DD build vs strong groups + The Sword and the Shepherd + Moon Godlike... Pallegina's order is good, but the character itself is quite weak. Neither a tank nor a DD. A pity, because I like her, her portrait, accent etc, in the same time - weak quest, no helm and a very strange talent Elusive Quarry.
  3. Since Eder is the best companion in the game = his quest is the best one. I also liked Sagani's quest. Durance's and Mother's stories are quite interesting, but do they count as quests? Devils quest could be better, intriguing, but too short (1 dialog). Not much to say about Maneha - she's my #1 candidate for the Blood Pool After beating the game 3 times, must admit - worst companions get worst quests - Pallegina (2 dialogs = exp bump) and Kana (simple kill him for his gear, thats his main role in this game).
  4. Does the Wood Elven race talent (accuracy and deflection) applies to bows and pistols or some spells too?
  5. The best pick for your frontliner (Paladin or Fighter) is the Pale Elf! Most annoying enemies do freeze and burn damage. + There are 2 very good rings in the game - Wyrwood ring (Caed Nua 1 lvl quest) and Friyid Claim - bonus DR vs elements and spells. P.S.: Considering prone and stun attacks - sacrifice Maneha to the Skaen Blood pool (one of the best options IMO).
  6. The weapon's skill crit dmg aplies only to this weapon when you hit an enemy or the bonus goes to the character stats? So a second weapon with crit bonus will suppress the bonus from the first one? I'm talking about dual wielding = one weapon in each hand. Same question goes for Atk Speed bonuses on different weapons.
  7. Hi 2 Talents: The Merciless Hand (+ crit dmg mult) Dungeon Delver (+ crit dmg mult) 2 Items: Rabbit Fur Gloves (+ crit dmg mult) Shattenstar or any other weapon with crit dmg mult. Does this stuff works together? Talents not beeing supressed? If dual wielding is there any reason to take two one-handed melee weapons (let's say axes) with crit dmg mult on each? Or they're supressed? Second question is about Caed Nua hirelings: I've got all the "guest" hirelings (War Criminal, Brutish Warrior, Noble Lady etc) + IG hirelings: Korgrak, Orico, Skaen Cleric, Fampyr and one fraction guy (Crucible Knight or Doemenel Thief). Is there anyone else in the game whom I can hire in my Stronghold? Have I missed someone? Thanks )
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