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  1. Agreed. RTwP is one of the things about IE games I loved. It'll be a shame if it dies off.
  2. I'd be surprised if many games that are "xbox exclusive" aren't eventually ported to the PC. By and large the two markets aren't competing in the same way that xbox and playstation are, so not porting to PC hurts overall profits. Of course you'll likely have to wait before it happens, and more bothersome for me is the tendency for UIs not to be properly adapted when ported from consoles to PCs.
  3. I'm not particularity surprised by this news (well the Obsidian part of it, InXile is a bit surprising). Whilst it would be nice to think that Obsidian will be left too do their thing with relatively little interference from Microsoft, I am not optimistic. As such I mostly hope that's this gives Obsidian's employees more job security than they had. As for me, so long as they make good games I want I'll buy them. My concern, like many others, is that MS will interfere to make the games have more 'mass appeal' and what I enjoy about Obsidian's games will be lost. Before anyone says 'that's what most people want' or similar, I am well aware of that and don't begrudge and company making such choices, but if it's not what I want I won't be buying it and I'm allowed to be sad that one of the free companies making the streets of games I want may soon not be. Also if Live (it whatever it's called these days) is required then I'm out. I already skipped ME3 for that reason.
  4. I think a true friend would intervene if a person had a real problem but (a) I don't think Boeroer is anywhere close to having a problem* and (b) realistically the vast majority of us aren't Boeroer's friends in any meaningful sense (we're certainly not in a position to judge whether or not he has a problem). *A problem would be where his gaming interferes with his life negatively. Simply playing a lot is not, by itself, a problem. If someone wants to spend the vast majority of their time playing video games then that's their choice, and claiming it is a problem in and of itself is attempting to impose your views of normalcy on others (which is a **** move). I am very jealous. I struggle on less than seven and when I am working out regularly that goes up to eight.
  5. To be fair, across all his incarnations bigbazoopa probably has a few hundred posts, and he has interacted with Boeroer in a surprisingly proportion of them, though a less surprising proportion of those have been some variant of the posts seen in this thread.
  6. I read that as chromatic envy and thought "there's nothing stopping him having a colourful avatar too"
  7. And the truth comes out. Seems my post was spot on. What exactly did Boeroer do to make you so mad?
  8. I think the person who needs to get help is you firkraag888/master guardian/no1fanboy/Teclis23/bigbazoopa. You need help getting over whatever perceived slight Boeroer made against you. It's not normal to hold a grudge fit so long over such an important thing.
  9. You are definitely not alone in thinking this, I feel the same. I hope PoE3 will go back more towards PoE1's model. By all means have non-linearity in the style of BG2's first act or PoE1's second, but full open world just doesn't appeal to me at all.
  10. For me that would be just about the worst option. Hand drawn portraits are one of the best bits of games like PoE and having them replaced by soulless screenshots would be a huge loss.
  11. Given I basically want to get as close to PoE1's system that would work fine. I'm mostly glad that this method is available. I was worried there'd be a hard coded cap of two break points, but the ability to add extra is great.
  12. Personally I'd go with 5% per under and over penetration with a lower cap of 20% (like on PoE1) at -16 Pen, and an upper cap of 130% at +6. To be honest though this would either need testing it a rebalancing of enemy armour values. Also great work. This is precisely what I was hoping would be the case.
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