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  1. Google says there is allready a thread about that, but i didnt want to use my necromanzy powas. Now that WM 2 is out for quite a while can anybody say a couple words on if its worth ingamewise to bind the souls to cannons or to set em free? Or is binding them to the white forge the only solution that provides ingame advantage?
  2. I find palading a good support class. + tanky build allows to do frontend customer service together with tank + strong and fast heals that can literally save a team mate in the last second + heals are per encounter so you dont have to camp after every couple fights cuz your burned through your priest spells + strong and fast res + permanent accuracy bonus aura (one simply cannot have enough accuracy)
  3. Hi all, lets discuss our favorite races - ones ingame ofc! From the efficiency pov i vote for hearth orleans (or hobbits as i like to call them) cuz of the additional crit ofc. 50% bonus damage is good in every fight not only in some harder encounters (like wild orlean bonus or aumaua bonus), it doesnt depend on low hp to tick, its not temporary and it doesnt get devaluated in the middle - endgame period like the DR bonus of fire GL or the heal of moon godlike. That feature made me start another runthrough with a full hobbit party which i call the pilgrims of the holy crit. Consideri
  4. For me: 1. Figurines 2. Food and drugs 3. Scrolls I havent used juice yet. The short durantion seems kinda lame.
  5. Ok, problem solved for me. First i had to enter: startquest Assets/Data/Quests/PX1_Bounties/px1_03_tsk_boss_odhl.quest to start the quest and right after that i had to enter setglobalvalue n_Boss_ODHL_Stage 1 to trigger the initial event of the quest (i think thats the logic) Laenric has spawned after reloading the map. I killed him and was abled to turn in the quest without any problems. Nice cape! Still the question is why there was no way to do the quest regularly.
  6. Update: using the command: startquest Assets/Data/Quests/PX1_Bounties/px1_03_tsk_boss_odhl.quest makes the scroll with quest name appear on the left upper side of the screen and the quest is also in the questlogs now. But Laenric the coward doesnt appear at his spot. Any ideas?
  7. I cant get the quest for Laenric bounty in rustwood. Once i did the gleaming society and Metzla the questgiver says he has two more bounties for me, the true druids and laenrics hunt club. I accepted only the druid bounty for the moment, did it, turned it in. At this point of time i was abled to take the Laenric bounty. However i went on with other quests - did the termal pearl quest (here i refused to sell the little freaky monster) and cleaned all rustwood of quests and mobs. Now i wanted to get on laenrics bounty but ... i cant take the quest anymore. There is no dialog option for tha
  8. Its about the Quest "His Old Self". Here at the beginning i get a ring from Kaenra that has +3 might. It gies straight into my quest items section where i cant be moved or equiped. If i choose to let swef dealing husband alive the ring seems to disappear on every dialog option finishing teh quest. If i choose to kill the husband, Kaenra disappears from the tavern, i still have the ring in my quest items section and cant equip it. Now on the interwebz is written that one somehow one can have an equipable version of that ring (and id litterly would kill for it). Was there a change at some po
  9. Ok, i found (kind of) a solution for my problem: As stated before my problem was that when i have created a new custom companion i was abled to use the "skill" command in the console in orde to adjust skills. After relogging the cheated skills were gone and even worse i couldnt cheat em again. When trying to use the skill command on any of the team members i recieved the message: Cant find object matching <charname>. The following seems to work atm: Adding skill on the player char (the main one): skill player <skillname> <value> (yep, just use player instead of ch
  10. A great story and a great challenge! Makes me wanna play another round of PoE - even more now with the new expansion. Im not planning to follow noobers path but im gonna get an archer in my team and name its bear "NoobersCheesyBear"
  11. Using the cheat "skill <charname> <skill> <value>" works only once, right after the char is created. On relog my cheated stealth and mechanics is gone and i cant use the "skill" cheat again, it says: "Cant find object matching <charname>". I gues some internal name identifier is changing once a char gets saved for the first time. Im not sure if the cheatmode is a supported game mechanic in the sense of this forum, but id appriciate help anyway
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